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This is a private condo located on the ocean front. It is a single open floor plan room with small kitchen, bathroom, and washer/dryer.


Now remember Kendra went with a cheaper room and on the 12th floor. I honestly had no idea what her room was like when she booked it, but I went down the next day to take pics. (Remember she has 3 kids in her room and her rooms always a disaster lol).


She ended up with a studio apartment type of setting. It just reminded me of a larger scale hotel room but it was very cute and nicely decorated...also with the beach theme of course.


Her kitchen was small and only had a cooktop stove inside of an entire oven/stove and her washer/dryer was also in the kitchen.

She had a storage area right before you hit the bathroom that was loaded with things to use if you were staying there for any period of time.

Her shower had the stone floor in it (I had this once and didn't really care for it but it looks nice).

The rest of the place was all open with sitting areas, a small table and the same windows along the wall that ours had to look out.

It had 1 bed in it and a couch that made in to a bed.

Now Kendras place did come with tennis rackets and she had her ping and pong in her room. So, I guess if we wanted to play, we could have. Maybe mine had it and I just didn't find it by the time we left. Who knows?

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