Meanwhile, Baby Bay looked a little different this time. The water was up higher than last time and there was less beach front property to claim so late in the day. Where we sat last time was actually under water this time. We are definitely the kind of people that can lay a towel or blanket down and be perfectly happy without lounge chairs and that's exactly what we did.



PA070204 copy.jpg

I don't know what it is about this hill but all the kids like to climb on it.



PA070203 copy.jpg

We tried to snorkel, but there really wasn't much to see. All the parrot fish were gone and there were only a few fish over in the small drop off in the area above by the rocks. Maybe the hurricane whisk them all away? Or do they migrate somewhere else during the winter season? I was real disappointed and was hoping that tomorrow would bring a better snorkeling day.

You could tell the ocean was still a little upset from the hurricane a few days earlier. It was really churning still, but it made for some awesome waterfall pictures of the waves crashing over top of the rocks and pouring into Baby Bay.

All over the rocks there were snails and crabs crawling. We found 1 snail last time we were there and they were just all over the place here this time.

Everyone decided they wanted a bite to eat so the boys headed up to the snack shack and brought us food back. I did notice that the prices had changed since the last time we were there. They had actually went UP instead of down. You would think with it being the end of the season and not as many ships coming in that it would go down? Or do they still have the same amount of ships coming in at this point?


The fries were tasty just like last time and still for $4.50 for a basket of them I thought they were a good deal. They loaded the basket up and there were plenty to share. The hubby came back with a cheeseburger and said it was good. Kendra came back with chicken fingers and they did look yummy. I ended up sending the hubby back to get me some. However, I ended up with 1 less chicken finger than they come with. Oh well, I guess I would deal with it and eat when we get back to the ship (which I would do anyhow whether I got another chicken finger or not...just saying).


While we sat around and ate, Sakari decided the birds were hungry too and she was on a mission to get them to eat out of her hands.

Obviously these birds are use to being fed because they are not afraid of you at all. They will come right up to you. She accomplished getting them to eat out of her hand and she was so excited.

Then Brayden happened....he came along and scared them away.

Once our bellies were full, the family decided they wanted to do some exploring again...on the other side by Baby Bay and off they went.


I handed the hubby one of my cameras and told him to get me some good pictures and off they all went.

It looked like they found some pretty neat places.

The hubs taking a picture of Kenny & Michelle and Kenny taking a picture of the hubs sitting on a rock.

PA070266 copy.jpg

Although Kennys picture didn't turn out the greatest, it still showed the hubby sitting out on this ledge, which I'm glad I didn't have to witness.


I can't believe these guys were climbing all these rocks without shoes on. I at least had my shoes on when I did it.

You could tell it was getting later in the day and the sun was going down.

Meanwhile, I'm down below taking pictures of it getting darker and trying out different settings on my camera.

I thought the hubby did a pretty good job taking pictures up there, other than the water spot which happens to me all the time. I may have to hire him.


It was getting late and we wanted to make sure we had enough time to walk up the hill and catch the bus, so we started packing up and getting ready to leave this paradise for the day.


The "newbies" wanted to go in the cave that we went to a few months ago over by Horseshoe Bay and Kendra led the way to show them.


They all came back saying the water was too high and with the slippery rocks, there was no way they were going to try to make it in there.


You could tell by this picture, the water was really up to the entrance, which is around on the other side of this huge rock.

PA070278 copy.jpg

At 5:05pm we headed up to the restrooms to shower, get dried off and change into dry clothes.

When we got there, the mens restroom was closed. The girls went in to shower and get the sand off and the guys were pretty much forced to use some water at the foot wash station outside if they wanted to wash any sand off.


At 5:25pm, we started ascending up the hill toward the bus stop.


I did not see any of the $2.00 buses to take you up the hill, but everyone wanted to walk for some reason, so I guess that was ok. There were very limited taxi's sitting in the parking lot as well. Maybe because it was so late. I'm not sure.


Ok, this walk was long and strenuous for a fat girl like me. I was huffing and puffing and stopping along the way to "smell the flowers" or at least that was my excuse. It's quite the climb...meanwhile a jogger is jogging by me like this was a marathon. I hated him. Just saying...


I turned around to take a picture (just another excuse to stop for a minute) to show how far we had walked already. All the way down and around the corner is the parking lot. Beyond that was the restrooms. Whew!

Only a little ways to go still and I think I can hear the cars up on the street going by.

WHEW...we made it to the bus stop and were about the 3rd family in line at the front.


Later people would join us to wait. I'm just glad it was a little more civilized and people were actually forming a line instead of the chaos at the bus stop to get here.

Bus rules for dummies:

1) No eating on the bus

2) No drinking on the bus

3) No smoking on the bus

4) No bathing suits on the bus

5) No sweaty elephant toes on the bus

PA070287 copy.jpg

The plus side=we got on the bus. The negative side=there was no place to sit. We all had to stand. We were on the bus and moving at 6:17pm

PA070290 copy.jpg

It was a crazy ride back and very hard for me to hang on to the hand rope above while still trying to hang on to Sakari, who couldn't touch the ropes of course. I tried to do a stance with my legs far apart so that I wouldn't fall onto anyone when the driver slammed on his breaks. The thing I didn't understand was everyone that had seats had their hands right on the edges of the chair handle in front of them. This could have been a more appropriate place for us that were standing to hold onto. But no, they all had their hands on them. WHY???? You have a SEAT!!! It made it real rough I tell ya.


I felt so bad for Sakari, who was so tired and falling asleep standing up. At one point I put my beach bag down on the floor and told her to sit on it, which meant after awhile she was balled up and sliding onto the floor trying to sleep. Which also meant every time we stopped and there was anyone located behind us, I would have to wake her up to move. Poor baby. I felt so bad for her.


Little by little, people started to get off at various stops, but a majority of them were headed back to the dockyard.


I did manage to snag a seat after a guy sitting in it got up and said he wanted to stand. He stood up and held onto the hand ropes and I continued to look at him. The bus stopped, he didn't move. The bus stopped again, he was still standing. At that point I ask if he was going to sit back down or what and that's when he told me he "wanted" to stand. :eek: I guess he was looking for a little adventure to end his day. Well...then I'm taking that seat and putting my baby in my lap to sleep...and that's what I did.


At some point Michelle managed to snag a seat as well and she sat down by a local. They struck up a conversation and talked all the way until she got off. She said they had a good conversation about Bermuda and she loved talking to the locals. It's so great most of them are willing to talk about life there in Bermuda and giving us an insight to their little community. I enjoy things like this so much.


We made it back to the bus stop and headed to the ship. It was dark out now of course (the sunset was a lot earlier than the last time we were here, which makes me not want to come back during this time of year) and it was 6:48pm when we made to the pier