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After a day of parasailing, we decided to come back to Buccanos for a second time.

It was Wednesday and that meant that our free entry to Buccano's was now effective and we were hungry so why not head there and eat, use our $30 food coupons, and maybe hang out for awhile?

We gathered our things and headed for MEGA to the car.

Along the ride there is an area that has a church and statues in the middle area of the street. It's really pretty here and the last time we passed by I had said "we need to stop here and walk around" but no matter how many times we passed it, there was never any place to park and it was always pretty crowded. So, we never did actually get to stop like I wanted to. 

The church is Capillo Santa Cruz and from what I'm reading, it was built on the site that used to be the first catholic mass in Mexico. There is a statue of Juan Diaz, which is supposed to be the one that conducted the first mass in 1518. 

This place is right before you get to the airplanes. There are a few bars there and that might contribute to the reason this area is always so crowded with no place to park. Since we didn't get to park and walk around, you'll have to settle for drive-by photography. lol

This side of the airport is really cool and I slammed on the brakes and had to pull in to take some pictures.