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Within a few minutes of arriving back in St George (from St Davids and Coopers Island) the same driver from this morning (the guy) pulled up. Dude...take us to Tobacco Bay! (He looked like a true surfer dude...seriously, long blonde hair, no shoes and kinda awkward). He was very funny and had a great personality. He was eating his lunch and of course offered us some. We figured we could each get a bite out of it and it would be gone so we declined. We joked all the way there and he said our group was pretty big and glad he was able to fit us all in, even though there's a sign that says "Maximum is ____" and I think it said like 6 or 8, I can't remember. Once again, we were sitting on laps, but that was ok. We knew it was a short ride there.


We arrived at Tobacco Bay at 1:39, but this time the driver went all the way down the hill right to the building at Tobacco Bay. How nice! No far walk down the hill. We could get right to the food.


PA080509 copy.jpg
PA080557 copy.jpg

The deck area had chairs, tables and umbrellas to eat at and a nice view to the water. 

We decided to head down to the beach and claim our real estate for the rest of the day. For some reason, we decided not to rent chairs this time. Putting our towels and blankets down on the sun would be just fine this time.


Here's the beach area. As you can see, it's not a huge beach, but still well worth the visit. This also shows the chairs you can rent. They have the adjustable tops over them that you can move along with the sun to stay under the shade if you want. Of course it had been raining off and on all day, need for that.