Cozumel House Tour...

We rented this house on TripAdvisor. You can also find it on Airbnb and Vrbo as well. It's a newly built home and absolutely beautiful. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with walk in showers and one being as you come in from the pool, there's another shower outside by the pool as well, 2 balconies off 2 of the bedrooms, very open floor plan, an inground pool and backyard oasis that is completely private with very tall walls on all 3 sides, a wall of windows leading from the house to the pool that open completely to bring the outdoors inside, enclosed but yet open garage behind a garage door. It's a very safe place to stay with a video doorbell to see the outside as well. There's so many other options I can't even remember but it's a wonderful place to stay in.

The host, Ana, is absolutely AMAZING! Very quick to answer any questions, very friendly, and she will help you with anything you need during your stay. She helped us multiple times with calls, places to eat and go, and anything we would ask her that we needed. I have never had a host be so amazing!!!

This home is located in the heart of San Miguel and minutes to all the beaches and also within walking distance to many food places. 

The address is 50 Avenida entre 19 y 21 sur.

So here we go...¡Bienvenido a mi casa!

The outside of the home:

P4081902 copy.jpg

As you go into the open "garage": There's (also) a door beside the garage that you could either unlock using a key or you could buzz someone in or out from the inside keypad. Then of course there was a camera there as well so you could see who you were buzzing in. The house came with 2 sets of keys and a garage door remote. 

Coming into the home, you walk into the living room and everything is completely open and clutter free.

Kitchen area off to the left side and open with an island and bar with chairs.

Ana even met us with a fresh fruit basket with banana's, mango's, a pineapple and some cookies.

P4030126 copy.jpg

Dining at the back before going out to the pool with a suspended staircase leading upstairs.

The laundry room is located right off the kitchen area and also has a door leading outside to the front of the house. It creates a very nice breeze if needed. You will find a gas grill, a cooler, lounge chair cushions and a sand bucket and a basketball in there. There's also extra bottled water in there in case you run out. There were also 2 ironing boards and a laundry basket to use.

Off the dining room and leading to the outside, you will find a complete 3rd bathroom with shower and a door from the pool area.

Outside shower to rinse off at and a pull out drying rack to hang your things on to dry. A scuba divers dream home and I now want one of these for our pool!

P4030153 copy.jpg

This is the deadbolt to the house...4 of them!!! This place is on lockdown and very safe! Not that it's in a bad area, because I didn't feel like that at all. 

P4030061 copy.jpg

Ok, let's go outside...the wall of windows leading out that will completely open up and there's also a screen for in the evenings.

P4030056 copy.jpg
P4030136 copy.jpg

The private pool area. The pool was very clean and they have pool guys come twice a week on Monday's and Fridays. There's a table with chairs, several lounge chairs and lights both on the walls and inside the pool. It is nicely landscaped with greenery, palms, cactus plants and flowers. There's also a pool house, which is where they keep the materials for the pool, where the light to to the pool is located, and the nets to clean the pool. There is a basketball hoop on the wall to play while you're in the pool and pool noodles. All the added touches!

Time to head upstairs. Above the stairs there are skylights, which gives off a lot of light and makes it feel like there are lights on. I don't know how many times I checked for lights. There was one that had a pretty stain glass in it as well. Then there are glass blocks along one wall, which happen to be on the balcony of the master bedroom area.

The hallway is open to the living room too.

Off the hallway is the "forbidden" room. It leads to the upstairs roof area and of course is used for maintenance only. But I like that it had a glass door on it, which also let in more light upstairs.

P4030157 copy.jpg
P4030156 copy.jpg

There are 3 bedrooms upstairs...and here's the weird thing...I didn't even take a picture of the front bedroom that Sakari slept in for some reason. It has bunk beds in it and has a front balcony. She decided to take that room because she wanted the balcony and loved to go out there and sit and watch the sunset in the evening if we were home at that time. I did however, find a picture online that they used for their advertisements that I can show you what it looked like. So, this is not my picture.