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Parasailing at Sapphire Beach

Since we were staying at a condo at Sapphire Beach, we decided to use the vendor that was located there in the marina.

I looked online and decided to pick an 11am spot. Then I noticed that if you book online it's actually that's what I did. 

IMG_5039 copy.jpg

It was almost 11 and we headed over to the marina. It looked like this was really going to happen for us today! We were all so excited. 

A pelican was waiting for our arrival and it was time to board the "Just Chute Me" boat. We also had another couple with us for this trip. 

IMG_5143 copy.jpg
IMG_5040 copy.jpg
P7260830 (2) copy.jpg

It didn't take long and we were off. As we went along, we started gearing up with our life jackets and he came around and put on our harness. It looked like we were going first! Yikes! (Not really, we were all excited and not nervous at all ... but I guess we were the guinea pigs). He said "We haven't lost anyone yet today. Wait, I think this is how you put them together, I watched the youtube video". LOL He was funny. 



P7260831 (2) copy.jpg
P7260772 copy.jpg

They had the hubby go first, then Sakari and then it was my turn. Sit down and slide along into the harness...only my slide consisted of my bathing suit shorts sliiiiiding dooooown! Oops. I wiggled and wiggled trying to get them back up the best I could. 

And then it was lift off time...



P7260775 copy.jpg

I had given Kendra my other camera so that she could take pictures from down below. See, it's always good to have an extra camera for things like this. Although I have to say, she really didn't take many pictures while we were up there. She's definitely not my child. Maybe she should have given it to Kam instead. I know I can count on Kam to take plenty. 

Ok, so about the parasailing experience...OH EM GEE! It was AMAZING! Gliding in the air so high up and seeing everything down below. I never wanted to come down. It was SO peaceful up there. Sakari said she felt like a bird and loved it! She giggled with excitement and said "hello" and waved to the paraglider down below us. You could tell she was having a great time and it's something that she has always wanted to do.



P7260783 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, Kendra and the crew were getting geared up too. 




I slowly felt us turning and going we go, it was time for the big dip in the ocean. The part I had dreaded. I had ask about this and was assured it was a gentle dip and I would be fine with my leg. If I didn't want to dip, they wouldn't do it but I didn't want to take that experience away from Sakari so we were dipping! If this event was going to take me was going to take me out having fun! What can I say? My adventurous side was coming out. I just can't stand the thought of not being able to do things that I would normally do!



Down, down, down we went. My husband started yelling "Hold your leg up Kim!" I kinda tucked it up under me and figured that would be better than holding it up. Holding it up would cause the waves to push against it. Tucking would flow with the leg. 



P7260785 copy.jpg
P7260855 copy.jpg

I did it! I was in the clear! No pain at all. It was so much fun and felt so good. I was proud of myself. I had accomplished something I have always wanted to do but something had always came in the way of us doing it (and despite all the failed attempts while we were here, we was able to check something off the bucket list. But shhh, I'm adding it back on the bucket list because it was so much fun and I wanna do it again!)

We came back in and had a decent landing...once again "lift your feet". They told us to scoot over to the steps and I took that opportunity to drag my butt like a dog does to get my swimming shorts back up and hopefully no one noticed. 

Billy was up first and then Brayden. When it was Kendra's turn, she came over and ask Kam one last time if she wanted to do it and she said no and hung onto me and said "no, no, no!" Kendra handed me her phone and said "btw, you're on facebook live right now so keep it going" LOL  She was testing my skills of being able to hold her phone up during the entire flight AND take pictures and video's from my camera. 



UP, UP, AND AWAY!!! They were up in the sky and floating high! The song comes on "Sending out an SOS" LOL Perfect!

See those skills I have in the pic below?? :D