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Mitsugirlys FASCINATION with San Juan-review & pictorial

Day 12: Going home

Ok, finishing up...our last and final day...of 12 days total. WHEW!


I don't even remember what time we got up, but me and the kids were the first to rise. Then the horse play started with B, then he got loud. Then for some reason he decided to open up the bedroom door, where the hubby was sleeping, and run around. Oh boy...hubby was not pleased, got up, got dressed, said he was leaving for a bit. Yikes. B knows how to pull that last string for everyone and he managed to do it so early in the morning this time.


So, I assumed that he was going somewhere to find some coffee because that's what he needs first thing in the morning before dealing with someone like B. Well, we were hungry and I texted him to ask where he went, which was confirmed he was somewhere drinking coffee and I told him we were headed for breakfast...and off we went.


I knew I had to get some type of Puerto Rican food in me while I was here and I wasn't leaving this lovely place until I found something. I remembered others on here talking about Mallorca. We put the address info in our phone GPS and off we went. Well, I remember passing this place yesterday, but didn't notice it at the time.

P8223611 copy.jpg
P8223610 copy.jpg

We sat down and I ordered some sugary goodness and the kids just ordered "normal" food.


The thing I did like about this place is that when you ordered pop, you got the entire can with a cup.

P8213605 copy.jpg

The place was pretty packed and I didn't want to be so obvious with taking pictures, so I didn't get a lot.

P8213606 copy.jpg
P8223609 copy.jpg

If this didn't perk me up, I don't know what would. It was yummy.

P8213608 copy.jpg

We headed back to the hotel to finish packing up so that we could head to the airport. The hubby returned and had recuperated now and told me that he had found a local skate shop there in the city and had walked there. However, they were not open and he was extremely disappointed.


We packed our things, checked out, and caught a cab to the airport.


Here we would spend a lot of time just hanging out because we had a later flight (2pm).

P8223612 copy.jpg

So, Kendra pulls out some Caribbean cards, which I didn't realize she had bought, and she started teaching me some card games I had never heard of. We started out with "screw your neighbor".

P8223613 copy.jpg

After heading inside, this was next on Sakari's list instead of playing games.

IMG_5334 copy.jpg

I had good seats and was able to get on the plane way before Kendra. So here they come.

P8223615 copy.jpg
IMG_5336 copy.jpg

Off we went and it was starting to look icky out.

P8223617 copy.jpg
P8223618 copy.jpg

Goodbye Puerto Rico...I will miss you and hopefully see you again...maybe next year?

P8223619 copy.jpg
P8223620 copy.jpg

Kendra would be snapchatting me and I had no idea that it gave you the mph from all the way up there.

IMG_5337 copy.jpg

Sakari would continue with her always.

P8223616 copy.jpg

We had a pretty long delay over in Tampa for this day. I believe it was around 3-4 hours.


So...we would be doing a lot more of this...

IMG_5338 copy.jpg

The only problem is, the "Caribbean" pictures on the cards had an iguana on it. Sakari liked the iguana picture. Sakari was not following the rules and wanted to hang on to the iguana. Ugh.



We had lunch here and more card games while the hubby managed to snag one of the business table and chairs with the charging stations and did some work to kill time.


We were finally able to board...

P8230043 copy.jpg

Almost home...

P8223627 copy.jpg
IMG_5339 copy.jpg
P8223624 copy.jpg
P8223628 copy.jpg
P8223629 copy.jpg
P8223630 copy.jpg



Puerto Rico is AMAZING! Love this place and I can't believe it took me this long to come here and experience it. I loved everything we did, but didn't get to do everything like I wanted.


El AMAZING! Especially their private beach. I highly recommend this place.


Luquillo, pretty beach and made for a nice day. I would recommend if you are just looking for a relaxing day. I personally wouldn't go back because I have already been and there's just too many other places I would like to explore (like the rain forest) next time.


Isla Verde, nice place, kinda touristy and you get the feeling you are in down town in a way. Beach was pretty and it reminded me of the last beach we went to here on the Breeze (Numero Uno/Pamelas). The hotel was nice despite the remodeling and I'm sure it will be beautiful once they are done.


Old San Juan...absolutely gorgeous and amazing. So much to see and do there that you need about a week there itself. I know I missed a lot and would like to return to spend more time there exploring.


I HAVE TO MENTION...Yes, I was complaining about the hot weather...when I say hot...IT WAS in 101 degrees!!!!!!


The Fascination...older and smaller ship, but she was still a great ship. We didn't see anything wrong with her and she was kept in tip top shape.


Employees always cleaning, friendly staff, just slow on the "food" service in MDR, Seuss event, and room service. All need improvement.


The ship never felt crowded unless you were at the pool. I NEVER waited at any of the elevators. Push the button and ding, there is was...seriously. I was amazed.


The buffet is SMALL but always something to eat there. Loved the back of the ship with the sandwiches and pizza. They had a salad bar in between the back and the buffet.


Just remember there's an extra kiosk down by the coffee bar area outside the casino in the hall. No standing in lines in the atrium.


The "fake" window in the interior was a nice added touch I thought. Even though you are in an interior, it kinda made you feel like you wasn't.


The cruise director always made announcements and ended with "woo hoo". The time he forgot, he came and said "Oops, woo hoo".


Remember you will pay .17 tax when in port in PR for soda...because you are in an U.S. port and they must charge tax (that would go for anything you bought).



I can't really think of anything else. It was an AMAZING cruise. I loved every moment of it.


I highly recommend Linquist Beach-absolutely beautiful beach and water along with some decent snorkeling.


I highly recommend going to Barbados and I can't wait to return. The Boatyard was beautiful, but I did feel like that had a lot of "rules" to the place. Next time, I will probably go somewhere else to experience the beaches on down. Including the turtles in the price of admission rocks and well worth it.


I HIGHLY recommend Jalousie Beach in St Lucia. Simply amazing with awesome snorkeling. It's a do not miss!


I recommend Carambola in St Kitts. Very pretty beach, not much snorkeling, but definitely go check out the black beach on down. It's a do not miss.


I highly recommend Pinel Island in St Martin. Absolutely gorgeous.


So that's it for me. It was an extremely LONG vacation and I found myself wishing I was already home by the time the evening fell and we were still in OSJ. The last time I was gone this long and did a back to "belly" cruise...Arrive day before cruise, 7 day cruise, stay over night, then another 4-5 day cruise (I can't even remember). I swore that time that I would never stay that long again. I believe 10 days is usually my limit before I'm worn out. We managed 12 this time. Ok, so I would say 11 days is good. :D




I'm out...woo hoo.

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