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Coco Beach

Across the street from where we were staying was a beach we wanted to check out. It's not really a beach that you can swim in because it is very rocky. But, I have seen locals in the water all up and down this area every day. I'm not willing to risk trying to maneuver the rocks to get into the water with my foot. I need easy entry. 

GOPR0600 copy.jpg
GOPR0601 copy.jpg
GOPR0602 copy.jpg

Down on this beach (which was called Coco Beach) there was a couch. I have absolutely no idea why... However, the couch was facing the wrong way and I told the hubby he should turn it around to face the water. So, that's exactly what he did and now he had the perfect view of the waves.

GOPR0603 copy.jpg

The only issue with this area is there is NO SHADE! Even though it was very cloudy out, that sun was still managing to beam down on us (as you can tell from the picture above) and without being able to get into the water, it really wasn't the ideal place to hang out at for very long. 

GOPR0604 copy.jpg
GOPR0607 copy.jpg
GOPR0608 copy.jpg

Funny story, after we returned from our vacation, I found someone on youtube that had made a video (and was currently in Isla Mujeres) with them on this couch. I left them a comment about how my hubby had turned that couch around the week before so that it would face the ocean and they replied "that's funny must have been right before we got here". LOL  You're welcome! :D

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