We are staying on the island for 11 days and Buccanos was another beach I had on my bucket list of beaches to go to. 


Our neighbors have been there a lot of times and they rave about it's their favorite beach to go to when in Cozumel. They said the snorkeling was good. I made them prove it to me by showing me some of their video's they took while snorkeling there. Now they haven't been to a lot of the places we have been to and don't snorkel quite as much as we do so...I wasn't holding my breath...and for a good reason. They showed me the video and I knew right then, it wasn't going to be the greatest. But, Baccanos was on my bucket list and had been on the radar for awhile now, so we were going whether the snorkeling was good or not. 

I also knew that they had parasailing there (for a cheap/good price, which said $60/pp on their website) and I knew that Sakari had such a great time doing parasailing in St Thomas for the first time that I wanted to surprise her with a day of parasailing and this would be the place!

Also, this place is in the opposite direction of the other beach clubs we had been in so many times in the past. I had never been up this way (other than by boat to Passion Island) and it was beautiful. It was a short drive there, well let's be honest, any place you go in Cozumel is a short drive because the island is so small. 

There's a sign out front where you turn off at and then you have to go through a guard to get into that area. There was (I believe) 2 houses on the street, well houses are an understatement, more like a mansion, and a run down looking hotel, and then Buccanos. 

The cost to get into Buccanos that day was $10 per person. (Website says $20) Now I know over the years there has been a lot of discussion about this $10 cover charge being used toward food and drink purchase. Some on the cruise boards have said it does apply to it and you get your money back by using it that way and others say they don't allow it. Then there was a switch to "if you live on the island" then you could use it toward food and drinks. When you look at their website, it specifically says "Many times the tourists asked for the payment of the 20 dollars applied in the consumption (it is not reimbursable in consumption)" So we knew this going in. However, they gave us $10 vouchers and told us it was good for food and also gave us 3 wrist bands and told us we could come back for free any time after Wednesday to Saturday of the upcoming week. SCORE!

Entrance fee includes use of a nice big pool, wifi, showers, and chairs and umbrellas.

P4040237 copy.jpg



As we entered, they took our temperate and we washed our hands, you know the drill, then I wanted to ask them about parasailing, but I was trying to make it a surprise for Sakari. After paying our entrance fee I started to walk away saying "Let's find us a place to sit"..."Oh, wait a minute, I wanted to ask him something, you guys go ahead". I proceeded to tell the guy of my surprise plans for parasailing and told him it was Sakari's birthday next week. He said he would arrange it with their parasailing people and get back to me. 

Entering the lobby of this place was absolutely gorgeous. There was marble and stone and everything was open. Everything was beauitful with chairs and tables everywhere, couches, plush greenery, art and pictures, sculptures, wood beemed ceiling with plenty of ceiling fans and lights that actually looked like huge light bulbs. The grounds were huge and it looked like a real expensive hotel. They had waterfalls that opened up to the ceiling and hallways going everywhere. One place it led to was the hotel next door. I imagine that it used to be a very nice plush hotel with the way these grounds were decorated and still kept up. I wasn't sure if it was something that Buccanos owned or the hotel once owned Buccanos (more on this later in the review). Even the bathroom was super nice with a couch and big old piggys on the sinks. Who doesn't like big pigs right? There were statues everywhere as well. I just loved the way it looked!

It was time to find a seat. There were plenty of seats to chose from, either along the side under the plush palm trees and palapa's or around the pool. 

We decided to go along the side under the palm trees. 

We were immediately greeted by our server and ordered a round of pop for everyone. Woo hoo, we are getting caffeine wasted from the get-go. That's what you call living it up I tell ya!

Pop there will cost you $2.50 each and I sat down with my refreshing ice cold Coca Light while Sakari talked her padre into doing what he's always done in the past WHEN SHE WAS STILL LITTLE...and that is her put on her mermaid tail and him carry her to the pool and/or ocean and dump her in. I glared at the both of them and was shocked when he said he would do it for old times sake even though it was going to be rough on his old body these days (he said) 

P4040251 copy.jpg

Mermaid Morph had started and he actually picked her up with only a few grunts and off they went to the pool. Yea, let's see you do that after we've been here all week and you have that Mexican food dad bod!

P4040250 copy.jpg
P4040242 copy.jpg
P4040244 copy.jpg
P4040243 copy.jpg

Of course the crowd went wild when they knew they had encountered a real mermaid in Mexico. The kids were so amazed and the adults took pictures as they always do. 

P4040246 copy.jpg

Buccanos looked like the "happening" place to be. I think we encountered more people here than we did at the Playa Uvas the other day so if that tells you anything........

P4040239 copy.jpg

This would be our view for the day and of course I had to post this beautiful picture of the soft sand and crystal clear Caribbean water to those back home. 

IMG_9023 copy.jpg
P4040254 copy.jpg
P4040269 copy.jpg

Once Sakari was done swimming, we decided to go check out the ocean area. They had a huge sign that I have seen many post pictures under it and I wanted to get a picture now while there was no one over there in the way. 

Sakari seen a few guys come along and jump off the deck into the water. She knew that's what she wanted to do now. The water was so crystal clear you could stand up on the dock and see all the fish and the rocks. Of course any time you see rocks in there and the water is so clear, it's really hard to tell just how deep down they really are. They appear to be so much closer to the surface. I sat down on the side of the dock to plop into the water in an area that didn't have a huge rock. Yep, it appeared safe enough to jump so the jumping began....

P4040272 copy.jpg
P4040270 copy.jpg

She must have jumped for an hour straight. Over and over and over again. She was having a blast. Of course she wanted me to take pictures of each jump she did to get that "perfect shot". Let's be honest, even if I obtained the "perfect shot" she wanted to do more. 

I got out after awhile and told her I was going back up to the chairs to rest. The water was a bit choppy that day and it was kinda windy out. Momma needed some rest.

When I returned to my chair, the employee approached me to tell me he could set up parasailing for us and it be a BIG surprise for Sakari. He said "For $100 US per person, they will pull the boat right up to the beach and get her and take you out by yourselves for a private trip". Um...no, your website says $60 a person and that's what I was willing to pay. He said "But they pick you up right at the beach and you go by yourself". I honestly don't care if they pick us up at the beach or dock or whatever and it doesn't matter if others are on the boat or not, I'm not paying $100 for something you advertise as $60! He said they were coming from "down the road at another beach". Well, that's not my problem. Also, I wanted to do tandem. In Cozumel, they only have 2 person parachutes, and we are a family of 3. So, my bright idea was to have Sakari and I go up and when she came back down her and daddy go up. She gets to ride twice!!! But not for $100 each person! He also said with the winds, they might not be able to take 2 people up at the same time and that defeats the purpose of going IMO. We don't want to go up alone and I especially didn't want to send Sakari up there by herself. So, I told him "I'll think about it but only if the price came down and only if the wind calmed down and 2 people at a time could go".

I really wanted to snorkel some and see what this place has to offer. I knew I was not going to see much but something is better than nothing. The hubby walked up to see about renting a lifejacket and it was $20 for a vest, mask and fins. We didn't need fins or a mask because we have our own and Sakari has her tail for fins. So we ended up getting 2 vest for the $20 and he said he would take us out and show us around. He had pointed to a place "way down there" that you get in and drift snorkel back. I didn't know just how far it was and I didn't want to get lost so I agreed (which is abnormal for me but with my foot, I felt more comfortable doing it this way and having someone with us). 

Before we left, the hubby told him he'd have to walk slow because of my foot and I told him I had an injury. He said ok and ........ took off. Like walking fast. At 2 separate times I couldn't even see him anymore. Geesh! Well sorry bud, you're on "my time" and I'll get there when I get there. The sand here is very very soft and very soft = hard to walk in. I have to walk sideways since I can't bend my foot forward when taking steps.

When we arrived at his spot, it was right at the old run down hotel. There were rocks that were carved into steps that you walk down and onto this platform rock where the water was crashing over it. Can you say danger for a handicapped person?

I slowly tackled the slippery rocks and then sat down to put my fins on. He said "ok, jump". Um no, I won't be jumping with fins on with my leg. That would hurt to have the force of the fins pushing up on my ankle. I showed him my swollen ankle and the scars and he said "ooohhhh you no jump?" I would wait for a wave to go out and I sat down on the ledge and then eased in and off we went. 

I immediately spotted a beautiful nice sized angelfish. 

P4040286 copy.jpg

As I predicted, there wasn't much to see. A few rocks here and there and some scattered fish. This might have been the happening place to be at the beach club but it was not the happening place to be for snorkeling. 

Before long, we were surrounded by fish. Seargent Majors to be exact. They come a dime a dozen and are everywhere in the Caribbean and are like a dog and can smell food a mile away. He must have brought crackers or something with him because he had a clear bottle with him with something in it. It's funny how everyone scorns on feeding the fish but yet this is something you see the locals do all the time. 

I honestly would have been happy if he wouldn't have done that because now they were all over the place and in my way of trying to take pictures of fish I would see below. 

At one point, I almost ran into someone out there and he had a spear with him. I have no idea what he was hunting. Usually it's Lionfish but I didn't see any around that area and as a matter of fact, I did not see one Lionfish the entire vacation. I just knew that I wanted to get as far away from him as possible with that thing.

P4040287 copy.jpg

A beautiful shell was found. This conch was living the good life in a beautiful penthouse