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Sunset  Restaurant  & Bar:  Scuba Diving

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Now Sunset doesn't seem to have an actual webpage...or at least I can't find one. They just have a facebook page, which is how I contacted them to ask about entrance, breakfast and snorkeling. 

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We were greeted as we walked in with an alcohol bath and was told to sit wherever we wanted. This place is 2 stories and we headed downstairs by the "beach" area. 

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They handed us the menus on a sunset. Now that's the sunset I had been hoping for while here. I just didn't realize I had to get it on a menu to see it. 

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They had a nice area for showers and rinsing off after snorkeling. 

I didn't really wander off to take pictures of the area at this point. I just wanted food. We placed our order and they brought out chips and salsa. No fiery hot green stuff for me no thank you!

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Our food came out super 8 minutes fast according to my time stamp. Now that's service! They even brought a basket of toast that was made out of Texas toast bread. We had a feast I tell ya! Deliciosa! 

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Ok, bellies were full and it was time to take a few pictures of the area.

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Ok, that was good enough for me for right now. I couldn't wait to get the snorkel gear on and head out to the crystal clear refreshing water and explore what this place has to offer!

I told hija to get her mask and "Let's Go Tally Ho! Vámonos!"

I loved that they had the stairs to enter and exit the water. It made it easier on me although any steps into water meant they would be slippery once you hit the water but there was a handrail to hang onto. 

Once in the water...hmmm, lots of rocks and sand. I wasn't seeing too much at this point. 

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The first fish of the day...a Surgeon fish and a Slippery Dick Wrasse all surrounded in a beautiful backdrop of....rock!

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I pointed at the dock and said "Look Hija! There's a dock here for you to jump off of just like Buccano's!" She couldn't wait to get over there and give it a try. While she was getting out of the water and heading to the dock, I swam over to it to see if there was anything interesting to see under it. Usually when you have a dock, there's goodies hiding out under it and coral lined up and down the pillars to the dock. I would be disappointed this time around. 

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Remember the beautiful bright colored seaweed grass stuff from the Sky Reef that I mentioned I had never really noticed it being this color before when snorkeling? Well, I guess my mind wasn't playing tricks on me when I said that because there was some here and it wasn't bright green and blue like it was at Sky Reef. I knew there was a reason I hadn't really noticed it much in the past. 

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Hija made it to the dock and off she went...

I don't think it was the same as at Buccano's because it didn't last very long. She came back over to the steps and she was talking to her Padre. I told her to "Let's head out along the rocks and see what there is to see here" and off we went. 

I started noticing these balls again. I think they are called reef balls, but I like to call them bio-balls. The reason behind that is that back in the 80's and I got my first saltwater tank, you had this huge plastic "box" that sat down below the aquarium and it was your filtration system. You put these "bio-balls" in it and they were pretty big in size, like larger than a golf ball but smaller than a tennis ball. They were made of some type of plastic too. You would fill the system up with those and it filtered your water. They looked just like these balls with the holes in them...therefore, these are bio-balls to me!

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Now we hadn't made it too incredibly far when, for some reason, I notice that Hija is no longer beside me. She's standing up in the water and when I came up, she says "Daddy wants us". Um, ok. Are you serious? What for??? We just got out here and had barely made it far at all. She says "I don't know, but he said get out"  I honestly had no idea what was going on and of course my mind started going all different kinds of places. Did he go to pay for breakfast and his card was declined or something else go wrong? I just had no idea but at this point I was a little perturbed. 

I finally made it back to the steps and ask what was going on. He said "I did something". Oh lordy what would YOU have possibly did? My heart sank. It was racing. I honestly could not come up with one thing that he could have "did".  He's just looking at me and I couldn't read his face honestly. After being together for 18 years, this would be the first time I just couldn't tell. Hija had gotten out of the water way before me and was standing beside him and she had this "look" on her face as well and she was biting her nails. That's her nervous sign. She looked almost worried and like she was keeping something inside from me. I wouldn't be shocked if my face had turned many colors by now and I was probably shaking a little inside. Like don't do this to me! Not on our last day! WHAT IS GOING ON?????!!!!!

He paused for a moment that seemed like eternity then said "I know you have been really upset and down since you had such a bad day scuba diving and I want to make it up to you". Ummmmm.......ok. Then he proceeds to tell me "I booked us scuba diving!"  I think my heart sank even more. I said "What are you trying to do? Give me another panic attack? I don't want to experience what I did last time and why would you do this to me? What do you mean you booked us scuba diving???" He said "I wanted to surprise you! I want you to have a do-over. I want it to be better this time"  I'm sure I blankly starred at him for a few minutes while all these thoughts in my head were circling around.  I knew that I had seen A LOT of divers doing Discover Scuba going in and out the entire time we had been here. I honestly didn't think much about it and had put that portion of my life behind me.

I tried to gather my composure before I spoke. I tried to come up with everything possible. He said the diving would be right here from the shore. I told him "the snorkeling so far is not looking that great. It's nothing but rock and sand and not many fish".  I ask him why would he waste money on it if it wasn't that great and having the possibility that I might have another bad experience? He told me that he had spoke to them and told them what happened to me the other day and they said they would let us go for $30 each! Say what? Why so cheap? He said "I'm not sure. They ask if we were certified and I told them no just Sakari". Wait what? Sakari is not certified! He said "Well she completed her courses and got her Master PADI Seal" I told him "That's not certification!!" I then reminded him that we were flying out tomorrow and you can't dive within a certain amount of time prior to flying. He said he told them that and they ask what time we were leaving and he told them. They said it would be ok. I just really didn't k