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Driving along the wild side

Staying in Cozumel for 11 days...we had went to do a Sea Trek adventure at Jeanie's in the morning and after that, we decided to head over to the "Wild Side" and drive around to stop at whatever might strike our fancy and see if we could find the small blow holes that our driver last time had taken us to. 

I planned on taking the same route that our driver had done when we did the jeep tour. I wanted to cut down the middle of the island (sorta) and to the back and then go around (versus going down by all the beach clubs and around the opposite way). 

On our way there we passed a few places I thought was interesting. 

Of course here's the Tequila Tour everyone talks about. I thought the drink being poured out front that was a fountain was pretty creative. 

P4060592 copy.jpg
P4060593 copy.jpg

The "Mayan Bee Sanctuary" was a place we had heard mentioned a few times while we were here. It was located on this road. I'm not sure I would like to go to a bee sanctuary. I don't like bee's and we all seen how "Mija" freaked out over the one hanging onto her net during our Jade Caverns tour. So, not really the thing for us.

Now I don't know what this place was but it looked like a circus to me. There was an el elefante (elephant) out front along with an el hombre (man) and la mujer (woman) larger than the elephant sitting on blocks. I tried looking it up, but I still can't tell what it is. When you look on google earth, it's a pretty big place back there and you can see stands. Is it really some type of circus? Do they have an elephant in Cozumel? Anyone know? Drop me a comment at the end of the review if you know what this place is. 

Edit, I did find a TA conversation online about (what I think this place is) and the question states:

The Circus--Without Animals?

6 years ago

If you have visited Cozumel much, you have likely seen the circus in town either in front of Chedraui or another location. You may have also been unfortunate to see these poor animals paraded through the streets in circus vehicles to promote the attraction. The Mexican government has just passed legislation to ban all circuses with animals from the country. It awaits the Presidents signature. All indications seem to be that he will sign it.

It also mentioned: lions, tigers, camels, elephants, monkeys, zebras, horses. 

So, my guess is it went away many years ago. ??

P4060594 copy.jpg
P4060595 copy.jpg

We finally made it to the "Wild Side" and was greeted by these guys everywhere you looked...



P4060596 copy.jpg
P4060597 copy.jpg

If you've never been on this side of Cozumel, it's very peaceful, not much traffic, and not much over here other than a road, the ocean on one side and greenery on the other and every once in awhile, you'll hit some type of beach club. Very pretty. 



As we are going down the street, not knowing where or when something will strike our fancy and we will pull over, we see this guy standing in the middle of the street. He has a sign and he's waving us in. Now I honestly don't remember passing by this place the last time we were over here on our jeep tour (and I'm not sure how we could have missed it because it's a pretty big place, but then again, maybe it is just blocked out of my memory right now and I'll have to go back and check my previous review). I slammed on the brakes, looked at him as he frantically waved me in, looked at mi familia and said "hey, why not check it out".  We all had to use the restroom anyhow and using an actual bano instead of pulling on the side of the road and finding an abandoned shack, like we did last time, seemed a little less primitive to us. 

We have arrived at Punta Morena!

I put it in reverse and pulled into the parking lot. We asked them if there was a cover charge and they replied no. They took our temps and we sanitized our hands and was greeted by a big "Open" sign...just in case we thought otherwise. 



P4060598 copy.jpg
P4060599 copy.jpg

El baño estaba limpio (the bathroom was clean) and pretty nice, so also an added plus to find over here on the wild side I guess. 



P4060600 copy.jpg
P4060601 copy.jpg

We started walking around and checking this place out. Man was this place GORGEOUS! It was huge and much more than I had expected. It was kinda sad to see it so dead. There was a family there with their children, a couple at the bar, and maybe one other couple on the beach. It had beautiful white fluffy soft sand, plenty of seating and everything you could wish for with a beach club...just no one there. The hubby went to go get us some pop while I went around snapping pictures. 



We headed toward the water. Now you have to remember, you are on the wild side and there's a reason for that name. The water really isn't your typical "swimming water" because the waves are so rough. Great for trying to surfboard, but not swimming and can be very dangerous. However, this place did have a little cove area that you could get into to get cooled off, which made it nice. 

I just love flying kids, don't you?



There was a bench, sitting up on some rocks, that I seen a man and his son coming from. They were really struggling to make it back with the waves crashing along the way. It was about knee deep and the waves were just angry. I took one look at Hija and said "absolutely not!" It just looked too dangerous...even though I was foregoing a neat picture. 



P4060611 copy.jpg

Man these waves were rough and it was windy. We walked along the rocks taking in the view and not really sure what we wanted to do (other than to take pictures). The hubby was getting nervous that I was walking on these rocks. For the most part, it was smooth rocks with holes in it, but other places that were pointy I didn't go on. There were a lot of sponges washed up on the rocks.