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After a day of parasailing, we decided to come back to Buccanos for a second time.

It was Wednesday and that meant that our free entry to Buccano's was now effective and we were hungry so why not head there and eat, use our $30 food coupons, and maybe hang out for awhile?

We gathered our things and headed for MEGA to the car.

Along the ride there is an area that has a church and statues in the middle area of the street. It's really pretty here and the last time we passed by I had said "we need to stop here and walk around" but no matter how many times we passed it, there was never any place to park and it was always pretty crowded. So, we never did actually get to stop like I wanted to. 

The church is Capillo Santa Cruz and from what I'm reading, it was built on the site that used to be the first catholic mass in Mexico. There is a statue of Juan Diaz, which is supposed to be the one that conducted the first mass in 1518. 

This place is right before you get to the airplanes. There are a few bars there and that might contribute to the reason this area is always so crowded with no place to park. Since we didn't get to park and walk around, you'll have to settle for drive-by photography. lol

This side of the airport is really cool and I slammed on the brakes and had to pull in to take some pictures. 

When we arrived at Buccanos we handed the lady at the check in our free entrance wrist bands. I was really hoping that they wouldn't make us wear these all day and they didn't. Whew! I had already devised a plan to remove them discretely and if any questions come up, I would tell them I want no tan lines!

We found a place this time under a palapa and claimed our real estate spot, ordered our drinks, and this  would be our view for the day which shows where we sat the last time we were here:

P4070873 copy.jpg
P4070538 copy.jpg
P4070874 copy.jpg

We told the waiter to bring us a menu. Tengo hambre! (I'm hungry) Now remember last time we were here the family beside us was eating (were the birds stole their fork) and the teen had an order of sushi. Well, Sakari has recently tried sushi and loved it. So, she was determined to order sushi. I thought it sounded pretty good myself so I was contemplating it. 

P4070876 copy.jpg

I ended up ordering the Cosmo Roll to play it safe (not really into the "fish" kind) and Sakari went bold and ordered the Sexy Spider. I made her aware that this had crab (which she loves) and had tuna (the real kind and not the canned) in it and she agreed that she would try it. No girlfriend, you'll eat it because this is your lunch so be sure.

I decided to walk around and take a few pictures. It was such a beautiful day out and this time the waves were calm.

Our food was there in no time and it was time to chow down. 

The hubby took a "jealousy" picture to post for those back home and it reminds me of something you would find on some fine-dining website displaying their food. Where did these skills just come from esposo???


Of course my pictures came out the usual snap, ok you have proof, and dig in type of pictures.

P4070886 copy.jpg
P4070889 copy.jpg
P4070887 copy.jpg

Remember all the issues and tricks Cozumel has played on me with the hot sauces? I swore I would not fall for it again! But there was this little squishy green thing on my plate and I just had to try it. OUCH! HOT! I couldn't believe someone slipped that in on me again! Hija was laughing and I told her it was yummy and she should try it. She didn't believe me. 

P4070539 copy.jpg

The food really hit the spot and I tried Sakari's too. She just couldn't get down that last piece. I have to say I'm going to continue to stick with the kind that don't have the fish or seafood in it. It just taste a little too "fishy" for my liking. 

After eating Hija wanted to head to the dock and see if Mr Sir Pedro San Miguel was still in the water so her and I headed out while the hubby stayed back and practiced his Espanol on his phone, attempted to talk to the waiter, and continued to learn "that's not the way we say it". 



She immediately went running for the dock and jumped in. Guess who come swimming over...yep, it was Sir Pedro San Miguel. He was there to welcome us back!



P4070891 copy.jpg
P4070894 copy.jpg

Hija continued to run and jump in the water from the dock and I decided I would snorkel around the rocky area beside dock. The other day when we were here, the waves were a bit too much to get close to this area, but today was a calm day and I knew I would be able to get close enough to the shore area without getting thrown up against something or harming anything around there accidentally. 

The next collection of photo's is pretty much how the next hour of our time was spent. I would pop up every so often to see if she was still jumping and try to snap a picture of her as she screamed "mom, take a picture". Some things never change with her whether she's in a 3 year old body or a 5' 3 1/2" almost teen body.