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Mitsugirlys MITSUGIRLY decides to CONQUEST new ports-complete pictorial review

Day 8: Sea Day

DAY 7 (I believe it is??) on the cruise: Friday-Sea Day

P4240039 copy.jpg
P4240040 copy.jpg

With it being a sea day, I was not about to set my alarm and I was determined to just wake up on my own time. Of course when cruising, my "own time" seems to turn in to early because of being used to getting up early for that entire week. This would be no exception. It was rise and shine for me at 8:30am and I headed outside to check the weather. IT.WAS.HOT!!!


I'm up=the family up! I went back and woke them up and since it's a sea day, I try to hit the MDR for brunch at least once during the cruise. I love their Habanero meal and this is really the only reason I go to brunch.

P4211537 copy.jpg
P4211538 copy.jpg

Brunch is served in the Monet MDR. We placed our drink order and the hubby received his coffee. It instantly put a smile on his face and Sakari and I eagerly awaited his first sip of the day so that we could now talk to him.

P4211540 copy.jpg

A guy came around with a basket of breads/pastries and held them out and ask me which kind did I like. Now in the past, they have always laid a basket with an assortment on the table for you to try/eat while waiting on your breakfast. I expected that this time as well. But obviously things have changed a bit. Maybe a cut back occurred and they no longer do this? When he ask me which kind I liked, my reply was "Just a variety is fine" and he just stared at me. I stared back. It got a little uncomfortable. Wait...are you asking me to pick ONE? I guess he was. I would now proceed to try to pick one from the basket of scrumptious goodies that all looked good and I probably would have tried a little of all of them had he laid them on the table. So we have the bacon police and now the pastry police. Humpf!


I went with the cinnamon roll looking thing and it was HEAVEN! Sakari liked it too and this would be the start of me liking these for breakfast as well. Too bad that I didn't discover these earlier in the cruise.

P4211541 copy.jpg

Our meal arrived...let me check my time stamp...within 20 minutes. But at least I had my one cinnamon roll to keep my mind and taste buds occupied from thinking it's taking too long.

P4211542 copy.jpg

As you can see, I also ordered the cheesy grits=heaven! Wow these things are good. I'm originally from Alabama, but raised here in Ohio by my 'Bama folk and many mornings at home growing up included grits. But cheesy grits! That takes it to a new level. Yes, I had these once before on Carnival and they were just as good back then too.


However, the Habanero...I didn't really care for it as much this time. I don't know what it was. I walked away from there feeling like I probably won't order this again in the future. The hubby ordered it for the first time this time and he seemed to enjoy it. But then again...he had coffee ruining in his veins at full throttle so anything is probably good to him at this point.


After breakfast, Sakari insisted this just had to be a pool day. I knew that it was going to be crowded and crowded it was! When we went out back to check the pool, Sakari discovered a mermaid tail laying on the side of the pool. She just knew she had to get hers as well.


Off we went to the room to gather our things and back to the pool we went.


It was crowded! Everyone was taking advantage of this bath tub in the hot weather. Sakari found her mermaid friend and they would spend most of the day in the pool. Yes, she is in this crowd. I chose to stay at the table, in the shade, for a majority of the time. Crowds don't bother me too much, but in a pool, it kinda does.

P4211551 copy.jpg

As the day went on, the crowd died down...thank goodness. It actually gave people some room to get in without becoming bff's with everyone around you and kept people from being in my personal space, which happens to be not touching any body parts while just trying to find a space to stand in.


The girls enjoyed their day as mermaids and of a lot of attention.

P4211552 copy.jpg
P4211555 copy.jpg

Thrilled found us and they decided to grab their bathing suits and head to the pool with us. The girls played in the pool and us "girls" headed for the hot tub for awhile. We stayed there just about all day...until 5:15pm. We met another nurse and her family and sister that were cruising. It started out as us trying to figure out what the symbols on her back tattoo stood for. I instantly said "It's zodiac symbols and I bet it's her kids signs". We went back and forth...and well, me being me, got up to ask her! We (Kia and I) stood around forever talking to the sisters and they were really cool. In case you wondered...I was right. Of course with most tattoos their is a story behind it. We listened to her story and we all got to know a little about each other.


Then Thrilled split...I think it was time to head to the kids club to pick up the munchkin and I decided it was time to try out something new. I went to the BBQ place right upstairs and grabbed me a plate. IT WAS YUMMY! Too bad we kept missing it throughout the cruise because I would have rather had it instead of pizza!

P4211554 copy.jpg

After the hubby seen my plate, he went up to get his own before they closed. We tried to get Sakari out to eat but when there's water involved in the immediate area, there's no hope in getting her out.

P4211556 copy.jpg
P4211557 copy.jpg
P4211558 copy.jpg

So we left at 5:15pm, after dragging our mermaid out kicking and screaming...not really, but that's what it feels like when we have to get her out. All it really takes is a little "We won't go swimming tomorrow if you don't get out now" and that seems to work. Not saying this doesn't still cause some pouty faces and all of course.


Back at our room, this guy was waiting on us.

P4211565 copy.jpg

Sakari decided she was hungry and wanted to eat instead of waiting for the kids club at 6pm. It doesn't look like much of a meal, but at least it wasn't pizza right?

P4211566 copy.jpg

So after that I honestly don't remember how we killed our time because I know that we had to wait until the kids came back to camp from eating dinner. Once they did, the camp instructor made a comment about "She's now 11 and she needs to make up her mind which age group she wants to be in". I ask her what she meant and she said that the night before, she had ask her which camp she wanted to be in for the rest of the cruise...either 6-8 year old's or the 9-11 year old's. Well, thrilled's daughter is 11, so last night she decided that she would stick with that age group so that she could be with her. The only problem is, she never really went (but once that I know of). So tonight, I ask her which she'd hopes that Michaela would be there, she decided on the 9-11 year old's. Big mistake I guess and she would now be stuck in this group for the next 2 nights.


I was told I had to take her down to the "conference room". Remember that back at the beginning of the cruise when I did my picture tour? THIS is what the 9-11 year old's got to go to...tell me if you would think this is fun?

P4221748 copy-L.jpg

They did have the chairs moved of course and there was a girl in there with a ball kicking it. But still...I bet she now wishes that she didn't have a birthday.


After dropping her off and now feeling extremely guilty for doing so...we headed to the comedy show.

P4211567 copy.jpg

This time around there was a new guy with new material. We seen Thrilled in the front row seats and sat almost directly behind her. She would take several pictures of her and "little thrilled" and my hubby would stand behind them to try to photo bomb the pictures. She didn't even know we were there the entire show until it was over. We told her she had been photo bombed...we are still waiting to hear if the pictures turned out with a hairy faced dude behind them????

We killed some time in between the comedy shows and headed to the casino for awhile. We had discovered that the guy from the other night (with picking the kids out of the audience) was going to have an "adult" show at 9:15pm. Wait what? They were having one at a time we could actually go??? YES! Winning.


So after hanging out at the casino until it was time to go, we headed back to the Punchliner. Well, this show ended up being exactly the same as his other show, only with adults. You sit in your seat and hope that you don't get picked on. But it was still funny.


We picked Sakari up on the 4th floor, in the conference room, and she had made a ship out of foam. That's what they did. She said she was bored and didn't like it. She said there were hardly any kids in there. She mentioned 2 others, but I'm not sure if that's all that showed up or not.


We went back to the room for the hubby to do some work. Sakari and I decided we wanted some popcorn and headed out without daddy in search of some popcorn at the Dive-In movies. It must have been raining out because everything was wet and those few watching the movie were sitting under anything with a roof. Score...we were able to get some popcorn...and we made sure to grab some salt on the way out. For some reason, I was in the mood for pizza! Can you imagine??? But I was hungry. I hadn't ate since earlier at the pool around 2pm and discovered that we hadn't even had dinner. Of course at this time, pizza is the option.


We headed back to the room with our prized dinner possessions of the night to share with daddy.


I figured I would get a head start on packing tonight and managed to get 2 suitcases packed while Sakari did some drawings and daddy worked.


I can tell when she's tired and she's just scribbling to be doing it and this is a prime example. LOL

P5070008 copy.jpg
P5070009 copy.jpg

I encouraged her to use her new birthday gift art set from Thrilled and I got a reply of "But I can't draw with a pencil. I don't know how". I convinced her that it's just like drawing with a pen, only better because you can erase if you make a mistake." Of course she reminded me that she doesn't make mistakes, but I was still able to convince her to give it a try.


She was stuck on dragons tonight and a scribble dragon is what I would get. She experimented a little with the "black chalk" and the erasers "that smelled smell" and this was her end result for the night.

P5070010 copy.jpg

I told her good job! Then she reminded me "It's only my first try, I'll get better". Aww, she's so sweet, but she was tired and off to bed we all went.

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