We took the bus system to here (we had other plans to go to Warwick and walk our way down the beaches to get to Horseshoe, but it didn't end up working out for us and we just spent the day here instead).



Somehow my ducklings must have lost faith in my ability to do effective planning for the day and I ended up at the back of the line. That's ok, let poppa duck lead the way since he's never planned a day of our vacations in his life. LOL

We were walking down the hill and I must say it really seemed like a walk. (Back to that feeling of going somewhere for the first time and it seems to take forever). It's definitely quite a hill and not at all what I had pictured.


We made it to the scooter parking lot and then the rest of the parking lot for cars. I felt like we must be getting close now.

They had a wash the sand off stations for I guess for munchkins...or maybe it's just a foot washing station. There was no time to stop and find out...keep going ducklings!!!


Wow the waves looked a little well...wavy. I decided not to put the burden on the rest of the clan because I didn't want another deer in the headlights look from all them and went to Kendra instead and ask what we should do. Our choices were to stay here or head over and take the long haul down all the beaches in the reverse order that I had planned, which meant we would have to also turn around and come back that way again. She sighed and I left it up to her. She said if we were going to be doing it in reverse order, we might as well start here and pointed over to the "baby beach" at Horseshoe. Sounds good to this point just give me some ocean water.


We headed that way.

You can find that portion of the review here

After spending quite some time in the Baby Bay area, we were getting a little bored with the area (and when I say "we" I mean Kendra & I because the guys are perfectly happy never having to move more than a few inches from their prime real estate any place we go). We decided that we would just sneak off to the other side of Horseshoe and explore.

We found a cave

Yep, we're going in girls. It was quite the task to make it in there with the slippery rocks in the water below our feet and the huge waves crashing in on us. It would prove to be an adventure.


Once inside I seen a nest up in the rocks with some long tail feathers hanging out. I knew this must be the Bermuda Long Tail bird. She did not bother us and we did not bother her.

There were areas that headed off into the cave and we are not adventurous enough to even try it.

I took a few pictures of the entrance

Then a few goofy pictures before we left

P6070376 copy.jpg
P6070384 copy.jpg

Trying to make our way back out.

P6070379 copy.jpg
P6070386 copy.jpg

Shayla got pounded by the waves

P6070387 copy.jpg

Looking back at the beach. It had gotten a little crowded throughout the day.

I have no idea what this thing was on the beach. Anyone?

P6070404 copy.jpg

The girls decided they wanted to stay in the area and "ride the waves". This is one of Kendra's favorite things to do. She likes the water like this. Me, not so much. I rather have the calmer water so that I can snorkel or at least look around under water without actually taking in the water. LOL Riding the waves takes a little bit of effort.

I decided to head back over toward the baby bay beach area and I was on a mission to climb the rocks and take pictures of the area.

Several times during the day Kendra and I both looked at each other and said "Do you want to start walking along the beach toward Warwick?" Each time I was hesitant for some reason. Something just didn't feel right. I know at one point she said "I wish WE could just take off walking there and leave the kids and guys behind". That would have been the perfect solution although I didn't want to spend a majority of the day somewhere else without the rest of the family. There was something about having my grandson walking along there and the "cliffs" along the water that just scared me. He's unruly, he scares me, and I was just so unsure of the timing.


I kept telling her that since our plans didn't work out the way we had wanted them to, we could always just save the money and head back on the bus instead of staying longer and having to pay almost $50 for a cab each. There was always things to do in the dockyard and I was more than satisfied with our day we had spent there.


In the end, we decided it would just be too much work to pack up the entire family and start the trip to Warwick and then have to come back. Yes, I was disappointed in not being able to stick to my original plans and I was even more disappointed that the bus directing guy had led me in the wrong direction after multiple attempts of telling him what our plans were. In the end, I just seen this as an excuse to have to come back in the future.


It was about 4pm and we decided we had a great day and we'd start packing up our things to head back. It always takes awhile to get Sakari out of the water and I knew this time would be no different. By us leaving now, we would be able to catch that last bus returning from Hamilton at 4:30pm and head back to the dockyard.


I did notice they had beach wheelchairs if anyone is wondering...they also had the ice cream window.  After that was the wash rooms.