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Aruba 2021

Super Foods

We are starving this morning... However, we ran out of eggs with the french toast yesterday. This meant we were going somewhere for breakfast this morning. 

Our Aruban friend told me about different places to eat but highly recommended eating at Super Foods. Yes, that's right, eating at the grocery store. She said you get a lot for your money and they had all kinds of breakfast items. We figured we would give it a shot. 

We got to Super Foods and the small diner is right as you walk in. We stood in line and it was like a buffet where you see all the items displayed and you tell them what to put on your plate. We all picked eggs, hash browns and bacon.

They scooped up a massive amount of eggs, when you say hash browns you get 2 of them, then the bacon...lordy lordy porky! They put their tongs down in the huge bacon tray and what they come up with is what you got. I'm sure it was at least a pound to 2 pounds of bacon with each scoop! I'm in bacon heaven right now and it was cooked crispy and just right. Where did these bacon gods come from that worked here???

We got to the end of the line to pay for it, added 3 drinks of OJ and here was our grand total for all 3 of us to eat this morning:

IMG_0720 copy.jpg

Would you just look at that total???? $17.92 US / 31.36 ƒ   Isn't that the most craziest thing you've ever seen??? Three of us ate for less than $18!!! That's unheard of here or even back home. I was in complete shock.

IMG_0684 copy.jpg

We definitely got our bellies full and I would HIGHLY recommend coming here for a cheap breakfast. 

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