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Punta Sur

We arrived at Punta Sur and it looked like everyone else had the same idea we did about coming here before the rain. The parking lot was packed, unlike the other day when we drove over here and there was next to no one in the parking lot. 

GOPR0582 copy.jpg

Info about Punta Sur:

Punta Sur is located at the most Southern point of the island. It is also the most Eastern part of Mexico and is the first place in Mexico to receive the sun's rays in the morning. They say this is "where Mexico awakens". 

Punta Sur is the highest point in Isla Mujeres, which is 20 meters above sea level.

There is a sculpture park that has been made by artists around the world reflecting the history at Punta Sur. 

You will find the remains of the Temple of Goddess Ixchel that was built by the Mayan people years ago. This goddess represents love, the moon and fertility. Couples would come to Punta Sur to honor her and bring her gifts and ask for a prosperous marriage.

The Isla Mujeres Lighthouse, also known as El Faro, overlooks the Mayan temple and was used to guide fishermen as far away as Cozumel. 

It will cost you $2 US or 30 pesos (which is around $1.49) to get in. That's a pretty cheap day if you ask me!

Now there is a lot of walking involved (well, at least in my opinion since walking is a chore for someone like me with an injury and all the swelling in my leg/foot) and there are stairs involved to get down to the trails along the water. So, be prepared. 

We headed off on our journey. Even though it was cloudy, it still was really hot. 

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There were plenty of statues showing the Mayan people coming with their offerings to the Goddess Ixchel hoping to be blessed with fertility and a prosperous marriage and life. 

We were high up looking down upon the most beautiful crystal clear waters off the island of Isla Mujeres. So pretty!

IMG_6594 copy.jpg
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IMG_6586 copy.jpg
IMG_6591 copy.jpg
IMG_6602 copy.jpg

The temple of Ixchel

IMG_6592 copy.jpg
IMG_6595 copy.jpg
IMG_6599 copy.jpg

Ok, it was time to begin our journey down the stairs and walk along the beautiful water. I really didn't realize just how many trails there were down here from the pictures I had seen prior to coming to the island. It was so pretty!

IMG_6639 copy.jpg
IMG_6605 copy.jpg
IMG_6607 copy.jpg
IMG_6608 copy.jpg
IMG_6609 copy.jpg
IMG_6611 copy.jpg
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When we first checked in, I handed off my GoPro to the hubby, who took a few videos in the beginning and then somehow Sakari ended up with it. She managed to get almost all of the footage of us walking around Punta Sur and did a pretty good job of covering everything. At the end of my picture review, the video will be mostly what she did. I think she may become a second me in the future. She loves photography and has taken some classes while in middle school. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but when we dive, and she usually has her own camera, she usually takes around 70-80 pictures. However, our dive yesterday she took almost 300 pictures! Now that's improvement! LOL  Proud momma moment! I'll get her on the right path sooner or later. :D

GOPR0563 copy.jpg
GOPR0565 copy.jpg
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GOPR0567 copy.jpg
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IMG_6574 copy.jpg
IMG_6575 copy.jpg
IMG_6576 copy.jpg
IMG_6603 copy.jpg
IMG_6612 copy.jpg
IMG_6615 copy.jpg
IMG_6614 copy.jpg

Sakari was hurrying for some reason and got way ahead of us as I walked along and snapped pictures. She had spotted some wildlife and she went to check it out. 

IMG_6616 copy.jpg
IMG_6598 copy.jpg

You would not believe how close she managed to get to this bird. Wait until you see the video. She was right up on it. Although with a beak like that, I'm sure he was not intimidated by her and knew that at any given moment he could rip a hole in her with that thing. 


These amazing birds cannot swim or walk. They fly high above the lake or ocean and dive down grabbing fish with their strong legs. They spend most of their time flying around and can fly for weeks without stopping. Having the largest wing-area-to-body-weight ratio of any bird, frigatebirds are essentially aerial. This allows them to soar continuously and only rarely flap their wings. One great frigatebird, being tracked by satellite in the Indian Ocean, stayed aloft for two months. 

IMG_6620 copy.jpg
IMG_6621 copy.jpg
IMG_6627 copy.jpg
IMG_6628 copy.jpg
IMG_6629 copy.jpg
IMG_6634 copy.jpg

Just when I thought we were down as far as you could go, I seen that we had a long way to go still and further down by the water. 

IMG_6636 copy.jpg
IMG_6638 copy.jpg
IMG_6640 copy.jpg
IMG_6642 copy.jpg
IMG_6648 copy.jpg
IMG_6652 copy.jpg

It was most definitely a beautiful place to go and even the iguana's had a prime location to hang out at. They were everywhere. 

IMG_6577 copy.jpg
IMG_6583 copy.jpg

We climbed a ton of stairs to get back up to the top and headed back down another path to see the rest of the statues in the area that we missed on the way in along the other side. 

IMG_6671 copy.jpg
IMG_6670 copy.jpg
IMG_6672 copy.jpg
IMG_6673 copy.jpg
IMG_6675 copy.jpg
IMG_6678 copy.jpg
IMG_6679 copy.jpg
IMG_6680 copy.jpg
IMG_6681 copy.jpg
IMG_6682 copy.jpg
IMG_6687 copy.jpg
IMG_6686 copy.jpg

A video from today. This is a complete walk around the entire place at Punta Sur. You can get a feel for what it's like, how much walking is involved and the steps case you want to check it out. Don't forget to like and subscribe. 

Recap of Punta Sur: An absolutely gorgeous place to visit. Walking down by the water was so pretty and something you won't see anywhere else on the island. There is a lot of walking both on the grounds, stairs and around the water. So, if this is on your list of things to do, just know that. It can get super hot because there are no trees around for shade and it is out in the open. 

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