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Amazona Beach Club

So today we were going to Amazona Beach Club. A lot of people online recommended it and it seemed like a really pretty place and your food and drinks all day were included in the price. When I ask the family if they wanted to go was an unanimous YES when they heard about the food and drinks. 


So, we headed out and over to Amazona, which was also close to where we were staying on the South side.  

IMG_6772 copy.jpg
1IMG_6818 copy.jpg
2 copy.jpg

The place was absolutely gorgeous! It was a lot bigger than I had pictured too. 

3 copy.jpg
4 copy.jpg
5 copy.jpg
7 copy.jpg
8GOPR0814 copy.jpg
9 0 copy.jpg
10 24 copy.jpg
11Capture copy.jpg
12GOPR0812 copy.jpg
13GOPR0813 copy.jpg

I didn't see many people there but there were towels on a lot of the beds. We looked around, trying to find that perfect spot. Then a lady came around and told us to "sit anywhere you want" as we looked around. She then let us know "all these towels are mine". Hmm, I'm not sure if they are for the people visiting to use or not. She never did come and get them off the chairs. 

Information about Amazona, which also seemed to have the name as Albatross (¿no clue?)

It was $40/pp US and includes all the drinks and food, kayaks and beds. 

It was VERY hot outside. Even with the material strung over all the beds, you could feel the heat beating down. So we headed out to the water. Hija decided it was "ball time"!

As you can tell from the picture below, the water is VERY shallow. There was a spot to the right that was deeper, but the beach directly in front was shallow.

6 copy.jpg

After awhile, we decided to head back and check out the food selection. All I can say is WOW! What a spread! They had everything and so much of it!

8 copy.jpg
14 copy.jpg
15 copy.jpg
16 copy.jpg
17 copy.jpg
18 copy.jpg
19 copy.jpg
20 copy.jpg
21GOPR0793 copy.jpg

I have to say everything we tried was excellent. I mean all of it. They had so many choices you just couldn't go wrong. I know when people think of "buffet" they think ehh. But not this one. The whole family agreed with me as well. 

22GOPR0795 copy.jpg
23GOPR0796 copy.jpg
25GOPR0798 copy.jpg
26GOPR0799 copy.jpg

Now the one thing that they can't get right is the pop. It was fountain pop and always tasted watered down. So, what do you do if this happens? You revert to alcohol of course. Big grin.  Sakari reverted to juice. Things were great after that. The pina colada's and strawberry daiquiri's were amazing!

I will also mention that the waiters here are amazing and very attentive as well. 

Sakari wanted to play more ball....she just can't get enough. I should have some nice muscles at this point. 

29GOPR0791 copy.jpg

I decided to take my camera out to attempt so over under shots, but I had a malfunction and didn't accomplish it. So, we would just sit there in a foot of water and watch all the critters around us. We seen plenty of little fish, needle fish and Mr Crabby that kept trying to hide from us.


The water was very clear and you could watch it all from up above. I did attempt a few shots under water but me moving around stirred up the sand a lot. 


We had a visitor...just keep swimming...just keep swimming.


There are a lot of places to relax. They had several hammocks in the water. I laid on one for quite some time. Very relaxing yet cooling since it was in the water.


They had some swings at the dock where they

have a dj. I didn't mention about the dj...he played all day long and it was a good time.

They also have a swing in the water with Isla Mujeres over top and made a good place to take pictures. 


I did want to mention that they must have excursions come over and do day passes because we would see boats coming over and at one point I was walking around taking a video and one of the waiters told me they keep the people coming over on the boats on that side so that us on the island are not so crowded. 

We drank a little, then converted to Fresca. Oh my gosh that stuff was good!


Sakari had laid down and actually fell asleep. When she woke up the first thing she said was "Where am I?" then seen me sitting beside her. I told her "We're back home".  It was only convincing for about 2 seconds and then one look at the Caribbean water and she knew I was fibbing and laughed. 

Sakari gave the "How long are we going to be here?" and I knew...ok, let's go. It's almost time for them to close anyhow.

Here's a complete walk around the place and our day there. 

Recap of Amazona/Albatross:  The place was absolutely gorgeous and big. I loved the beds and the shade they had over them (although I wished it was a little darker to block more of the sunlight beating down). The food was great and the alcoholic drinks were good too. Pop, not so much. Juice and Fresca awesome! The water was very shallow, so this is a good place for families with small children. That could be a positive for a lot of people. It's definitely hard to "swim" here unless you go to the other side (where they have the boats bringing people over). I would highly recommend this place and I felt it was well worth the money. 

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