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Meanwhile, Baby Bay looked a little different this time. The water was up higher than last time and there was less beach front property to claim so late in the day. Where we sat last time was actually under water this time. We are definitely the kind of people that can lay a towel or blanket down and be perfectly happy without lounge chairs and that's exactly what we did.



PA070204 copy.jpg

I don't know what it is about this hill but all the kids like to climb on it.



PA070203 copy.jpg

We tried to snorkel, but there really wasn't much to see. All the parrot fish were gone and there were only a few fish over in the small drop off in the area above by the rocks. Maybe the hurricane whisk them all away? Or do they migrate somewhere else during the winter season? I was real disappointed and was hoping that tomorrow would bring a better snorkeling day.

You could tell the ocean was still a little upset from the hurricane a few days earlier. It was really churning still, but it made for some awesome waterfall pictures of the waves crashing over top of the rocks and pouring into Baby Bay.

All over the rocks there were snails and crabs crawling. We found 1 snail last time we were there and they were just all over the place here this time.