Sapphire Beach 2020

We were having a staycation here in St Thomas and we were actually STAYING at Sapphire Beach. It had been 10 long years since I was here last and I really wanted to see if my memory of the snorkeling was still the same. I have revisited my previous pictures from 10 years ago, but as time goes by, so do the memories. 

So this page will be a compilation of all the days we spent at Sapphire beach during our stay.

So, off we went to claim our spot under the grape trees. Fighting for prime real estate with the iguana's would be a daily chore. Also, if you are not out on the beach claiming your spot by...around 6-7am, sometimes you don't get the best view, but we always managed to find the best shade. 

I asked Sakari if she was ready to head out and she put on the mermaid tail and off we went. 

After awhile, I asked Sakari if she wanted to head back in and she said yes. Once we got back, Kam was waiting at the shoreline with me "mamaw, will you swim with me? mamaw, will you swim with me? mamaw, will you swim with me?" "Good grief child, let me catch my breath for a minute I heard you the first time and the second and every time after that."  I figure if I tell her this enough times, she'll stop repeating herself. We shall see.

Well, it's hard to say no to a granddaughter who I just taught to swim a week prior to vacation and she wanted to test out her skills in the ocean. After explaining to her that it's not the same as being in her pool...there are waves that can carry you out, the depth changes quickly and you can be over your head fast, and every other thing I could think of that would make her comprehend that this is not her pool and she is to stay really close to me is what I ended up saying to her. 

She was scared to death of the fish in the water once she managed to poke her head under and see all the fish that she couldn't tell was there when she was standing up. OH NO! We will not have her turn out like her dad who usually won't step more than knee deep in the ocean because he's afraid of fish and anything else that might be lurking under there. Humans are not fish food...well, unless you happen to be a damsel. Then humans are pretty tasty if you get close enough. 

We would spend quite some time searching for "sea glass" and pretty little shells at the shoreline after she got used to the fish around her and knew they were interesting to look at.

I was really happy when I managed to find 2 pieces of green seaglass. SCORE! It rained a little here and there and I just chalked it up to that sporadic Caribbean showers you get all the time.

Meanwhile, Sakari was starring at the trees and I got out to see if she had found some scaly critters lurking above our chairs. Yep, she sure did. There were about 5 iguana's above us and a few on the beach.

Since she is the animal whisperer, I handed her a camera and let her put a few of them in a trance while she got really close to them to snap some pictures for me. I knew the minute I tried to get anywhere near them, they would give the signal and retreat. If the mere thought of me getting close to them didn't scare them away, then the sight would of my hee-ho, limp, grunt, hobble all the way over to the tree would.

A few final thoughts on the snorkeling. These are just my thoughts and experiences. I remember Sapphire Beach (back in 2010) to be the most awesome snorkeling ever. I remember the fish, the coral, the fun we had. However, after visiting many other places in the Caribbean, and also after visiting Coki beach, I started to question if Sapphire really was as good as I was remembering it from years ago. Just my opinion, but it doesn't compare to Coki with the various colorful corals or variety and it certainly didn't compare to other places I've been to in the Caribbean that are simply AH-MAY-ZING! (Like St Lucia for instance)

So why did I remember it as a great snorkeling place from before? I honestly think a lot that had to do with it was that it had been the first time I had been snorkeling in over 21 years. So, it really amazed me to see all the fish and corals. It was also my husbands first time being in the ocean and snorkeling so it was so exciting at the time. But now that I would call myself somewhat of an "expert" in snorkeling and have been many many places, I would call the snorkeling here ok to mediocre. There were a lot of rocks with smaller damsels, tangs and so on there. A few nice corals here and there and I was overly excited when I found an orange looking coral. But, it just doesn't compare to the purple coral you will see at Coki. Is it worth a day to visit? Of course! It's not like you aren't going to see's just that it's not on my "top" list of snorkeling places after today. You also can't beat the beautiful beach and all the grape trees and palms to sit under.  More on this later....

The kids wanted to go to the pool for some fun (but this is only offered for guests staying here at the property and there is a security guard that walks around making sure you belong here, so this part is only if you are looking to stay at the resorts and get an idea for what it is like here) and we gathered our things and walked via the beach to the pool area. You can tell that this area was hit by the hurricane (I assume) and they never rebuilt or opened up the bar that was there or repaired the roof, electrical or anything. But hey, we came for the pool so it didn't really matter to us. I'm kinda glad there isn't a bar there because if there was, that area would be a lot more crowded than it ever was during the times we were there. 

The kids had fun playing in the pool and I got my water therapy in for the day that's for sure.