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Ocean Fishing

Today we are going fishing!!! In the ocean!!!

Ok, time to head to the tour guides office and clarify our fishing trip. When we arrived they said we would go out fishing at 1pm and to come back and meet them there at that time. I told them I just wanted to pay in full. There was no reason to just put down a deposit and come back in a few hours to pay the rest. However, we ran into an issue...they didn't accept a credit card? I didn't bring cash because I didn't realize that's how they wanted paid. What kind of company doesn't accept a cc? It was weird. We ended up having to use paypal to pay them. Because paypal charges fees, they made us pay an extra $15. So the total for the 4 hour fishing trip would come to $265.00. We left and came back at our meeting time.

We found a parking spot right in front of where we needed to be. We walked in and then walked right back out and we were walking to the beach again. 

We made it to the beach and climbed aboard a small fishing boat and off we went. 

GOPR0747 copy.jpg
GOPR0748 copy.jpg

They told us it would be about 20 minutes out to the reef as we headed toward Cancun. I felt like it was a lot longer than that. Then guy in the back started setting up the fishing rods, putting bait on them and casting them out once we arrived at our destination.

GOPR0753 copy.jpg

Then he would eventually put them in the rod holders on the back of the boat. We would continue to drive the boat around the area. Sakari was looking at me kinda weird like "When do I get to fish and when are we stopping?" I just shrugged my shoulders because I had no idea how this all worked.  

Then immediately there was a bite. He motioned for Sakari to come over and told her to reel it in. She sat down and "attempted" to reel it in. It was a bit of a struggle because the reel was stripped from the rod and it kept twisting and moving as she tried to wind it in. She sat down to put the rod between her legs to maybe help stabilize it. She was excited to see what was on the end of it.  

GOPR0754 copy.jpg

Once she pulled it in, it was a barracuda. YIKES! He had us back up as it flopped around on the boat floor. Then the unthinkable happened...he took a large wooden stick and beat it in the head until it stopped moving. It was violent. The look on Sakari's face broke my heart. She was shocked and I could tell it didn't sit right with her. Of course she knows they are going to die but it was just weird and of course we've never experienced anything like that before. We were caught off guard on how they do all of this. I mean it makes sense since they have to get it in the cooler somehow. But man was it brutal. 

They ask if she'd like to have a picture with it and showed her how to hold the bloody fish. She put on a brave face and smiled for the camera. 

GOPR0756 copy.jpg

After that, the guy baited the rod up and threw it back out in the ocean and put it on the holder again. The hubby got up to speak to him and told him he'd like for Sakari to be bating her own rod and casting it out. He told him "I'd like for her to do it all". 

It wasn't long before there was another bite and he picked up the rod and handed it to Sakari again. She struggled trying to pull it in as the reel swung around the rod. He told her to put her arm up against the reel to stabilize it and reel it in. It was hard for her to try to hold it in place and reel something big in at the same time. Faulty equipment. They need to get this fixed! She was putting the rod between her lets, putting her arm up against the rod and reel and trying to wind it in at the same time. It was super awkward. 

P8190764 copy.jpg

It was another barracuda. As it flopped around on the boat floor, he took out the large thick stick and hit it several times in the head. Sakari stood back and turned her head while trying to cope with this and I watched her expression. I wasn't sure what to do. I went over and ask her how she felt about it and if she was ok. She said "I just wasn't expecting this but I'm ok." I think she was just not wanting to say anything.

PXZN9573 copy.jpg

He baited up the rod again, still not letting her do everything like the hubby had told him, then threw the line back out. Then he turned to her and put some type of fishing belt on her that you could put the end of the rod into it to hold it.

P8190768 copy.jpg

That may help hold the rod, but it wasn't going to fix the spinning problem. 

P8190774 copy.jpg
P8190773 copy.jpg

We were boating around the reef. It took awhile to get another bite. He was telling the captain go over there, go over there, around that area, yea there. After awhile, there was another nibble. This time on the other rod. He handed it to Sakari and she was able to reel it in with no problems. The rod didn't spin like the other. It was yet, another barracuda. A smaller one. He ended up throwing it in the cooler still wobbling around and didn't even bother to ask if she wanted a picture with it. 

P8190786 copy.jpg

At this point Sakari started asking me "When is the boat going to stop?" "Are we going to park somewhere and fish?" I knew what she was talking about. She's used to fishing while being still, holding the rod in her hands to feel when there's a bite (or using a bobber) and then reeling it in. Not moving around constantly and dragging the line. It was all new to us. I told her I had no idea if they do fishing like that or if this is the only way to fish in the sea. Maybe the bait had to be moving?

I tried to ask him about it and he said "Yes, this called trolling". I couldn't get an answer out of him as to whether or not there is any fishing that you just boat out and stop and throw the line in and fish. 

After awhile, there was another bite on the messed up reel line and she pulled it in. What do you think it was? Yep, another barracuda. It was a pretty big one too! You could tell by the look on her face that the beating in the head with the stick wasn't getting any easier on her but she still said she was fine. 

P8190781 copy.jpg

I started asking again about the way they were fishing. He said there was a different way and put a big 5# ball on the end of one of the lines and threw it out. He said that would make the line sink to the bottom and they would drive around the reef and other fish would come out of the reef after it.


As we drove around and around the outside of the reef, not getting any bites, Sakari was complaining to me about how we were fishing and said she really didn't expect this. I ask if she wanted to stop. If she wasn't enjoying it then we could stop. I could tell that she didn't want to actually tell me that by her reactions and the way she was trying to beat around the bush about it. She said "Well, I am getting a little sea sick with the boat moving around like this."  Yea, that was her excuse. We all know that none of us get "sea sick" and I knew it was her excuse to stop. I told her if she didn't want to continue, I'd let him know to take us back and tell him you are a little "sea sick" as an excuse...not that we needed was my $265 I paid for a 4 hour trip.

I let him know that we were probably done and she was a little "sea sick" and wanted to head back. He said they would head back but continued to fish and drive around the reef. Finally there was another bite and they told her to pull it in. What do you think it was? Nope, you guessed wrong. This time it was a Red Tail Moon Snapper! Wow! Something different. He kept saying "Very nice, good meat!" He seemed really happy about this fish for some reason. 

Sakari was happy there was no head bashing with this fish.

GOPR0768 copy.jpg

Sakari said she really enjoyed the ride there and the ride back. For someone who was feeling sea sick, this is not something you would say right? LOL

On the way back we were asking them about the fish. They said if we wanted to take one with us and go have it prepared and cooked we could. I ask about them making ceviche. He said we could pick out a fish and have a restaurant make us some. Wait, this isn't what I discussed with the owner from the very beginning back when I first started talking to him and he offered the trip. He told me that they would make fresh ceviche out of one of the fish we caught. I had spoke to multiple tour guides who had also said that they would prepare fresh ceviche out of the fish you caught. His response was that "normally people who do our fishing trips will allow us to take the fish home and feed our families and neighbors with it." Um ok, I just paid $265 to go out and catch your family dinner for tonight. I don't mind (and expected) to let you have the fish caught. I mean what was I going to do with it? But when I'm told we would get ceviche prepared with one of them, that's what I expect. I would like to be able to say we ate fish we actually caught ourselves on vacation. He got on the phone with his brother (the one I talked to) and he said no that we could take it somewhere. I started complaining because I had in text to prove what he had told me!

When we arrived back at the dock, they told us to go to the little stand by it and they would bring the fish to it. We waited and waited and you could see that he was on the phone with someone...probably his brother expressing my complaints about not getting ceviche. 

They finally came with the fish and laid them out on the table. I felt a little weird about this because on that same table someone was working on a boat propeller and it smelled like straight oil there. Um, ok. 

Here was her catch for the day:

IMG_6725 copy.jpg
IMG_6724 copy.jpg

And the biggest barracuda caught today

IMG_6721 copy.jpg

Everyone was stopping by and taking pictures of the fish as they went down the dock. 

GOPR0771 copy.jpg

So he told me he knew nothing about making ceviche and didn't get anything to make it with and got his brother on the phone and then handed the phone to me. Roberto (the owner) told me "ceviche is not included in the $250 fishing trip".  "Um...yes, yes it was because you said so and let me read to you what you told me. I have it in my text!" We argued back and forth and I do not usually like confrontation but this was really pissing me off. We didn't stay out the full 4 hours, saving them not only time but gas in their boat and they were not willing to live up to what they promised. 

He told me that I could pick out a fish, and go have the restaurant located there by the dock, make ceviche for us for 200 pesos. So this was now going to cost me even more money. So the brother went over to the restaurant to talk to them about making our ceviche. Then came back and told me "They said they would do it for 250 pesos", which then ended up being around $12.44 US if you break it down. I told him that was fine and then he mentions..."That's 250 pesos EACH PERSON!!!" Now I was pissed. Totally and utterly pissed! I had half a mind to just gather up all the fish and take them with me and not allow them to take any home type of pissed. I'm not feeding anyone at this point. 

I told him absolutely not! I'm not paying for a $265 fishing trip and another 750 pesos (or $38) for ceviche that was supposed to be included in the fishing trip. That's ridiculous! Not to mention bad business. What a scam! You better work something out is all I have to say!

Roberto finally showed up at the dock a few minutes after that. Then the story changed up. He tells me "You should have ask about it again when you came in this morning to book."  Wait, how is it my responsibility to remind you what you just told me in text? The reason they had us come in and pay a deposit in the morning was so that they could go out and buy everything needed for the trip HOURS ahead of time and get things prepared. He told me "We didn't have enough time to get everything needed for ceviche".   "Ok, so you're admitting that NORMALLY you would be getting these items and it would be included in the $250 then!"  He said "We needed to gas up the boat and get bait".  For HOURS??? Come on. We've owned boats and jet skis, don't give me that crap. It doesn't take several hours to do all that! You had plenty of time to get everything you needed for this trip.  But yet there was time for them to go to the store to buy drinks for the trip. The store didn't have what you needed to get to prepare ceviche? Get outta here!

Roberto went over to the restaurant to talk to them again. When he came back he said they were willing to take a fish and make fresh ceviche AND prepare the rest of the fish cooked in garlic sauce for $250 TOTAL. This would mean about 2 kilos of ceviche (or 4.4 pounds) but we had to take it to go. That was fine. I just want this to be all over with at this point. 

So the brother ask us which fish we wanted. They persuaded us to take the barracuda. I assume because they new what a good catch the Snapper was. We weighed our choices and decided on the barracuda...ONLY because we wanted to be able to say we have eaten barracuda before. I know the snapper would have been better but at this point...whatever. 

He started to prepare/fillet the barracuda for us on the table. 

GOPR0775 copy.jpg

He would throw the parts he sliced off over into the sand and all the birds would flock over to snatch it up. Hey, everyone is getting fed off this catch.

IMG_6729 copy.jpg

We were sitting down at the end of the ramp to the dock, trying to stay out of the sun because it was so hot. So we were a little ways away from them. Sakari walked over to stand there and watch him prepare the fish. Of course they were all talking in Spanish with the guys that was fixing the boat propeller and I'm sure they didn't realize that Sakari has taken 3 years of Spanish and can understand certain things because she came back to let me know they were over there talking about i expected...but still unprofessional.

IMG_6726 copy.jpg

They took the barracuda over to the restaurant and we waited for them to cook and prepare our food. Once it was done, we paid our 250 pesos and left. The bag was HEAVY and smelled so good!

Ok, time to check out this meal they prepared for us for 250 pesos. 

There was SO MUCH! I couldn't believe it. We had a very large tub of ceviche with sliced guacamole on the top. 

GOPR0776 copy.jpg

We had a large portion of the garlic cooked barracuda

GOPR0777 copy.jpg

They also gave us tortillas and freshly made chips as well. WOW! They even included limes for us...and some hot sauce (which we usually don't do and when in Mexico, I can only imagine the fire it brings.

GOPR0778 copy.jpg

I could not believe all the food! And especially for that price! We were getting a whole meal, and way more than all of us could eat, for only $12.44! We just kept talking about what a cheap meal it was...until I brought up the fact that it cost us $265 on top of that to catch this meal bringing the total to $377.44....oops. Not so cheap after all right? But you pay for the experience I suppose. At least we could say that Sakari caught our meal for the day and fed us. 

IMG_6732 copy.jpg

Recap of fishing: I was glad we got to go. It was an experience that we have never had on vacation before. It wasn't what we expected but still something different. To be able to say that Sakari actually caught barracuda and snapper in the ocean was well worth it. The lies that the owner told me about preparing the fish, having to pay more money to have that done and him switching up the story...well, this is definitely a vendor I would never use again. Contoy Adventours. Do not use them. They do not keep their promises. They do other tours as well (whale shark, scuba, boating and so on). 

P8190771 copy.jpg
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