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Mitsugirly takes great PRIDE in bringing her Spring Break extreme review

Ship picture tour

I will go floor by floor with the pictures that I have. Yes, I missed some things and I'm sorry for that.


**Disclaimer** I'm a crazy-happy snapper. I "walk and snap" on a lot of pictures. I get excited. I halt at the drop of a hat and my family "use" to run into me when I did that, but they have been trained over the years. They are always on the look-out for my sudden stopping and snapping a picture. They know never to get ahead of me because that causes "delay" when I have to give that "look" of "you are in my picture way" and they have to do an about face to move back so I can get "the shot". LOL But like I said, FOR THE MOST PART, they are pretty good about it.


As for the walking and snapping...a lot of times I'm in a hurry. Sometimes I take 10 pictures of the same thing trying to get the perfect shot. You will get pictures that are awesome, you will get pictures that are sometimes blurred from me walking and snapping. Please bare with me. It's just the nature of the game.


So I bring you the ship tour.



P4050221 copy.jpg
P4050224 copy.jpg
P4050225 copy.jpg
P4050231 copy.jpg


P4050127 copy.jpg
P4050125 copy.jpg
P4050128 copy.jpg
P4050130 copy.jpg
P4050148 copy.jpg
P4050126 copy.jpg
P4050129 copy.jpg
P4050149 copy.jpg
P4050153 copy.jpg
P4050154 copy.jpg
P4050157 copy.jpg
P4050151 copy.jpg
P4050156 copy.jpg
P4050158 copy.jpg



Now I know most of you are not interested in this info, but since I'm a nurse, it interest me and I had to take a visit there. Hopefully none of you will ever require a visit there.


I did not take pictures of the place itself, but did take a few pictures that might interest some of "info" you may want to know.

P4100067 copy.jpg
P4100066 copy.jpg
P4100068 copy.jpg

I spoke to the nurse down there about her working there. I always thought it would be neat to be a nurse on a cruise ship. So I got the "scoop" from her.


The nurses do 4 month contracts, then they get 1 month vacation in between each contract. She said you do have the option to extend your contract for 2 months if you wanted, but no longer than that.


They do rotate ships and they have 2 nurses on staff on each ship.


She said her hours are when the medical center is open, she works the "clinic" hours (which she made it sound like a long day on those days) and also rotates the "on call/after hours" times with the other nurse.


So of course I pulled out my funtimes to see what these hours consisted of:


Sailaway Days: 3pm-6pm= 3 hours

Sea Days: 8am-12pm & 1p-8p = 11 hours

Port Days: 8a-12p and 1p-8p (Grand Turk)= 11 hours

Port Days: 8a-11a and 3p-6p (HMC) = 6 hours

Port Days: 8a-12p and 1p-8p (Freeport) = 11 hours


So they basically work around 64 hours a week IF they are working every day. I'm not really sure if they rotate those days between the nurses or not since she did mention they always have 2 on staff.


She said starting salary is around $4k a month. If they do work every day and my calculations are correct, that's only around $15/hour, which I can't imagine.


She seemed to LOVE her job and stated that they had no expenses...all the food your little heart desires and room and board during your stay.


She also stated it was "tax free" money. I'm not sure how this would work if you are from the US though. I'm sure most are from foreign countries and maybe don't have to pay the taxes (she stated she was Asian).


I did ask about having family with you or visiting. She stated that they were away from their families during this time and they were not with them. Then behind the medical center doors was another window. Up pops this guy at the window and she looked at him and stated "Sir, you need to go around to this window", while pointing at the window we were at. He laughed and said "no". She said it again, while he laughed again. Then she stated "That is my boyfriend. He's cruising as a guest with me this week" :D So, I didn't go into more details as what it meant to cruise "as a guest". I'm not sure if he was a paying customer on the cruise or they are aloud to bring a guest for 1 week with them free of charge. :confused:


Now I know that I have seen talk around these boards about the "qualifications" of the medical staff. I have seen comments about "they are just medical people but are not trained to take care of certain situations which is why they are life-flighted off or people die or can't be saved or......" whatever. I remember awhile back looking up the qualifications of becoming a cruise ship nurse and I remember it stating you had to be an emergency room nurse for so long, have training in (I believe) critical care ICU, and have several different certifications among other things.


So...I have to disagree with others out there stating that they are "just a nurse" or "just a doctor". I spent the last 4 years working in the emergency room. They have EVERY situation thrown at them (and my hospital is also a trauma center). I have been in every situation possible. Those nurses know their stuff no matter what the situation is. Now whether or not the ship is equipped with the proper equipment for every situation may be a different story. But the staff, yea they are more than qualified for whatever happens to you on a ship. The nurse I spoke to also confirmed these qualifications to me.




P4100127 copy.jpg
P4050084 copy.jpg
P4100126 copy.jpg
P4050086 copy.jpg
P4100125 copy.jpg
P4110107 copy.jpg
P4110108 copy.jpg

Being in the medical field, I found the items they had (many old items) in the cases in this area very interesting. The had old prescriptions and medicine bottles and mixing utensils.

P4110109 copy.jpg
P4110110 copy.jpg
P4110111 copy.jpg
P4110112 copy.jpg
P4110113 copy.jpg
P4110114 copy.jpg
P4110115 copy.jpg
P4110116 copy.jpg
P4110117 copy.jpg
P4110118 copy.jpg
P4110119 copy.jpg
P4110120 copy.jpg

Even the lights resembled a beaker for mixing.


P4050043 copy.jpg
P4050044 copy.jpg
P4050045 copy.jpg
P4050046 copy.jpg


P4050053 copy.jpg
P4050054 copy.jpg
P4050047 copy.jpg


P4050048 copy.jpg
P4050049 copy.jpg
P4050051 copy.jpg


P4050040 copy.jpg
P4050041 copy.jpg


P4110072 copy.jpg
P4050037 copy.jpg
P4050038 copy.jpg
P4050039 copy.jpg
P4050042 copy.jpg
P4050133 copy.jpg


P4070221 copy.jpg
P4050088 copy.jpg
P4050089 copy.jpg
P4060004 copy.jpg
P4060005 copy.jpg
P4060009 copy.jpg
P4060013 copy.jpg
P4060019 copy.jpg
P4060022 copy.jpg
P4060025 copy.jpg
P4060026 copy.jpg
P4060007 copy.jpg
P4060010 copy.jpg
P4060020 copy.jpg
P4060021 copy.jpg
P4060024 copy.jpg
P4060023 copy.jpg
P4060141 copy.jpg


P4050082 copy.jpg
P4050136 copy.jpg
P4050085 (2) copy.jpg
P4050134 copy.jpg
P4050135 copy.jpg
P4060060 copy.jpg
P4060059 copy.jpg
P4060063 copy.jpg
P4060069 copy.jpg
P4060071 copy.jpg
P4060075 copy.jpg
P4050137 copy.jpg
P4060058 copy.jpg
P4060061 copy.jpg
P4060064 copy.jpg
P4060066 copy.jpg
P4060074 copy.jpg
P4060073 copy.jpg
P4060076 copy.jpg
P4080085 copy.jpg
P4080081 copy.jpg
P4080092 copy.jpg


P4050056 copy.jpg
P4050057 copy.jpg

Would you look at that foot room and space between the chairs? I just love this about Carnival. So much room for others to walk around and a table to put your things on.

P4050060 copy.jpg
P4050059 copy.jpg
P4050061 copy.jpg
P4050064 copy.jpg
P4050067 copy.jpg
P4050070 copy.jpg
P4050071 copy.jpg
P4050073 copy.jpg
P4050074 copy.jpg
P4050077 copy.jpg
P4050079 copy.jpg
P4110082 copy.jpg
P4050063 copy.jpg
P4050065 copy.jpg
P4050068 copy.jpg
P4050069 copy.jpg
P4050072 copy.jpg
P4050076 copy.jpg
P4050075 copy.jpg
P4050078 copy.jpg
P4100149 copy.jpg
P4110083 copy.jpg

Throwing in an "extra" here.


Did you know that all Carnival ships have a special coin welded to them in a box? Here's the info:


The ship was blessed for safe travels for all crew and guests that will sail with her; a champagne bottle was broken and the ship was gifted with a very special coin. According to the shipyard staff there is a centuries old tradition that calls for every ship to carry a lucky coin. The coin is welded to the hull of the ship and has to happen before the ship can touch water.

P4070128 copy.jpg
P4070130 copy.jpg
P4050001 copy.jpg
P4050084 (2) copy.jpg

Just a few more "extras" of some of the elevators and art work on the ship.

P4050083 (2) copy.jpg

All of the elevators had a beautiful sculpting done around them. It made them look very elegant.  All the elevators inside and out had a mural on them.

P4050091 copy.jpg
P4050093 copy.jpg

Now I didn't realize this, but after I boarded the ship and I was in contact with others, they ask if some of the pictures still had the "nipples" removed from the pictures. ??? I had no idea what they were referring to and hadn't noticed it. However, my husband had the answer pretty darn quickly and said "yes". I thought it was funny that he had noticed this and knew exactly what they were talking about...but then again, he is a guy.


I then found a picture and gave it to them. Everyone laughed. I would really like to know the story behind this if anyone cares to share....


Who is it that crossed out the nipples around the ship?


I had read things here and there about how some "families" went on the ship and was disgusted about the "nudity" of the art work and the statues. Of course I didn't find anything wrong with it and neither did our little ones. But I guess to each their own. It's what the ship is about...renaissance and the art work.

P4050162 copy.jpg
P4060030 copy.jpg
P4050252 copy.jpg




P4060051 copy.jpg
P4060052 copy.jpg
P4060053 copy.jpg
P4060133 copy.jpg
P4060132 copy.jpg
P4060134 copy.jpg
P4060135 copy.jpg

Cute little whale tail gummies


P4060056 copy.jpg
P4060054 copy.jpg
P4060055 copy.jpg
P4060129 copy.jpg
P4060130 copy.jpg
P4060131 copy.jpg
P4060136 copy.jpg
P4060137 copy.jpg


P4060033 copy.jpg
P4060034 copy.jpg
P4060035 copy.jpg
P4060037 copy.jpg
P4060038 copy.jpg


P4060043 copy.jpg
P4060044 copy.jpg

For all you phone users:

P4120031 copy.jpg
P4120032 copy.jpg
P4120033 copy.jpg


P4060028 copy.jpg
P4060031 copy.jpg



This was a pretty neat looking hallway and it extended all the way around and back up the other side. I'm not sure what it's used for and I never did see anyone using it. Maybe it's just a hallway and decorated as such. It led to the Circle C club and the Video/Game room upstairs.

P4050112 copy.jpg
P4050119 copy.jpg
P4050121 copy.jpg
P4060121 copy.jpg
P4060122 copy.jpg
P4060126 copy.jpg
P4050113 copy.jpg
P4050120 copy.jpg
P4060128 copy.jpg
P4060123 copy.jpg
P4060125 copy.jpg
P4060127 copy.jpg
P4090257 copy.jpg


P4050033 copy.jpg
P4050034 copy.jpg
P4050131 copy.jpg
P4060040 copy.jpg
P4050122 copy.jpg
P4060039 copy.jpg
P4060041 copy.jpg


P4060045 copy.jpg
P4060046 copy.jpg
P4060047 copy.jpg
P4060048 copy.jpg
P4060049 copy.jpg
P4060050 copy.jpg




P4050107 copy.jpg
P4050108 copy.jpg
P4050110 copy.jpg
P4050109 copy.jpg


P4090264 copy.jpg
P4090258 copy.jpg
P4090259 copy.jpg
P4090260 copy.jpg
P4090261 copy.jpg
P4090262 copy.jpg




P4120024 copy.jpg
P4120026 copy.jpg
P4120025 copy.jpg
P4120027 copy.jpg

I'm very very sorry but I carried the schedule around with me during the cruise and I can't seem to find what I did with the last half of the schedule for the kids club. I have looked and looked and can't find it among the mounds and mounds of papers I have. :(

CAMP CARNIVAL (2-5 year olds)

P4050092 (2) copy.jpg
P4050094 copy.jpg
P4050100 copy.jpg
P4050102 copy.jpg
P4050093 (2) copy.jpg
P4050098 copy.jpg
P4050101 copy.jpg

6-8 year olds

P4050095 copy.jpg
P4050097 copy.jpg
P4050103 copy.jpg
P4050096 copy.jpg
P4050099 copy.jpg
P4050105 copy.jpg

Tv screens that you can see in to the club at any time and I never had a problem spotting my munchkin when I was trying to find her and see what she was doing. These were outside the door at the club.

The name tags they had the kids wear each time they entered the club. I'm estimating there were probably about 100 kids in her age group, but guarantee that you couldn't tell on any given night.

P4070235 copy.jpg
P4070236 copy.jpg
P4100150 copy.jpg

It is located directly in front of the door in the hall where you pick up the kids. I can also guarantee that every single time you would pick up your kids, SOMEONE would knock it off the hook each time. It became a running joke during the cruise with all the parents. You were sure to knock it off at least once during the cruise and if you were really good at it, you would do it almost every time you stood in line waiting for pick up like we did. Some of us would stand around and just wait for it and then we'd all laugh. It was pretty hilarious to watch. I even knocked it off 3x in one night and then threw my hands up in the air and surrendered. It remained on the floor after that. It's just in a super bad and congested location!





P4050030 copy.jpg
P4050031 copy.jpg

We really loved this pool and spent most of our time here. I'm not sure why. Maybe because it had the hot tub? Maybe it was because it wasn't as loud in this area? Maybe it was because it had a smoking area? Maybe because it was more relaxing than the other pool with the activities going, music blaring and so on over there? Maybe it was because there weren't as many people in it too!!!

P4050207 copy.jpg
P4070230 copy.jpg
P4100012 copy.jpg
P4050251 copy.jpg
P4070232 copy.jpg
P4100013 copy.jpg
P4100105 copy.jpg
P4100108 copy.jpg
P4100014 copy.jpg
P4100118 copy.jpg
P4100162 copy.jpg
P4100161 copy.jpg

I really liked the furniture in this area. It was pretty comfy. The entire side and half of both ends allowed smoking in this area. So, if you are not a smoker or it bothers you, stay out of this area and it's not the pool for you.

P4050032 copy.jpg
P4050091 (2) copy.jpg


P4050028 copy.jpg
P4050029 copy.jpg
P4050199 copy.jpg
P4050200 copy.jpg

Blue Iguana Cantina

P4050026 copy.jpg
P4050027 copy.jpg
P4050201 copy.jpg
P4050202 copy.jpg
P4050205 copy.jpg
P4100009 copy.jpg
P4050204 copy.jpg
P4050206 copy.jpg
P4100005 copy.jpg
P4100004 copy.jpg


P4050090 (2) copy.jpg
P4100007 copy.jpg
P4100023 copy.jpg
P4100024 copy.jpg
P4100008 copy.jpg
P4100011 copy.jpg
P4100025 copy.jpg
P4100026 copy.jpg
P4100027 copy.jpg
P4100029 copy.jpg
P4100028 copy.jpg
P4100030 copy.jpg
P4100031 copy.jpg
P4100032 copy.jpg
P4050025 copy.jpg


I was super excited when I found out that the Pride had a retractable roof. I thought that was the neatest thing ever and was hoping and praying they would have it closed at some point during the cruise.


For those that don't know, they can only open and close the roof when they are in port and it can't be done while at sea. So, the Captain determines whether or not it gets closed/opened.


I was happy to see they had it closed when we boarded in Baltimore and it remained closed for the 2 days we were at sea (obviously). They opened it once we made it to Grand Turk.


Now I do know that others complained (I read on here) about it being closed and compared it to being at the local YMCA and also it getting too hot or muggy in there. I guess it only reminded me of the Y in the sense that it was enclosed and was kinda loud like at the pool. Yes, it was warmer in there, but yes, we needed it!!! I was freezing the first 2 days and it was not exactly "cruise" weather in my book. So, it was nice to walk in there from outside and get warm.

P4100006 copy.jpg
P4050249 copy.jpg
P4050250 copy.jpg
P4100165 copy.jpg



Sakari squealed with excitement when she seen this area. (Everyone knows she's a mermaid of course). For her birthday she begged and begged for a mermaid tail. While I wasn't able to get her the mermaid tail (didn't have enough time to do the research to see where you order them online because of the cruise), she did manage to get a mermaid dress up dress and a Barbie mermaid doll that goes from wearing a long evening gown dress to a mermaid by pulling the fabric. It's pretty darn neat if I say so myself and she loves it. She has been watching Mermaid shows on youtube and Netflix for months now leading up to the cruise. So obviously this was her favorite part of the ship.

P4050002 copy.jpg
P4050003 copy.jpg
P4050004 copy.jpg
P4050247 copy.jpg
P4050248 copy.jpg
P4060156 copy.jpg
P4060158 copy.jpg
P4060159 copy.jpg
P4060165 copy.jpg
P4060166 copy.jpg
P4060157 copy.jpg

For those of you that don't realize it...if you pull the blinds down in the buffet area, they all have paintings on them. Each is different. (No, I was nice enough not to pull all of them down LOL)

P4110122 copy.jpg
P4110123 copy.jpg
P4110124 copy.jpg
P4110128 copy.jpg
P4110130 copy.jpg
P4110131 copy.jpg

Now there's a story behind the next picture...and as embarassed as I should be, I'm not and I think it's funny myself.

P4110132 copy.jpg

This is the area looking up from the drinks area close to the Pizza and Deli place. It's open 2 stories high and as you can see, there's something up there. I would sit to eat in the evening and we all would stare up at it wondering what type of room that was. It looks really pretty with the blue bars going around it and glass. The weird thing was, I watched during the entire cruise during the week and never did see anyone go by up there. It reminded me of some type of dance hall or something. But it was always vacant.


At one point we even stopped and ask one of the ladies that worked in that area what was up there and why we never seen anyone walk by. She replied that she honestly had no idea and she had never seen anyone walk by either. I thought maybe it was even a hallway leading to the elevators. She said she had never inquired what room that was up there, but if we wanted, she could ask around.


I decided to get up and take a closer look at it. To my astonishment...I realized IT WAS MIRRORS that we were looking at and the blue was just the reflection from the other side!!! (Hanging my head in shame now). My husband and I laughed forever about this. No wonder we never seen anyone walking down the hall up there...there was no hall...well, maybe there was, but it is probably a 2-way mirror or something unknown to us.


Ok, so I was busy all the other days checking out the mermaids and maybe at that point I was just in a fantasy land and didn't realize it was mirrors....or maybe my brain was on total vacation mode that week. Either way...I thought it was hilarious.


P4070132 copy.jpg
P4070131 copy.jpg


P4060168 copy.jpg
P4070168 copy.jpg
P4120146 copy.jpg
P4120147 copy.jpg
P4120148 copy.jpg
P4120149 copy.jpg
P4120150 copy.jpg
P4120151 copy.jpg
P4120152 copy.jpg
P4120154 copy.jpg
P4120156 copy.jpg
P4120153 copy.jpg
P4120155 copy.jpg
P4120158 copy.jpg
P4120159 copy.jpg




Sorry, the only picture I have to share for this area is this lone single picture (for now). There will be more in the review when we participate in this highly competitive gold tournament later in the week. :p :D

P4070127 copy.jpg



Our daughter spent a lot of time up here...more on this later.

P4050217 copy.jpg
P4050216 copy.jpg
P4050219 copy.jpg
P4050220 copy.jpg



This place was gorgeous. I loved the way it was situated in the funnel and everything was red. It was a beautiful place and I bet it made for an awesome dining experience. We did not dine here (I don't eat steak), but it would have been neat for the experience alone.

P4050006 copy.jpg
P4050008 copy.jpg

Another cc poster warned me about the steps to this place...and I just knew I had to see it (this is actually one of the first places I headed to when we got on the ship). The steps are all glass and you can see all the way down into the atrium on the 2nd floor. It's pretty spectacular and eerie at the same time. Sakari thought it was cool going up, not so much coming back down. LOL

P4050005 copy.jpg
P4050009 copy.jpg
P4050007 copy.jpg
P4050019 copy.jpg
P4050010 copy.jpg
P4050012 copy.jpg
P4050011 copy.jpg
P4050014 copy.jpg
P4050016 copy.jpg
P4050017 copy.jpg
P4050018 copy.jpg
P4050020 copy.jpg
P4050021 copy.jpg
P4050019 copy.jpg
P4050022 copy.jpg
P4050171 copy.jpg
P4050024 copy.jpg
P4050172 copy.jpg




Now up where the putt putt golfing is located, there is a glass dome. If you look in that glass dome, you will see the fitness workout room and there is a small hot tub(?) there.


I knew about this hot tub area and others had mentioned it before I left...saying it was the perfect place to "get away" and relax and not many people knew about it.


I have to say that I never got to try it out...but not because I wanted to, but because I was denied entry each time we tried! :eek:


It seemed (unless I missed it) that you had to enter the work out room using the spa area (which is just weird). Every time we tried to enter that area (and I even ask the people at the desk in the spa where to get into the fitness area) they would tell me 1) They were closing or 2) I couldn't come in right now. :mad: I found this very strange. Every ship I have ever been on had a fitness center that was open all the time and you could come and go as you please. However, since this was located somehow within the spa place, they wasn't always open? Or at least that's what they kept telling us. I finally gave up and admired it from the ROOF! :p


The fitness area looked pretty cool are well with different levels and stairs. I really would have loved to check it out and get pictures at least.

P4050167 copy.jpg
P4050169 copy.jpg


P4070196 copy.jpg
P4070191 copy.jpg
P4070189 copy.jpg
P4070192 copy.jpg
P4050164 copy.jpg
P4070193 copy.jpg
P4070178 copy.jpg
P4070190 copy.jpg
P4050165 copy.jpg
P4070185 copy.jpg

Once again, a few odds and ends around the ship.


I just loved these little flower lights.

P4050087 (2) copy.jpg

Another thing I love about Carnival is there use of signs for directions. You always know what's ahead.

P4050088 (2) copy.jpg

Now I have to make this comparision comment about the public bathrooms-Carnival versus NCL.


I found that this ship had the most wonderful and nice public bathrooms ever. They were huge and spacious just about everywhere we went. NCL seems to have bathrooms for public use with 2 maybe 3 stalls tops. You wind up waiting in line, doing the "I gotta potty now" dance every time...especially around the casino areas. Not here!!! Every bathroom I went in on this ship and a lot of stalls in it...and to top it off...IT SMELLED NICE!!! They were always clean and in working condition. I found only 1 stall that went "out of business" during the cruise and it was only like that for 1 day.

P4050160 copy.jpg

Everyone loves a whale...

P4050163 copy.jpg

Up on deck with the glass closed, looking down into the pool area.

P4050166 copy.jpg

That awesome moment when you are able to capture not only the whale tail, but the name of the ship in the same picture.

P4060091 copy.jpg

Time for another comparison of ships...I felt this one is warranted.


Being a nurse, I'm an avid scrub-your-hands-until-you-have-no-top-layer-of-skin-left-on-them person...not really, but some days my hands feel like that from all the washing and sanitizing.


On Carnival, there's no "washy-washy" guys hanging around telling you to wash your hands as you enter areas that you eat in or coming back onboard or any place for that matter. While this method kinda seems childish, it does work (I believe) in probably keeping the germs at bay as silly as it seems.


Instead, Carnival has these available for your use...and obviously at your own discretion...which meant I seen only a handful of people using them during the entire cruise! Like seriously!

P4070234 copy.jpg




However, Kendra did discover this contraption and we really liked it (it's always better to actually use soap and water to wash your hands that sanitizer and these were all in 1 amazing machines)


Click for video

One thing I absolutely HATE about any bathroom is not having any paper towels. I know it cuts back and is supposed to be better for you, but I seriously hate these. They never stay on long enough to get your hands dry, half the time it's next to impossible to get them to turn on and you frantically do the hand dance trying to figure out that perfect spot you need to wave at in order for it to recognize that there's someone there (I swear they have hidden camera's in them and my frantic hand jive will end up on tv some day), and some only want to stay on 5 seconds...forcing you to hand jive over and over. Sigh! Just give me some paper towels please!!!!


This particular XLERATOR lost it's X and had no power at all.

P4090004 copy.jpg

Another reason for using paper towels...when you turn on the sink (not all are motion activated as you can see in my pic below) you are using your dirty hands...then you go to blow dry them, where's the paper towel to turn the sink off with? You are supposed to use your clean hands? Therefore getting them dirty again? Yea I know, I use my arm, but then my arm is dirty. I guess I could always get some exercise and wing my foot up there to bang it down like you do with a non-motion toilet. But I don't think people would find that too amusing.


Ok, end of my sanitizing rant. :p

Everyone needs a picture of a life preserver on the ship..

P4080073 copy.jpg

A schedule of the shows for the week...well, just because I took a picture of it.

P4120005 copy.jpg

Here's a few pictures I took of some pictures and the glass blown objects behind the glass located in various stairways. I usually go around the last night and walk up and down every stairway taking pictures of everything in them. Truth be known, I was completely wore out the last night and didn't do it this time.

P4050036 copy.jpg
P4050123 copy.jpg
P4050141 copy.jpg
P4060032 copy.jpg
P4060120 copy.jpg
P4050081 copy.jpg
P4050140 copy.jpg
P4050161 copy.jpg
P4060117 copy.jpg
P4060119 copy.jpg

Ok, so I think that's all the pictures I had to share of the deck plans floor by floor.


I hope everyone enjoyed the picture tour and got a better feel for the place. If I missed some places (which I know I did), I'm sorry. I take so many pictures and explore so many areas that it all becomes a blur after awhile and I get to the point where I don't remember if I have pictures or not. Of course when I ask the hubby, his response is...of course you have pictures of every square inch of this place. Then other times I'll be taking a picture of something and he comment will be "Kim, you already have 100 pictures of that! Put the camera down and slowly back'll survive." LOL


So those that were waiting on the ship pictures itself, there you have it. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll try to answer the best that I can. If not, there's probably several people on here that can.


For those of you that want to stick around for our silly adventures, weird sense of humor and that thing we call "life" review will continue and I appreciate you sticking with me. :)


If you are here for the port reviews, you'll have to suffer for awhile until I get 3 days worth of cruising done. :p ;)


Also, you may see other things in the review pictures I might have not posted during the ship tour. Not necessarily, but there might be. I didn't want to post any of the pictures with us in them for the tour. So those were saved for the review itself.

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