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MITSUGIRLY sails off into the HORIZON-review & pictorial

Day 9 Sea Day

December 22, Saturday: Another sea day.


We woke up to Trixie and Cookie hanging out with Sakari's choice beanie boos that she brought with her. She's so grown up but yet still hanging on to that kid in her by collecting these things and believing that there's actually an elf and deer that randomly moves around the house during Christmas watching her. I'm pretty sure this will be the last year of this and Santa and it saddens me. 

PC220776 copy.jpg

We headed out to breakfast and my choice was the burrito bar.

PC220671 copy.jpg

Then we just pretty much hung out for a while and Sakari found out that we would not be heading to any more beaches or ports so she "needed" to go swimming again of course.

PC220773 copy.jpg
PC220813 copy.jpg

I really didn't feel like swimming so the hubby stayed behind and watched her swim from his comfortable seat above and I headed off to take pictures of the ship and do a little bit of shopping.


They were having the 2 for $20 tee sale and I picked me up a couple of shirts and also stopped to get a little charm Sakari was wanting for her necklace. I did this without her knowing and it ended up being a Christmas present.

IMG_7062 copy.jpg

When I returned, Sakari had ask her dad if she could go to the back of the ship and get in the whirlpool. I noticed her when I was in that area taking pictures for my review.

PC220779 copy.jpg

I sat there for a while observing her interactions and actions with the other adults in the whirlpool. I wanted to see for myself is she was behaving and acting proper and not causing problems. She just sat there quietly for such a long splashing or disturbing the others. I was proud of her for being so grown up acting.

PC220796 copy.jpg

It was lunch time and we met up with Kendra and the crew and decided to try out the Mongolian Wok. This is located upper aft deck 11 and it is on the opposite side of the Italian restaurant. This is also a free place to eat at during certain days and times for lunch. In the evenings, it becomes a pay restaurant.

IMG_7040 copy.jpg

It's the same as the Italian restaurant. They give you a slip of paper with everything on it and you pick what you want.

PC220832 copy.jpg
PC220833 copy.jpg
PC220835 copy.jpg
PC220836 copy.jpg

I have to say that it definitely isn't as good as the Italian place and actually not as good as some of the Asian restaurants we go to here at home. Kendra did not like it at all.


We would later stop by the buffet area for some ice cream of course.

PC220831 copy.jpg

Just seeing my baby walk from the other side of the ship, by herself, looking all grown up just brings a tear to my eye.

PC220672 copy.jpg

I honestly don't remember much of what else we did during the day. I'm guessing it consisted of a lot of packing. lol


The next set of pictures and memory consisted of dinner. See how cruises just seem to revolve around food? No wonder we always gain weight with every cruise.


So I pulled out my phone and used the app to make a reservation. I was told 5-10 minutes. Sakari did not want to go and wanted to go to free play at the kids club at 7 pm. So, party of 2 it was. 

IMG_7083 copy.jpg

Now I just want to bring this up for those of you that use the app to make reservations and do My time dining.


Notice the description below with the times and wait times and so on. Well take a good look at the "location" (5 mid).

IMG_7082 copy.jpg

However, it's not located on 5 but in fact located at 3 Aft!! It was such a major mix up the first times we did this and we kept ending up at the wrong dining room. They really need to change this.

IMG_7084 copy.jpg
PC220863 copy.jpg
PC220861 copy.jpg
PC220864 copy.jpg

I really love their baked onion soup. It's just so yummy and I always try to get it now when we cruise.

PC220865 copy.jpg

The hubby got the flatbread as a starter.

PC220866 copy.jpg

This was the Cinnamon Pumpkin Cheese Pie. It was a main course. I questioned it with the waiter. It just seemed odd to be a main course. I had no idea what it was, how filling it would be or what my feeling would be about eating it for dinner. But I ordered it anyhow. 

PC220868 copy.jpg

But I would also order the penne shrimp and bacon...just to be on the safe side.

PC220867 copy.jpg

I'm happy to report the pumpkin dinner was excellent!

PC220869 copy.jpg

I also love their bacon mac and cheese. It's so yummy and I could eat just it for dinner if given the option.

PC220870 copy.jpg

We were stuffed at this point and decided dessert was just not an option tonight.

I had actually been packing throughout the day. I didn't want any last minute packing to be done like it has in the past. Kendra, being the procrastinator and slow-late-to-everything person that she is...actually packed the day before. You go girl! There's hope for you yet!


I headed down to pick up our luggage tags. I find this weird since I have always had them delivered to our rooms with the other cruise line. But, I guess this is a good thing since you can get the right amount you need AND pick your own time according to when you need to get off the ship.


We found only 2 choices: Early or Late. Ok, well that's easy enough. We would pick late.

PC220857 copy.jpg

At some point, we headed back to the casino to play a little bit and we needed to cash in our winnings by the end of the night.


Now I have not been on any cruises where I did ANY good on the last day. I would swear they reset these things to gulp up everyone's money on the last night. HOWEVER...I did awesome! I also played several machines that I hadn't played the entire cruise and they were all hitting.

PC220829 copy.jpg
IMG_7086 copy.jpg
IMG_7085 copy.jpg

Woo hoo! I hit on the second push:  $112.95

IMG_7088 copy.jpg

I knew I didn't want to push my luck too much and decided it was time to cash out and walk away with my winnings from the night. I checked on the hubby and he was up somewhat but not a whole lot. Ok, time to cash in!

Back to the room to get Sakari and she was doing her of her husky.

PC220824 copy.jpg

Carnival always gives us drink coupons to use. We each get one. They can only be used on the last night.

PC220871 copy.jpg

Sakari always loves getting these grown up looking drinks (for her).

PC220872 copy.jpg
PC220874 copy.jpg

We hung out watching the Christmas movie they had playing on the big screen.

PC230875 copy.jpg

Then headed back to the room to tag our luggage and put it outside. I laughed on the way back commenting "remember the time that I packed everything, put it outside the door, and it was collected already.... and completely forgot to leave Sakari any clothes out and she was only in her underwear?"  I will never forget this!


So, remember how I was so excited that our room steward allowed us to keep our collection of towel animals the entire cruise? I was preparing to lay them all out on our bed tonight and get a picture of them all together. I arrived back in the room to see that he had taken them all away and only left us with a heart! Ugh! Complete failure at this point. Darnit

PC220774 copy.jpg

Sakari worked on her drawings while I completed the process of putting the luggage out.

PC220827 copy.jpg

We sat the alarm and headed for bed.

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