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Mitsugirly takes great PRIDE in bringing her Spring Break extreme review

Day 8: Sea Day

Day 7-Sea Day and that sad moment when you realize your cruise has almost come to an end day.

P4120046 copy.jpg
P4120047 copy.jpg

This is the depressing day that you get all that yucky information telling you it's almost time to get the heck off the ship. So, please make up your mind how you would like to be kicked off the ship and we'll give you until 11pm tonight to decide.

P4120050 copy.jpg
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Now I went to bed last night knowing that today was a sea day and I had no plans....well, other than to sleep in FOR ONCE! I knew that the yummy brunch lasted all morning long and I think until 1pm and I loved it so much at the beginning of the cruise and I really didn't want to miss it again.


However...I woke up at 8am...again, can't sleep on the uncomfortable hard bed that all of my extremities go numb during the night.


I got up, went out on the balcony to check things out and you could already tell that the temperature had changed and I wasn't really sure if it was going to be a "shorts" day or not. It was sunny and nice, just not as warm as the hot day the day before.


Then it hit me...OH MY GOSH I ALMOST FORGOT!!! Today is the Dr Seuss breakfast that I had planned for and dreamed out for so long since finding out this ship had it. YIKES!!! EVERYONE GET UP AND GET UP NOW!!!


I frantically tried to remember where I put the paper where the lady kindly wrote down our times we signed up for the know, that "safe" place where you won't lose it place.


It looks like we were scheduled for 9:45am. I tried to call Kendra to remind her, but our phone wasn't working. Hmmm. No dial tone or anything. Weird.

When it was time, we headed up to the MDR. The paper said deck 2 in Normandie. As we walked in, they told us "no, wrong place, head up to deck 3". Ok, no big deal. Up to deck 3 and in line we went. We were maybe 5th in line. After people found out it was the Dr Seuss breakfast and it wasn't starting for a little while, some left. Ok people, you just missed out on some excitement IMO.


They had things on the outside of the restaurant for you to take pictures with.

P4110004 copy.jpg
P4110005 copy.jpg
P4110007 copy.jpg

Sakari wanted a picture with everything. She was super excited.

P4110008 copy.jpg
P4110009 copy.jpg
P4110010 copy.jpg

I picked up the phone outside the MDR and called Kendra's room. She was up and getting ready and headed up.


She had Brayden all dressed up and had even painted his face...which he would continue to wipe with his hands until it smeared no matter how many times she told him to keep his hands off his face.

P4110012 copy.jpg
P4110014 copy.jpg
P4110062 copy.jpg
P4110069 copy.jpg
P4110013 copy.jpg
P4110061 copy.jpg
P4110063 copy.jpg
P4110065 copy.jpg

Finally it was time to go in. As we approached the lady at the front with her clipboard we gave her our room number and she said "party of 9 right?"....nope, we are a party of 5. She said "no, I have you down as a party of 9 and then rattled off 3 rooms total. We told her no, we are a party of 5 and gave her our 2 room numbers. She said "but you other party called and insisted sitting with you guys and gave us the room number". "Nope, sorry, we are not traveling with anyone else nor do we know anyone else on the ship. We are a party of 5!" So, someone had made a mistake with our reservations or putting the party that called in with the wrong table. She went into panic mode. She said, well, do you mind sharing with them?


Now think about this, we have had issues with every single time we have been to the MDR so far and at this point, the hubby is a little perturbed. He blurted out "NO! We are not sharing". Now if you only knew my husband, you would seriously. He's the most quietest person and he comes off as extremely shy because of it. He kinda floats behind me, remember the "duckling"? Yea, that's him. For him to blurt out NO so firmly, it was quite hilarious. But at that point he said he was fed up with the MDR screw-ups and that was that. Now I have to say I was definitely going to tell her no, we were not sharing, but not because I objected to having someone at our table, but because...well, whoever these poor soles were that were about to join us would have to endure probably the most uncomfortable breakfast with the most obnoxious child in the MDR and I was trying to save them from that. Seriously. I'm sometimes embarrassed by the way he acts and weird things that he does. He has absolutely no manners nor does his mother make him mind. However, I do and won't hesitate to put him in his place and piss her off. Sakari is a well behaved little girl and I teach her manners at all times. If she does something wrong, I explain to her that it's not lady like and she gets it. Kendra is a free spirit and I have no idea where she gets her parenting skills from because she was not raised that way. Go figure.


We headed in and was seated at our table. I absolutely loved the decorations and it was so cute.

P4110015 copy.jpg
P4110021 copy.jpg
P4110025 copy.jpg

The menu:  The really went all out in planning this event...the menu is so cute and just like reading a Dr Seuss book.

P4110018 copy.jpg
P4110019 copy.jpg
P4110020 copy.jpg

A litle fun

P4110022 copy.jpg
P4110024 copy.jpg
P4110026 copy.jpg

We caught a glimpse of Thing 1 and Thing 2. Now the super nice thing about this character breakfast is that the character comes around and they visit EACH TABLE one by one. There's no line to stand in and everyone gets a turn. Also, you get to use your own camera (and they will take the picture for you so that everyone at the table gets in the picture) and then the ship photographer will take a picture as well.

P4110029 copy.jpg
P4110031 copy.jpg

They pass out something for the kids to keep them busy while waiting.

P4120004 copy.jpg
P4110033 copy.jpg

On the back of the booklet, there's a place for the characters to give you their autograph.

P4110032-2 copy.jpg

They put details into everything. I loved it

P4110035 copy.jpg

The things made it to our table.

P4110037 copy.jpg

Then the Cat in the Hat made it around.

P4110038 copy.jpg
P4110040 copy.jpg
P4110039 copy.jpg

Sakari loved the cat.    She didn't want him to leave

P4110041 copy.jpg
P4110042 copy.jpg

When the cat walked away, it was funny to watch because his hat was too tall for most places in the restaurant and he had to duck.

P4110043 copy.jpg
P4110044 copy.jpg
P4110036 copy.jpg
P4110047 copy.jpg

Our breakfast came and it was actually yummy

P4110048 copy.jpg

This was my breakfast and I loved it.

P4110049 copy.jpg
P4110050 copy.jpg
P4110053 copy.jpg

After breakfast, they pass out desert. We had to get each...just to try and for pictures of course. I liked the striped one. It was like jello and whipped cream or icing or something.

P4110055 copy.jpg

Sakari managed to get her "autographs"

P4120009 copy.jpg

We gathered our things and the breakfast was over and it was a huge success. It's definitely a MUST DO! There were people there of all ages...young and old.


The lady came around with our "charges" receipt and called out a name. "Nope, not at this table." She called out a room number "Nope, not at this table." Once again, this same lady was mixed up and confused and had to search for our tickets for us to sign. Sigh


I would highly recommend it to anyone.



We headed up to the photography area to make more purchases and Kendra searched forever to find the photos she had put all together the night before from the entire cruise. They were missing! We searched for probably 2 hours. The staff said that they do not move any of the pictures ever and they should be in the same place they have been. We searched both area. Every picture there. They were gone. Ugh! She only had 1 picture and she had purchased the day before. She explained to them about the pictures, what they were and they told her to write down what each picture was, what they were wearing (? seriously ?) and how many they had. She also gave them her 1 and only picture she had of them. They told her to check back at 7pm and they would see if they could locate them and look somewhere else in all the bags that had been thrown away.


She later went back and they all acted like they had no clue what she was talking about but somehow managed to find her only picture she had that she gave to them earlier. It was a lost cause. She would only have 1 picture for the entire cruise and she did have Braydens pictures professionally done during the cruise too when dressed up. So sad.


So, this proves to me they have no face recognition and they have no way to pull up additional pictures of you on the cruise.


While I was there I purchased my scrapbook and scrapbooking papers.

P4120062 copy.jpg
P4120061 copy.jpg

Here's our ship collectibles that Sakari collects on each ship she goes on. This time she managed to get a whale tail one too.

P4120019 copy.jpg

I had no idea that Carnival also had these little Christmas ornament ships when we sailed the Dream last. I didn't manage to get one from the Dream and she's so sad about it.


ANYONE GOING ON THE DREAM SOON THAT WOULD BE WILLING TO PICK ME UP ONE? I've had several people over on the NCL board pick me up a few of the ships while cruising that I didn't have (before Sakari started collecting them) and I pay for the ship (which is usually less than $10 on board) plus shipping plus I double the amount of the ship price just for you going out of your way to get it. I would much appreciate it if anyone is going on the Dream.



Anyhow, we went outside to check out the weather and man it had really changed since this morning. It was now cold and raining. Yuck.


Sakari headed to the kids club for some fun and we tried our hand at the casino once more. It ended up being yet another donation to the Carnival fund.


We ran into another member here on the board (who is a lurker but has only posted twice over the years but knows who I am from my reviews) and they all were a hoot. They seemed like they had the best time on the cruise and that last sea day they had matching bright shirts on. If you are reading this...hi ssteacher! So glad to have met you and talked to you at the bar in the casino. So he pointed out jamman at the card table to me. I didn't want to interrupt his game, so I waited patiently for him to finish...then I missed him. I turned around and he was GONE! Darn. Maybe some other time.

Since it was cold and raining outside, obviously this would be a trip without having the hairy man contest by the pool. So...they brought it inside instead. Straight to the atrium.


There were only 2 participants this time around and 1 guy was HILARIOUS! I mean this guy came prepared and pulled out all the stops. You could tell it was not the first time he's done this.

P4110073 copy.jpg

He's dancing around and he starts to do a strip tease.


But...this is what he reveals:

P4110074 copy.jpg

The crowd went crazy and loved it. The other guy competing against him was pretty much speechless at this point and you could tell he had nothing planned.


When they went to "interview" hairyman #1 with all the tricks up his sleeves, he presented himself with a pick in his hairy chest when he pulled his bra down. Again, great planning on snagging himself a trophy!

P4110076 copy.jpg

The other contestant that IMO couldn't hold a candle to him.

P4110077 copy.jpg

In the end, they declared them a tie and told them to "split the winnings" which I'm not really sure how they'd do that since they had a bottle of wine and I believe a trophy.


Now I know a lot of people don't like this "contest" and thinks it's a waste. I'm not the type to go seeking this out, but we just happened to be there at the time they had it and it made for a few laughs and it passed by the time while Kendra continued to search for her pictures and give the staff her info.

Now if you have read previous reviews of mine, you know when you get me and Kendra together, we are a total crack up and feed off each other. We become very goofy and everythings up in the air with what me might do.


Kendra had a baby last year and she's been complaining about her weight since then (I would die to still have her body...just saying) and she's always talking about her double-triple chin.


So we are in the bathroom and I'm making fun of the air hand dryers. She got a real powerful one and said "Hey, you think this will work?" and she sticks her face under it to "shrink her triple chins"...


I snapped a picture and told her "You know this is ending up on the internet both in my review and on social media" so here it is as I promised her.

P4110071 copy.jpg

We were completely cracking up as we walked out of the bathroom and the hubby had that look on his face and said "what did you girls do this time?" I told him and showed him the pictures and his next statement was "please tell me there wasn't anyone in the bathroom with you" and what do you think my answer was?...........Of course there was! That's what makes it funnier.



We headed to get the kids and off to the Hasbro Game Show we went.


The had Yahtzee bowling.

P4110081 copy.jpg
P4110084 copy.jpg

They played Operation skeet ball style. Then the winners got ticket that they would put into a machine and the one with the highest points won.

P4110087 copy.jpg

We then headed up for our last Guys Burger meal.

P4110089 copy.jpg

Then parted ways and headed back to our room to do some packing. Kendra told me that she had been trying to call me all day yesterday when we didn't see her and all day today. I would discover when I got back to my room that my phone wasn't working. There was no dial tone or anything.


We did our packing and I sadly took my door decorations off the door and hung this lonely one up.

P4110134 copy.jpg

Later in the evening, we dropped the munchkin off at the kids club and headed to the comedy club where we would see Diane Ford. She was, once again, "ok". She had some funny material and other things were just predictable on what she was about to say. It passed the time by and gave us something better to do than donate our money.

P4110106 copy.jpg

I headed to the atrium because I recalled someone saying that you can go to customer service and they will give you a free deck of cards if you ask. Kendra reminded me earlier when she told me that Brayden had lost his keycard the first day and when she went to get him another one, they said they have a "gift" for him and handed him cards. Way to reward the child. wink wink. So I went and they handed me 2 sets of cards. woot


Soon after we ran into Kendra again and we headed to the casino for her to cash in her big winnings and pay off her balance on her sign and sail card.


We picked up the kids at 9:45pm and headed to get dinner #2 like usual.


I bet you can guess what was open....

P4110125 copy.jpg
P4110126 copy.jpg
P4110127 copy.jpg

Since we had FTTF they sent us papers that we could get off right after those that decided to carry off their own luggage. Kendra said her tags said something like 11 or 11:30?? I can't remember. She was real upset about it being so late.


We parted ways and headed back to our rooms to get our final packing done and put them outside our cabin.


Sakari came back from the kids club with her hair fish braided. She loved it and wouldn't let me take it out or give her a shower that night because she didn't want to "mess the pretty braid up".

P4110139 copy.jpg

Our towel "animal" for the night wasn't an animal this was a heart and Sakari was truly convinced that it was a heart for her.

P4110135 copy.jpg
P4110137 copy.jpg

We got the luggage outside our door out and it was time for a shower and off to bed we went.

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