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After several people on the cruise boards suggested going here, I just knew it was going to be beautiful from the few pictures I had seen of it.


We had found was confirmed.

The water was gorgeous! The sand was gorgeous! It was heaven on earth.


The family couldn't wait to get in the water. I think the joy of it was also that the sun had come out a little.


There wasn't another person here.

Man this place was beautiful. I thought St Catherine was pretty, I liked this place even more.


Kolin testing the water out...and running from it.


Another thing I had worried about coming to Bermuda in October was going to be whether or not we would be able to swim and enjoy it. I know the temps are cooler during this time but was assured that there's still plenty of swimming weather at this time of year too.


We did find the water to be a little chillier than last time, but when on vacation, we manage to swim no matter how cold. We would not let the opportunity pass us by.


It took some getting use to. Maybe after freezing the first 5-10 minutes of being in the water, then you started to get use to it. After that, you were good to go. You could get out for awhile and when you got back in, it felt fine. Not as warm as the last time, but you could definitely tolerate it.


Of course the kids never care at all (the little ones)