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In order to get over to St George, it is easiest to take a Ferry there (and quickest). However, you can take the bus as well. We decided to take the ferry so that we could get there early and make the most of our day in St George.

We headed down the walkway, past the taxi stands and toward the ferry. Toward the ferry line. Toward the ferry line. Toward the end of the ferry line. Toward the end of....the island ferry line. WHERE THE HECK DOES THIS LINE END AT???? Geesh. It went all the way down and around and circled the block a few times and across the pier, up on RCI's ship, down the promenade deck, back out the door, jump onto Calico Jacks ship, down the slide into the water and swim back for your spot in the ferry line.


We made it. YIKES!! I figured there would be a line since the first orange ferry over to St George was at 9:30am, but I had no clue it would be like this. I guess with the ferry to St George not running on Sundays, everyone had the same idea as us and would head there on Monday.


Here are my plans for this nice Monday day in Bermuda...I had hoped at least.








9:30am orange ferry over to St George (45 minute ride)-3 tickets (or 2.75)



Leaving Dockyard Leaving St George

*9:30 *3:30

*11:30 *5:30


10:15 Arrive at St George and proceed to Visitor Center for stamp





 $6/pp x 2 = $12.00 (kids free) Runs every ½ hour


 10:30 Bus to Unfinished Church


 11:00 Bus to Tobacco Bay


 11:15-2:15 At Tobacco Bay




Jerk platter w/peas & rice or mac & cheese or fries & slaw $17

Hamburger & fries $12


Beer $7 ($35 bucket)


Frozen $10 for 12 oz and $15 for 20 oz.

Umbrella and lounger combo $25 or $15 each.


 2:30-4:00-Hop on bus to Achilles Bay (Fort St Catherine Beach)or walk 15 minutes, there is a path from the parking lot next to Ft St Catherines to the beach at Achilles.


4:00pm-leave Achilles Bay bus to Alexandra Battery Sea Glass beach


 5:30pm Catch ferry back to dockyard (3 tickets or 2 & $2.75 child)


 6:15 arrive at dockyard

(Sunset is 8:25pm)


 Shopping and dockyard time


Once we got into the long line in the hot sun one of the workers kept coming by and telling us "This ferry is full. You can take the ferry next to it that will leave in a few minutes and it will take you over to Hamilton and there's plenty of room on it.

Um...I don't want to go to Hamilton. You dock/ferry/bus workers are NOT going to screw me up again!! Not this time. No way Jose! I stood in line. I watched multiple people jump out of line and say "Come on, this ferry is full and we'll just get on the other ferry they are talking about that goes over"

Um yea, goes over Hamilton, which happens to be a good hour bus ride after that over to St George in case you people didn't do your homework. Well I did and I'm not budging.


The workers would continue to come around again, walking up and down the line telling people this ferry is full. Yep, you keep working your magic lady and people will just keep getting out of the line following your instructions and I WILL make it on this St George ferry that you claim is full.


HA!!! I WIN. I'm on the St George ferry and away we went! See ya suckers!

P6080760 copy.jpg

We didn't have the VIP seating inside, but we managed to line ourselves up and down one side and it was just enough to fit our family. Along the ride, some of us would just sit there, one of the munchkins would take a nap, one of us would continue to *turn camera on, *snap pictures, *turn camera off, another would run from the sun and I'm pretty sure another would be hyper and driving the one with the camera crazy. Just saying...

I want to say it was about 40 minutes over. Sakari was a hot mess from just waking up, still having her "make-up" on from the kids club the night before and trying to get excited about the beach day ahead.

P6080761 copy.jpg
P6080764 copy.jpg

We were getting close, they started slowing down.

Off the dock we went and it was time to try to figure out where it was we needed to go to find the new "Hop on-Hop off" bus.

P6080770 copy.jpg

We were just kinda walking down the streets following the crowd. I mean for sure they knew the right way to go right?

P6080771 copy.jpg

Every so often Kendra would turn to me and say "Which way?" or "Where do we go from here? and all the months of research I did and I would come back with the statement "I don't know, I have never been here before". Sigh. It's like I lost my mind going somewhere new. I'm pretty sure I had printed a map and it was in my handy dandy file in my bag, but it's like being put on the spot during a nursing test. All ways point to the correct answer, but only 1 is the best way to go.


So we just kept walking.