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Turtle Beach was just as beautiful as Long Bay was.

PA080411 copy.jpg

They actually had picnic tables there. Maybe more people visit this beach than Long Bay? We did spot another couple there.


PA080326 copy.jpg

We didn't see any turtles there. I guess they had all moved over to Long Bay.

I really wanted to spend a little time here, but Billy just wasn't having it. I didn't think it was a great idea for us to split up even though I knew we couldn't and wouldn't get lost getting back to Clearwater. The rest of the kids started saying they were hungry too, so we just all decided to keep walking so that everyone could eat. I know everyone I have talked to said Clearwater was pretty too, just not as pretty as Long Bay/Turtle Beach. We'd just have to spend some time there instead.


I continued to walk and snap pictures and decided that I would like to come back here some day.


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