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Lindbergh Beach

I knew that I wanted to head to a "new" area of St Thomas and decided I was going to head over toward the airport and spend some time checking out the beaches in that area. That meant we were going to Brewers Bay and Lindbergh Beach.

We arrived at Lindbergh Beach around 1:30pm after a morning at Brewers. It was right by the airport and down the street from the airport entrance. We could see the planes coming and going right beside the parking area at the beach. I'm really not sure where you are supposed to park for this beach but we pretty much pulled off the side of the road at some place that looked like it used to be a place to eat or something for the beach. There were a lot of pot holes. We decided to grab a sandwich and some snacks out of the back and have a quick bite to eat before going on the beach.

P7250741 copy.jpg

Upon walking on to the beach it was nice but it didn't give me the same vibe as the other beach. This place looked a little more run down with buildings boarded up, roofs gone, porches fallen off the houses right next to the beach. Maybe from the hurricane's and never rebuilt? I'm not sure. It did appear to be a local beach and a lot of the locals were there swimming and cooling off.  There was also a guy sitting on a bucket behind us by the raggedy old house falling apart and was rolling him some "smoke". He was watching us closely and it didn't give me a very good feeling. I don't care what people do, but it sets uneasy with me when they are right there out in the open, on a beach, with families, and smoking their weed...and especially when they approach us and ask for a light, light it up right there and smoke it with children around (even a family that had around 8 kids with them beside us). 

There were chicken families enjoying the day as well. Right behind us mom and pops were digging holes in the sand and the babies were getting in them. So cute. 

P7250764 copy.jpg

Down the beach was a resort: Emerald Beach Resort. To me (and I can't judge because I have never been there) it reminded me of the hotel/motels that we used to stay in on Spring Break in Daytona Beach Florida. I don't know what it was about it, but that's just the way it looked from a distance. I did go back and read reviews on it after I got home and it seemed to confirm not only the area but the "resort". It said the resort and rooms were dated, some reports of bugs, trash (including bags of trash, litter, even used condoms laying around) and locals that would sit outside and smoke weed. They also said there was an abandoned hotel next door and people with tents staying there...possibly homeless people. It definitely didn't sound like a place I would stay (no matter how cheap it is) and this is probably a beach I wouldn't come back to in the future. 

It was a large beach though, with some shade (not a lot) and pretty sand.  It just doesn't give me the warm and fuzzy feeling.



The hubby and I went out in the water for awhile and watched the kids on the beach building their sand condo's...only this time, it wasn't a sand condo. They were digging another hole to China. I'm not sure why this became such a fascination with them this trip, but they constantly did it. Kendra did even bother to get in the water at all. I could tell she was pretty much ready to leave. 

I honestly didn't realize just how deep this hole they had dug was until Sakari told me to take a picture of her....and her leg was all the way down in the hole...straight down! Kam also had to show me that she could fit in the hole "Watch me mamaw" "Watch me mamaw" "Watch me mamaw"

It was around 2:30pm and we decided to go ahead and leave. We really weren't feeling this beach at all.

We were walking back out the way we came in and the hubs had told me they had showers and bathrooms as we walked in but I hadn't noticed. 

There were the bathrooms and the showers were outside. Most of them didn't work and they were hard to get on and keep on. Once again, the looks of this place just wasn't too nice IMO.