Sky Reef: The Sea of Fans...


Staying on the island for several days and this was one of the places I had on my list to go to.



fter diving, we were trying to figure out what to do next. I mean we still had the rest of the day left and I was pretty down about my experience and how I reacted this really down. So, I had to go somewhere to take my mind off of it. 

I looked on my "Mapsme" to find someplace we hadn't been to yet. I decided we would check out the Skyreef. Hopefully it would have some decent snorkeling and I'd get some more of my "fish-fix"  for the day. The Skyreef is located right past Chankanaa and beside Playa Corona and before you get to San Francisco, Paradise, Playa Mia and the rest of those beach clubs on down. So, a little closer to town and only 10 minutes from the cruise dock.

We were starving and new we wanted to eat when we first arrived. Parking was across the street in the dirt and we headed up to the entrance to have our brains scanned and bodies disinfected and then found a seat under the huge palapa. Free entrance. 

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The menu

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Mi Esposo ordered wings (who wants wings when in Mexico??? He told me to take a picture and I'm like "no, it's just wings" ) and Hija ordered a shrimp burrito and I ordered fish tacos. The food was delicioso. I had to ask them what type of fish it was and they told me grouper. Awww, I ate the grouper that Hija seen earlier scuba diving. No wonder they have such a sad look on their face. :(

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Here was our view as we ate lunch. That water was calling my name!

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I ended up taking pictures of the area before we left for the day, so I'll show you those now so you can get a vision of this place. It's pretty small but they do have different areas to kind of not have people just piled up on each other. I liked that. 

We found a little spot right by the dock entrance to the water...perfecto! Of course I immediately put my things down and headed to the water. However, since we had been diving this morning, I hadn't brought anything other than my mask. No fins, no snorkel. UGH! Since I had never been here before, I really didn't know what the snorkeling was going to be like or how deep the water was. I decided I would go over to the snorkel shack and see how much they rented the fins and snorkel for. 

Sakari decided to stay at the shoreline and check out the rocks and what might be in them. 

P4081539 copy.jpg

I told them I only needed the fins and maybe just the snorkel itself. They looked puzzled and I had to show them. I ask how much and they said $10. I headed back to our seats to get money and only had a $20 on me. When I returned, he was nice and put the snorkel on my mask and then told me he didn't have any change to just come back and pay him later. 

So off I went. 

P4081540 copy.jpg

Of course this was the first thing I seen...

P4081543 copy.jpg

Now I'm about to show you the most AMAZING place ever! This is the SEA OF FANS! Like this area is LOADED with sea fans EVERYWHERE! It was the most beautiful thing ever! Like I have never seen anything like this before. There was every color of sea fan possible: purple, orange, green, with purple, purple with red, like you could just taste the rainbow. Muy bonita! These pictures don't even begin to show you just how beautiful they were and just how many. They just went on and on forever! Everywhere you looked. It was just so gorgeous! Seriously!

Aren't they just the prettiest things you've ever seen? All in one place! Imagine what they looked like in person! Even 
Sir Pedro San Miguel thought they were pretty enough to come visit!

P4081577 copy.jpg

Now don't think there's only fans here to see. There's also some coral, especially along the shoreline. 

And of course some fish as well...

Sergeant Major Damsel and Surgeon Fish

P4081576 copy.jpg

Bluestriped Grunt

P4081578 copy.jpg

Bluestriped Grunt and 5 Four eyed Butterfly Fish

P4081585 copy.jpg

School of French Grunts

P4081600 copy.jpg
P4081587 copy.jpg
P4081667 copy.jpg

Parrot fish

P4081702 copy.jpg
P4081683 copy.jpg

Horse eye Jack

P4081550 copy.jpg

Needle fish

P4081582 copy.jpg
P4081580 copy.jpg
P4081625 copy.jpg

It might be hard to see, but there is a Yellow Stingray in this picture

At this point, I'm pretty far over to the left and decided to turn around and head back, but out a little. As I'm swimming along taking more pictures of the sea fans and after seeing the stingray, something caught my eye. One of the fans was swaying back and forth in the sunlight, but there was something orange on it. Wait, that looks familiar....a flamingo tongue snail! These snails are so beautiful. They have this brightly undeniable color, which is actually how they breathe and is not part of their shell and if spooked, it retreats into the shell and then you will see just a plain white shell. It's pretty cool. I was so sad that I didn't get a clear up-close picture of it. The sea fan waving back and forth didn't allow me to catch it. 

I still can't believe I spotted it! I was super happy. I have only seen these maybe 3 times in the last 11 years!


















Another anemone hiding in

the coral. 

P4081637 copy.jpg

I'm not sure what type of sea grass this is, but it was so pretty with the blues and greens swaying back and forth. There were tons of these. I know I've noticed these in Grand Turk and I thought they were so pretty, but I don't know if I've really noticed them everywhere else and they just weren't as brilliant in color or what. I'm sure they have to be all over the place. I've just never noticed them as much. I think my eyes were in hyperdrive during this snorkeling adventure after having such a flop of a day diving. 

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