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Nestled in the heart of Old San Juan stands a lovingly restored 19th century colonial-style building, the elegant and charming Decanter Hotel. A four-story landmark built around 1880, offers 20 hotel guest rooms and suites, with exquisite décor and decadent fine dining. Experience the best of this magical city from our hotel, located just steps from the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista and many other cultural attractions, savory restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

Now this place I had researched way ahead of time and booked it. It looked like a lovely place to stay and the pictures I had seen looked nice. (But then again, I seen the pictures of Da House and they looked nothing like what we got).


Look how old this place is


We checked in, but the room was not ready of course. They did store our luggage and we decided to go walking around.


All Sakari had talked about the entire week (and since booking this cruise out of PR) was going back to Pigeon Park. She absolutely loves birds and insisted on going. I told her we'd go there at some point this visit, but I didn't know when.


Now the last time we stayed in OSJ, we stayed at the Old Sheraton right by the port across the street. This time, the Decanter was located pretty much on the other side of OSJ (and when you talk about one side of OSJ versus the other side...we are only talking several blocks because it's not a big area to begin with and easily walked). I wanted a different experience this time around and to be closer to the fort so that we could make it to that area (since we didn't last time).


The room was finally ready at 12:20pm and we couldn't wait to check it out.


We walked in and I was pleasantly surprised at just how great it was.


The living room was when you first walk in and to the left was a window with doors that you could open and let fresh (hot) air in. We were really loving this!

To the right was a small dining table and chairs and also a desk and built in chair. This was now my official homework station to do my classes while on vacation. I could get use to this.

Off to that area was a small kitchenette with a small fridge, sink, and microwave.