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April   2017

MITSUGIRLY decides to CONQUEST new ports-complete pictorial review

This would be our 17th cruise.


We usually cruise during Sakari's Spring Break since there was one year that we didn't do/go anywhere and it just about killed me knowing everyone I knew actually "got out of town". I said "never again" and I meant it. So, Spring Break is always a given time for us and for some reason, we always end up on Carnival for that cruise. This time would be no different. However, this year her Spring Break was a little late compared to others and all the previous years.


I started searching cruises available and knew that I wanted something "new" ship, new ports with the ports being the priority. For several years we went back and forth between the Western and Eastern (with the Western being the most traveled) and for the last several years, we have been trying to do "new" (to us) ports...such as Southern and Bermuda.


At this point, I didn't care WHICH ship, as long as it went to any new ports. I came very close to doing a cruise before, that went to the ABC islands (something I have always wanted to do), and ended up booking something else that was new for us. I couldn't find an ABC cruise this time around, so...I settled for A & C and whatever else came with it.


We decided on the Conquest: Grand Turk (already been there a few times now and enjoy it) and 3 NEW PORTS FOR US!!! La Romana, Dominican Republic, Aruba, and Curacao!!! I was super excited to experience these places. I knew nothing about the Conquest and had never been on that class ship, but knew that others seem to like it a lot. So...we booked.

So here is where you'll find my complete review...






































































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