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Playa Uvas



We vacationed in Cozumel for 11 days and this was on my bucket list of places I hadn't visited but wanted to check out. So, we were going to Playa Uvas today!

 Prior research showed they had a $15 cover charge per person (which I had read online), which included a "welcome drink", snorkel gear and a 30 minute guided shore snorkel tour, 30 minutes of Kayaking and access to all chairs and umbrellas/wifi and hammocks. 

They claim to have amazing snorkeling and service that sets them apart from other beach clubs...we are about to find out because everyone knows that's what I'm here for right?


When we entered, they only charged us $10 per person. I was ok with that. They took our temperatures and we washed our hands. Since we had only had a small fruit platter breakfast, we were already hungry! We headed straight to the restaurant and sat down. Edwin would be our waiter for the day. He ask if we spoke Spanish and one thing I remembered from Spanish class was "Un poquito" (a little and by little I meant not much lol but we would use this a lot this trip). 

He handed us the menu (click for enlarged version of each page)

P4030049 copy.jpg

This would be our view during lunch:

NOPT6456 copy.jpg
P4030050 copy.jpg

Sakari and I ordered the chicken taco's which came with rice and beans on the side and the hubby ordered a burrito with rice on the side. 

I have to say I was a little shocked with our chicken taco's came out and that was the only thing on it...just chicken on a soft taco. I guess I expected lettuce and cheese and sour cream and all the "fixins" but it was just plain. The hubby ended up giving me his lettuce and some pico and I had ordered a side of fries because Sakari and I were just craving some fries for some reason. LOL

Sakari desperately tried to get one of those Mexican singing birds to take food out of her hand of course. 

P4030053 copy.jpg
XFLR1863 copy.jpg

I guess the food was good despite not having anything in the tacos...and I don't like beans (even though I tried it again just to make sure and the census remains the same for to beans) but we cleaned our plates.