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Day 5: Antigua



This would be the first time we have ever been here. So, I had no idea what to do. After searching the boards, I knew that St Johns (across from St Thomas) had some awesome snorkeling and everyone always talked about taking the ferry over there for the day. I was always too chicken to try it and make it back in time for the ship to leave so I immediately got super excited about coming here and docking here. I posted on the St Thomas board and patiently waited for a reply. Too my surprise, people were talking out of their minds about it and it just didn't add up. They continued to talk about using the ferry to get there. I proudly exclaimed that I would be lucky enough to not have to use a ferry like they did. Then confusion really sat in...I was informed that there's no dock at St Johns. Well surely they must not realize that RC docks at St Johns right? After awhile, I was set straight. I found that "St Johns" did not mean the St Johns across the way from St Thomas like I had thought. Oopsy! St Johns meant Antigua. I hung my head in shame and put my tail between my legs and headed over to the Antigua boards to start my search over. 🤪


The search started again..."Hello, I'm Mitsugirly and I'm here because I have a cruise addiction. I would like some suggestions on a nice beach to go to and I promise you I did not mistake St John Antigua for St Johns". Boom! Everyone responded informing me that Antigua supposed to have the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean (I swear everyone claims this no matter where we go). But I was informed that they have 365 beaches!!! Wait, what? How is this even possible? For every 20' you walk do they count it as a new beach? I can't imagine. But, at least I was in luck because to the beach it was for us!


Lawrence Leston came highly recommended (i.e. Lawrence of Antigua). He had excellent communication and answered all my millions of questions. He offered the following:



"You can have a combination of beaches around the island which includes Long Bay in the eastern section of the island. 

Then we will drive through the Rain Forest to get to the beaches on the south western section of the island. Which includes Turners beach, Darkwood beach, Ffryes bay, Valley church beach and Jolly beach. You are free to stay as long as you wish on each beach also at the last beach you can relax until you are ready to go back to the cruise ship. 


Drinks is served on this beach tour. Also free Wi-Fi will be available on board. 


You pay cash at the end of the day. If your group is 4 or more person it will be  $50.US each."


Additional information also stated:


The choice will be yours as to how long you spend on each beach. The last beach that we will be visiting is call Jolly beach, you are free to stay as long as you wish before heading back to the crise ship. It can be a private tour if you so desire


I will be using a bus that can take all 10 person from your group. In fact it can take more if the group gets larger the bus can take up to 22 person, so there will be a lot of space for 10 person, everyone will be comfortable all along the way while driving in the bus.


To meet will be very simple. I will be standing on the dock, I will be holding my Lawrence of  Antigua sign. 


Well I could you go wrong with going to a new port, a port with 365 beaches, a port that claims to have the prettiest beach in the Caribbean and we were going to get to see several of them on a private tour. Ok...booked for 11 people.


I couldn't wait and only $50 a person? Pssshhh, that made me think about the $95 I paid the day before. 

P1010696 copy.jpg

So here we are. Tuesday and ready for our first NEW port and I couldn't wait!!!


We headed to the buffet for breakfast and it was yummy as usual. 

P1010697 copy.jpg

Kia decided not to go on this tour so now we were down to 8 people instead of 11. We were going to have lots a room on this 22 person bus private tour. 


I contacted Kendra and they were up and moving. We made plans to meet her at her room and get off the ship as soon as it was docked. However, we couldn't find her. We waited and waited and ....typical Kendra fashion...she was no where to be found. Now normally I would wait until we found her but this time...I remembered there was ONCE...and ONLY ONCE, that she couldn't find me and she decided to get off the ship and went to the port entrance to wait on us. Well, I had envisioned this in my mind and made the choice to go ahead and get off. Wrong choice, she wasn't out there.


Now usually you have to exit the cruise compound and out some gates to get to any outside vendors. Well not this time. Lawrence was standing on the pier waiting for us with his sign. 


We waited and waited and FINALLY she came off the ship (Billy and his scooter was spotted). 


Then we were off and running for our tour. Well, at least in my mind I was because I was so excited. Lawrence wasn't running...he was an older gentleman and I don't think he would appreciate it if we made him run.

P4230698 copy.jpg

We got to the tour van and it was the exact same van like we had the day before. Lawrence passed out a map and showed us where we would be going today.

P4230699 copy.jpg
P4230700 copy.jpg

So it made me wonder what happened for the last 7 years? (Notice 2012). 


The first stop was going to be Long Bay Beach. It was pretty much on the other side of the island so quite the drive. The kids were excited about going to the beaches today and couldn't wait to get in the water. I kept hearing "Are we almost there yet?" "What's taking so long?" hard to plan things with this group and be patient. 


Along the way he was on his headphone speaker system and telling us things that we passed. Like the day before, I remembered next to none of it. So, I snapped pictures as he spoke about the things and I'll share just a few. 

P4230704 copy.jpg
P4230707 copy.jpg
P4230709 copy.jpg

All this space and the kids insist on sitting side-by-side and Sakari insisted on sitting on one of the middle seats that fold down like she did the day before. Kendra, I have no idea what that face is about. Did you just eat a lemon?

P4230710 copy.jpg
P4230711 copy.jpg

Look at the hearts made into the fence...

P4230713 copy.jpg

Brayden: "Mamaw, are we almost to the beach yet?"

P4230714 copy.jpg

Sakari: "Are we there yet mommy?"

P4230719 copy.jpg

Kendra... "Mom! How far of a dri......." I cut her off and told her to sit back and relax and look for some more cows that were horses from yesterday. 

P4230720 copy.jpg
P4230722 copy.jpg

Kendra... "Mom! How far of a dri......." I cut her off and told her to sit back and relax and look for some more cows that were horses from yesterday. 

P4230724 copy.jpg

We finally arrive at Long Bay Beach at 9:53am. So we started to grab our things to head to the beach and Lawrence says "Ok, so this is Long Bay Beach. You can get out and your are welcome to take a look around, take pictures, and then meet back here in 10 minutes"


WAIT!!!! SAY WHAT??? My face must have turned 5 shades of red and the kids were all glaring at me. Ohhhh noooo! This is not how this day is going to go at all. I immediately spoke up. "I was told this was a private tour and the emails I got said we are welcome to stay at the beach however long we wanted. We are not on a "tour" so-to-speak. We are here to actually GO to the in swimming and relaxing and having fun. I'm not here to get out and look around and on to the next. We would spend the entire day just riding in a van and that's not at all what we were looking for. We plan on staying for awhile!"


He asked me "How long do you plan on staying?" "Well, we plan on swimming, snorkeling, and taking a bit of time and I have no idea how long that is going to be but it's not going to be 10 minutes".  So he said we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted and we would do the tour at our own pace. Well, I certainly hoped so since that's what I was told in the email. 


Out we went and OH EM GEE...the beach was BEAUTIFUL! It kinda reminded me of St Thomas. 

P4230729 copy.jpg

There wasn't a lot of people here at all and it was great. 


A carving they had in the tree where we put our things.

P4230731 copy.jpg

Now to the right was a place that was closed. There was a sign that the hotel was no longer open. I bet it would have been great to stay at right up against the beach when it was open. 

P4230732 copy.jpg

The kids were excited to hit the water finally. 

P4230736 copy.jpg
P4230737 copy.jpg

Sakari wrote a note to Loki...yes, she was really missing him. 

P4230738 copy.jpg

The water was a little cool and Shawna's body language said that loud and clear. But it didn't take long to get used to it. 

P4230739 copy.jpg

Oh course since we were on limited time (so to speak), I immediately grabbed my snorkeling gear and headed out to see what there was here.


Somehow I ended up with a water spot on my camera. Like how does this happen when you are IN water? Like it makes no sense but it has happened in the past. It comes and goes. It's weird. I do not like it here or there I do not like it anywhere. Ugh.

P4230742 copy.jpg
P4230744 copy.jpg
P4230745 copy.jpg
P4230746 copy.jpg
P4230748 copy.jpg

Now the further you got out, the more rocks there was. It looked as if it had a path to follow where there were no rocks and it led out to the ocean.


However, it was VERY wavy and hard to keep away from the rocks and coral. So, I didn't go out too far.


You see the huge blue surgeon fish under the rock. 

P4230751 copy.jpg
P4230757 copy.jpg

It's hard to tell because the water was so wavy and stirred up but I was following a large school of blue tangs down this rock path.

P4230758 copy.jpg
P4230760 copy.jpg
P4230762 copy.jpg
P4230767 copy.jpg

It really was getting hard to keep from being thrown up against the rocks so we decided to turn around and go back. It just wasn't worth it at this point. 

P4230771 copy.jpg
P4230773 copy.jpg

This is what happens with your flash goes off. I hate the flash! I wish there was a way to automatically keep this off when you turn on the camera but it automatically goes to on each time you turn it on.

P4230775 copy.jpg
P4230782 copy.jpg

My attempt to capture and over under didn't turn out too well and I wasn't about to try forever since we are on limited time but I did spot a mermaid tail. 😉

P4230783 copy.jpg
P4230788 copy.jpg
P4230796 copy.jpg
P4230786 copy.jpg
P4230792 copy.jpg
P4230801 copy.jpg
P4230802 copy.jpg

Back closer to the shore, we found a few sea urchins. 

P4230804 copy.jpg
P4230806 copy.jpg
P4230807 copy.jpg

Back at shore, there still wasn't very many people here. It was pretty awesome.

P4230809 copy.jpg
P4230813 copy.jpg

Kam had made a flower pot. It was full of sand and sea weed and she tried like crazy to take it with her. When she wasn't looking, Kendra dumped it and packed the bucket away. Kam was highly upset. 

P4230814 copy.jpg

My little (now big) peacock mermaid was having a blast. 

P4230816 copy.jpg

I have a lot of issues with my camera always fogging up. You go from the heat to the cool ocean and then back to the heat and then I battle with it fogging up non-stop. It's frustrating. I have usually taken several photo's before I notice this. I'll have to remove my fish eye lens, wipe it down, put the lens back on only to repeat that over and over again to the point I get so aggravated that I'll eventually just take it off completely. 

P4230818 copy.jpg

The hubby was enjoying a local beer. 

P4230819 copy.jpg
P4230823 copy.jpg
P4230824 copy.jpg

Here is where Lawrence sat with the locals to keep cool.

P4230827 copy.jpg

We had been here for about an hour and figured it was time to pack up and get back on the road to the next beach. We really liked this beach. It was just so pretty and not crowded and we highly recommend it. They do have chair rental (we just wasn't going to be there long enough) and also a place for food and drinks. 


We pulled out at 10:42am and was on our way to the next place. 

On the way, Lawrence started passing out drinks and the partying began with all the kids boozing it up in the back. Us adults had to remain sober and supervise these little rugrats. Shawna face-timed her mom as we were going down the street and had her convinced she was drinking on this tour and Kendra helped her along by telling her mom "yea, didn't you know the legal drinking age is 13 here?" Of course she didn't fall for it because Shawna was the only 13 year old with us and everyone else is younger. LOL

P4230830 copy.jpg
P4230829 copy.jpg

Into the rain forest we went...only this rain forest tour consisted of driving. That's my kinda tour. LOL

P4230833 copy.jpg

We stopped at one point and Lawrence was telling me that the "black pineapples" they grew there were amazing and some of the sweetest pineapples you can get. 


Well, I heard "black" and tried to take a picture. All I seen was the black hanging from what I thought was a banana tree. Hmmm

P4230835 copy.jpg

Now that's a colorful house and stones. 

P4230836 copy.jpg

We passed a place where people were zip-lining and all the kids were like "man, why didn't we do that instead?" I said "because I can't get Sakari to do it". Sakari said "hey, I would do that!" I told her it was higher and scarier than zip-lining at the small one at DePalm Island in Aruba that we have been to several times so how is she scared of that and not this? Maybe she is about to go back to my fearless child I used to have that would do anything???

P4230843 copy.jpg

I mean she was 3 years old zip-lining in Belize all by herself.


She was 5 years old jumping off a 2 story deck into the ocean as well. She was just fearless back then.


That child has swam with stingrays and sharks and everything else but all of a sudden developed a fear of zip lines 2 years ago. Now all of a sudden she wants to do it again. We have a couple zip-lines here in Ohio down south and I think I'll take her this summer to "test the water" (or land) and see how she does before ever booking another zip line excursion for big money in the Caribbean.



Meanwhile, Billy felt the need for a nap...

P4230846 copy.jpg

We were winding and twisting up and down the rain forest mountains. 

P4230847 copy.jpg

Now I know he said something about this tree. Maybe it's some of the biggest trees grown there or bagillion years old? **edit** the hubby said he told us "it's over 100 years old". 

P4230848 copy.jpg
P4230849 copy.jpg

He pulled over on the road, at a little market, and bought us some goodies. Well, this is the "black pineapple" he was talking about. It was GOOD! 


I was the lucky one who sat in the middle section of the bus and I passed it back and forth. (True story here now...) It started up front and the hubby and Billy took one each, I took one, passed it back to the kids and Kendra and they took one. Then passed it back to me, I took one, then passed it back up front and we repeated this process over and over until....Kendra caught on that I was getting a "double-dip" each time it was passed to me. Oops! LOL

P4230854 copy.jpg

We came to this area and it was SO BEAUTIFUL. I was hoping this might be one of the beaches we were about to visit but it was not. This is Morris Bay! They definitely should put this place as a beach to visit or their "tour".

P4230855 copy.jpg

Funny thing is, I posted one of these pictures on my SM and one of my cruise friends said they had the exact same picture. LOL It definitely wow's everyone as you come around that corner and see it.

P4230856 copy.jpg

The water was crystal clear.

P4230858 copy.jpg
P4230864 copy.jpg
P4230865 copy.jpg
P4230866 copy.jpg
P4230867 copy.jpg
P4230868 copy.jpg
P4230869 copy.jpg

It was just so beautiful. 

Then there was a field. A field with no palm trees...Kendra informed me these were the black pineapples. I get it. So I wasn't looking down on the ground when they told us about it before and missed them.

P4230872 copy.jpg

Billy woke up in time to see these houses. He was now on face-time with a friend back home and he just couldn't get over the houses on "stilts" LOL I mean we have these in the US...he don't get out much I guess.

P4230873 copy.jpg

Goats gone wild....seriously. They were all over the road and on the side.

P4230874 copy.jpg
P4230875 copy.jpg
P4230877 copy.jpg

I noticed a sign that said "Turner" on it. Now I knew there was a Turner's Beach and hoped that we were there.

P4230879 copy.jpg
P4230882 copy.jpg

This was our next stop. It was Turners Beach. (Our driver in the picture below-very tall).

P4230883 copy.jpg

We came up to the eating area and a very short older gentleman came up to us and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Lawrence. Are you enjoying the tour and our beaches?"  😮🤣


Oops, I had thought this entire time we were touring with Lawrence.


When we stopped, our no-named driver, who I will now have to refer to as Mr NotLawrence, told us that if we were hungry, this would be an excellent place to stop and eat if we wanted. He said the service was fast and the food was good. 

P4230884 copy.jpg

The beach was beautiful and the water was amazing. However, no palms trees lining the beach like I like. Darnit.

P4230885 copy.jpg

I immediately set out to find us a place in the sand. From the looks of things, we weren't about to find any shade on this beach. 

P4230886 copy.jpg

It was pretty crowded here too. It's obviously a popular beach.

P4230887 copy.jpg
P4230889 copy.jpg

The boys said they were hungry and was about to order something. I really wasn't hungry and wanted to just "snack" on something like fries. Sakari only wanted fries as well. So, I sent the hubby after 2 orders of fries for us. 


This is what a crazy salty beach hair looks like. 

P4230890 copy.jpg
P4230891 copy.jpg

There was a guy walking by with a donkey and asking if you wanted to take pictures. What does this guy do when his donkey goes potty on the nice clean beach?

P4230893 copy.jpg

Sakati knows to put her 100 spf sunscreen on. This will be the first cruise we really didn't burn and feel uncomfortable for a few days. Good for us. Sakari always does nothing but tan anyhow but I still make her put it on. 

P4230894 copy.jpg

I decided to go exploring....Sakari and Kambriah came with me. B and Shawna headed for the water instead. 

P4230897 copy.jpg
P4230899 copy.jpg
P4230901 copy.jpg
P4230898 copy.jpg
P4230900 copy.jpg
P4230905 copy.jpg

Sakari found a crab. It was dead, but Shawna didn't know that and it would be the perfect opportunity to scare this child that has never seen any of this stuff before. LOL

P4230906 copy.jpg
P4230907 copy.jpg

I really didn't see any areas that looked good for snorkeling. This was more of a "beach only" type of visit for us. I did see several people head out in this area along the shore, but they weren't there for very long before they came back. I imagine there wasn't much to see. 

P4230908 copy.jpg
P4230910 copy.jpg
P4230911 copy.jpg
P4230913 copy.jpg

I couldn't get the kids out of the water at this point. They were just not cooperating for any pictures. Kam, jumped for joy and decided to be my guinea pig. 


Floating above the water she really got pretty high up!

P4230918 copy.jpg

Since she did something for me, I had to let her bury my feet in the sand. 

P4230922 copy.jpg

The kids having a blast trying to ride the waves in....

So the hubby came back with mine and Sakari's fries....

P4230915 copy.jpg

Only it wasn't 2 orders of fries. He said they didn't just sell fries. I thought that was weird. I really wasn't too hungry (enough to eat a cheeseburger) but Sakari really just wanted fries so she ate the fries and I ended up with the cucumber cheeseburger instead. It was yummy I have to admit.


One thing I did find interesting is that this place serves you on REAL plates! Not plastic or throw away.


The kids continued to play in the water until the very end.

P4230916 copy.jpg

We had been here for about 1 hour and it was time to pack up and head to the next place.

P4230925 copy.jpg
P4230927 copy.jpg
P4230926 copy.jpg

Lawrence said his goodbyes and we headed to the bus with Mr NotLawrence and off we went.

Now I guess Mr NotLawrence was going to head to each beach along this area and let us take a look and if it was something we wanted to stop at for a while, he'd stop. Otherwise, he'd keep going.

P4230931 copy.jpg

Next up was supposed to be Darkwood beach, but when we got to this one, he said it was Ffryes Bay. Once I laid eyes on the water toys...I knew this wasn't the place we wanted to stay. With this many kids, it just wasn't a good idea to have to deal with resisting the temptation not to play on them for the youngsters. So, we kept going...

P4230932 copy.jpg
P4230933 copy.jpg
P4230934 copy.jpg
P4230935 copy.jpg
P4230940 copy.jpg
P4230941 copy.jpg
P4230942 copy.jpg

The next place we came to was Valley Church Beach.

P4230944 copy.jpg

This place reminded me of Aruba. You can drive down the street and find all these neat places to stop, pull up under a tree in the car, and head out to swim. There were tons of trees everywhere with several cars parked by them and I thought this would be a nice place.

P4230948 copy.jpg
P4230949 copy.jpg

He kept driving on down to where everyone parked. It was the "crowded area" with beach chairs, tons of people, and a concession stand. Hmmm, that's not at all what I was looking for. I told him to turn around and go over by the non-crowded area and the trees. That's what we were looking for.


He turned around and ask where I'd like to be. He tried to park at the very end of the parking lot (which was a little far away) and I said "Are you not able to pull up where the trees are to park? Like, where the other cars are parked? He said, "oh, you want to go down there...." So he went to an area we picked out and we all got out and found a spot. Then....he drove off back to the parking lot. LOL Ok, obviously he wasn't going to park there like the other cars so I gave up on the point I was trying to make. I was hoping he'd stay there so we didn't have to unload everything and we would also have cold drinks.

P4230952 copy.jpg
P4230954 copy.jpg

This is where we ended up at and it was the perfect spot.

P4230955 copy.jpg
P4230956 copy.jpg
P4230958 copy.jpg
P4230961 copy.jpg

We ended up enjoying the rest of the day here.

P4230971 copy.jpg

Funny faces

P4230974 copy.jpg
P4230975 copy.jpg

Billy played ball with the kids in the water. They really had him hopping around all over that beach. 

P4230978 copy.jpg
P4230979 copy.jpg
P4230984 copy.jpg

They had some really neat "tent" rentals there. I guess it's a tent campground and you can rent these.

P4230947 copy.jpg

Except they are not just your every day tent....they are "luxury tents".   When we walked past them, someone was opening theirs and holy mother of god they were nice! They have a full-size bed in a bed! Like with bedposts and all. They have dressers and a couch and just wow. It was like a little studio apartment. How crazy was that?


When I got home, I looked them up and it was around $1100 to stay in for 8 days.


We decided to walk down the beach and to the concession stand for something cold to drink.

P4230987 copy.jpg

I guess it wasn't too overly crowded here. From the parking lot, all I could see was the sea of chairs lined up. But, when we walked the beach, a lot of them were empty.

P4230989 copy.jpg

I absolutely loved the colors of this concession stand. If I had a house in the Caribbean, I'd want to do it like this. 😄



Now every place we have stopped at has had pop for $1 a can. This place was outrageous and charged $3 I think it was.

P4230990 copy.jpg
P4230991 copy.jpg
P4230994 copy.jpg

As we headed back to our spot, after getting drinks, we stopped in the parking lot to ask Mr NotLawrence what time would be a good time to be leaving. He replied around 3pm.

P4230999 copy.jpg

There were areas along the beach where the tide has come in and it created little areas of shells and crushed shells as well. It was so pretty and felt so neat as I ran my hand through it.

P4231001 copy.jpg
P4231003 copy.jpg
P4231006 copy.jpg

We had a fun and a relaxing day hanging out here. It was partly cloudy by the time we arrived here and we were able to just sit and hang out and talk while the kids enjoyed the water most of the time. 


Then at one point, the clouds went away and the sun was blaring down on us and that was our queue to get ready to pack up.


It was almost 3pm and knew this adventure was just about to end. We didn't make it to the last beach, Jolly Beach, and I don't believe he bothered to even show it to us nor did I see it as we passed it. We had been here for 1 1/2 hours.


I took a few more pictures as we packed up our things.

P4231008 copy.jpg
P4231009 copy.jpg

Mr NotLawrence pulled up across the street and we all piled in and off we went.

P4231010 copy.jpg

On our way back to the ship.

P4231013 copy.jpg
P4231015 copy.jpg

We could see her off in the distance.

P4231016 copy.jpg
P4231018 copy.jpg

I always laugh when I see fast food at places in the Caribbean...I don't know why.

P4231019 copy.jpg
P4231020 copy.jpg

We made it back around so it was definitely a short ride since we were packing up to leave the beach AT 3pm, which means we left after that time.   It now gives me an idea of how close that string of beaches is and next time I might just hit up Jolly Beach. 


We had a lovely day of seeing several different beaches and some of Antigua along the way. It would definitely be a place I'd like to head back to but next time, I think I will just pick a beach and stay there. All this running around beach hoping is nice to see the various beaches and sites, but you just don't feel like you've got your "fair share" of being at a beach. This place is definitely a place I need to come and STAY on the island to explore those 365 beaches. LOL


I would recommend Lawrence of Antigua tours. For $50 taking you all over the island...well you can't beat that. Mr NotLawrence was nice (despite the misunderstanding at the beginning about "staying 10 minutes"). He provided drinks during our rides and let us stay where we wanted for the amount of time we wanted with no issues. Lawrence himself was nice, although we didn't get to talk much at the beach because we were on limited time there and wanted to experience the place. I'm not sure if he had a group of his own. I do believe that I saw 2 Lawrence of Antigua buses in the parking lot because I remember walking out and was like...wait, which is ours?


I don't know how much a taxi to the furthest area (Long Bay Beach) is, but if you have a large group, need a van, and wanted to go that far, it might even be worth it to just hire Lawrence to get you all there together (like a private tour) even if you was to stay there all day. But anyhow...very nice company.

Back at the port, we did a little shopping and then headed to the ship around 4pm

P4231021 copy.jpg

We started hearing a battle of the horns and knew someone was pulling out...

P4231023 copy.jpg

The other RC ship was pulling out and it revealed.....X was with us too. (I knew this but the rest of the family didn't realize there was another ship there with us. 

P4231026 copy.jpg

Back to the room to shower and we had this magnificent view from our overly sized room. 

P1011169 copy.jpg

I always find the hours the buffet is open on port days. Like why can't they adjust these so that those coming back on the ship, after a long day in port, have someplace to eat, other than the 24/7 venues? I just don't get it!


So, pizza it is.

P1011031 copy.jpg
P1011032 copy.jpg
P1011159 copy.jpg

After eating and relaxing for a bit, Sakari was getting the itch for water again. This child would live in water if she could.


She changed into a bathing suit, morphed into a mermaid, then back to the pool we went.


As we were relaxing and watching a bit of the movie Homes & Watson, I heard this flapping of a tail and here she came to us (mermaid tail still on).

P1011170 copy.jpg

She informed us that the lifeguards told her that she couldn't wear her mermaid tail in the pool and that it was "too dangerous". Say what? Dangerous for who? Those around her? Because there were maybe 3 people in the pool. Dangerous for her?'s a monofin and she can swim better with it on than without. They didn't have any problem with it the night before and she has not had one issue with any other cruise or ship. She was a little upset but took it off as instructed. She swam for a little bit and then decided she'd rather go back to the room and draw on her ipad. 


We headed to the casino for a bit and I did "ok" and was still playing with the same $20 I started out with from the first time I went.

P1011175 copy.jpg

They were having an 80's party tonight and I knew I wanted to see a bit of it. Up to deck 5 to check it out. My favorite era is the 80's and I just love the music and dancing.

P1011179 copy.jpg
P1011180 copy.jpg

We didn't stay the whole time and knew that I still needed to get back to the room and pack for our day in St Lucia tomorrow.




This was our towel animal for the night. I thought i looked like a big but Sakari insisted that it was Dumbo (we had just went to the movies and watch Dumbo prior to the cruise and she said it was tiny like Dumbo and he was trying to flap his ears). I'm thinking Angry Bird myself.

P1011172 copy.jpg
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Ok, so only one other thing that happened this day that I want to bring up. This is my b*tch session so sorry in advance. 


We had went to the photography studio to take a look at our pictures taken so far. I know from past experiences that collecting your pictures during the week and putting them together never seems to end good for us. People will spread them out, take them-never to be seen again and so on. So, we have started gathering them nightly and taking them to the desk and having them hold on to them until the end of the cruise and then we'll pick what we want. (They have folders and cabinets they will put them in with your room number on them). 


Well, after gathering the pictures, we went up to the counter, and a guy helped us out.


Then our conversation went like this....


Him:  "Are you interested in our special? Tonight's the last night for it and it's only $69.95 for the package". 

He continued to tell me "For $69.95 you can have ALL of your pictures taken throughout the week...all of them!". 

Me: "Wait, what? ALL of them for $69.95?"

Him: "Yes, only if you do it tonight"

Me: "So there's got to be a catch to this. Is it only the port pictures?"

Him: "Nope, it's everything. Everything the photographers take of you during the cruise for only $69.95. But only tonight."

Me: "So what about the photographers that set up around the ship with props? Are those included in the $69.95 price?"

Him: "Yep...EVERYTHING! Even the pictures taken around the ship like in the MDR or by the pool and even embarkation"

Me: "So if it's only $69.95, why wouldn't EVERYONE on the ship do that then? That makes no sense."

Him: "I'm not sure. It's a great deal."

Me: "So when we see the photographers set up around the ship with a back drop, we can go to each one of them with no limit every night?"

Him: "Yes"

Me: "So there's no limit?"

Him: "No. You can go to each set up every single night of the cruise. The only "limit" is you can only do 6 pictures at each setup. How many are in your cabin?"

~me now thinking~ "Well, there are 4 booked in our cabin but 1 of those people belong to my older daughters fiance in another cabin and since she's his relative, she's in most of the pictures with them."

Him: "Well, since she's booked in your cabin, any pictures that include her are free with the package as well, even if you are not in them."

~Um ok. That meant that most of Kendra's pictures were going to be free too because Shawna was in most of them. The weird thing was, he never once asked me to prove she was in my cabin or anything. He just asked me to show him a picture of her in all the other pictures and they'd be included.  

Him: "So would you like to do the package for $69.95?"

Me: "Absolutely! Here's my card and I'm going over to get the other pictures as well" 


Then I ran off to grab Kendra's pictures with Shawna in them. 


When I returned, he gave me the slip to sign and ..... it said $269.95. "WAIT WHAT? You said $69.95 and you just charged me $269.95!!!" He started back tracking...well it's $269.95. I said over and over...NO! "You said $69.95 four times and I repeated it back to you several times and you assured me on the price." His reply was "Well, it was the $299.95 and now it's $269.95 and I was just saying the $69.95 is the changed part" WHAT THE HELL-O ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????? You don't just "cut off" the first two hundred dollars of the price and quote the $69.95? At this point I'm pissed and I don't get seriously, pissed often. My husband said..."ahhhh, the bait and switch program at it's finest!" I was livid. 


He said "No problem mam, I can remove it". 

Me: "Ok, remove it and charge me the $69.95 you quoted me!"

Him: "No, I can remove the charge all together and we won't do the package"


After going back and forth a bit...he knew I was pissed, the hubby and I talked it over and decided that we usually pay about $150 in pictures each cruise just buying them individually and Kendra usually spends about the same (or has been known to do the professional pictures and dress up and spend over $500). So, I said "I'll just go ahead and take it but this is BS that you did this to us!" I figured I could split the cost with Kendra and still pay less than I normally do.


I remembered that there were a few pictures of us that I wasn't going to originally buy and went back over to grab them as well and when I returned and handed them to him, he handed me yet another receipt.


I said "What's this?"

He said "I credited your account and took it off". I'm totally confused now.

Me: "What do you mean you took it off? We are still getting the package right?"

Him: "No, I removed the package and charges"

Me: "OH MY GOSH!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS? After I just told you we would take it. What type of salesman are you? I can't deal anymore...get me someone else. I'm done with you!"


He went over and grabbed a lady...I explained the entire situation to her and all she had to say was "Do you want the package or not?" Like no sympathy, no getting the supervisor, no discount, no nothing! She just charged my card and then told me that they still had to take my pictures from me and they would not release them until the last day of the cruise. 


This whole situation put the worse taste in my mouth and I'm totally convinced they hired incompetent people in the photography studio. We had been there for well over an hour and I was so done with the situation and had it not been so late, I would have insisted on a manager or someone else to speak to. 


Or course, I would continue the week taking as many pictures as I could get our bodies in whether or not we were dressed up. It didn't matter. 


But, I wanted to let everyone out there know what kind of crap they pulled on me. It was NOT a misunderstanding. I did NOT hear him wrong because it was repeated, by him and myself, over and over during the long conversation. This is some BS!!!!

I packed our bags for tomorrows adventures, watched a little t.v and off to bed we went. 

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