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Cowpet Bay 2022

We had just left Brewers Bay and I wanted to go somewhere new that we had never been to. I pulled out my MapsMe and took a look around. "Well, we've never been to Cowpet Bay before. so let's do that!" It was on the way home and I figured it would be a good choice.

When we arrived, we were trying to figure out where to get in. There was a gate and you needed a code to raise it. Hmmm. I told the hubby there has to be another way and as we were getting ready to back out, there was a car behind us. They decided to pull up beside us and we told them we were trying to get to the beach. They told us the code and in we went. There were parking spots all over the place, between the parking spots for the people staying there in the condo's, so I really didn't understand why there was a gate. How are people supposed to get in??? I guess we got lucky. 

We gathered our beach bags, snorkel equipment and chairs and had to walk down a bunch of stairs and across some grass to get to the actual beach...and oh em was nice!! So beautiful! It was definitely my kinda beach.

IMG_4307 copy.jpg
IMG_4308 copy.jpg

I started using my phone for most of the "above water" pictures because my batteries were dying quickly for some reason. It was like they really wasn't charged. I was getting aggravated with the whole camera issue. 

IMG_4311 copy.jpg
IMG_4310 copy.jpg
IMG_4312 copy.jpg
IMG_4315 copy.jpg

I told the hubby "This is the type of place I like staying in". Maybe if we come back we should check it out.  I love when they have palm trees on the beach. There was plenty of shade. 

Sakari took off and came back with some flowers and sat down in the soft sand. I could see the wheels turning and she was about to create something. 

IMG_4317 copy.jpg

Meanwhile, I spotted a cute little surfer dude

IMG_4318 copy.jpg

Sakari disappeared again and came back with some palm tree leaves. She was about to make a masterpiece.

IMG_4340 copy.jpg

I did over hear someone say "there's a turtle out here" but I waited awhile before I went out and by the time I was out there, it was gone. I "snorkeled" and I use that term lightly because honestly, there was absolutely nothing to see but grass and some spiny sea urchins lurking in the sand. If only the people bobbing up and down in the water with a drink in their hand knew what was below...waiting at any moment to puncture their little feet.

I decided to take a walk down the beach. People had said there's snorkeling on the left side of the beach by the rocks. While I'm sure there was something to see, it looked pretty rocky and it was in an area that was past the ropes and it did have a few boats in it. I thought maybe that's what the area is used for...the boats pulling in and out. I didn't see anyone over there, so I decided not to go in.

IMG_4336 copy.jpg
IMG_4337 copy.jpg
IMG_4332 copy.jpg
IMG_4333 copy.jpg
IMG_4339 copy.jpg

I came back and Sakari had made a beautiful headband for Kiera. It reminded me of being in Hawaii or something. I swear sometimes our new iphones take better pictures than my cameras now.

IMG_4323 copy.jpg
IMG_4328 copy.jpg
IMG_4330 copy.jpg

The hubby decided to wander off and find the restrooms and the kids decided to wander off and went to the pool. I'm sure it's for guest only, but we were guest...if only for the day. I guess it had a waterfall and all.

IMG_4342 copy.jpg

Hubby went to the pool bar to get us drinks. He said the guy there was really rude. Pop will cost you $4 each and he got a cup of ice to pour it in as well. 

We just hung out for awhile, enjoying the view. Then decided it was time to pack up and leave. The hubby went to go get the girls from the pool and we started our long walk to the parking lot at the top of the hill. 

I would highly recommend visiting Cowpet Bay. I was absolutely gorgeous there. The beach was large but the swimming area a little smaller than some of the other beaches in St Thomas. But if you are looking for a beautiful view of the beach...this is it.

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