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Aruba 2021


Day 3 of our vacation and we were just at Boca Catalina snorkeling. The sun was going down and we thought we'd give it another shot at sunsets and what better place than Arashi of course. The tip of the island beach with no obstructions. 

We found a spot on the beach by the water and there we would stay until the sun goes down. Before long we were getting one hell-of-a exfoliation while we were there. Remember Aruba is a windy place and that sand blowing on us was painful that evening. Ouch! 

P7290531 copy.jpg
P7290551 copy.jpg
P7290529 copy.jpg

Several times I just gave up on the idea of sitting there in peace watching the sunset and would just get in the water instead. It was safer there. LOL Sakari followed my lead after discovering the safe-haven.

P7290533 copy.jpg
P7290555 copy.jpg

She photo bombed me!

I always think after the sun goes beyond the horizon, it's always prettier because that's when the sky lights up in the pastel brilliant colors.

P7290545 copy.jpg
P7290541 copy.jpg
P7290564 copy.jpg
P7290548 copy.jpg
P7290560 copy.jpg
P7290539 copy.jpg
P7290570 copy.jpg

By accident, I learned something pretty cool. I had turned my camera off and then back on, so the flash was on unknown to me. The camera defaults to flash every time you turn it on (and it's quite annoying because I hate the flash and always have to turn it off) and I took the next picture of Sakari doing handstands in the water. It made for a pretty neat picture with the blue in the water and the sunset background. 

P7290571 copy.jpg
P7290577 copy.jpg

Sakari is like "I'm going to run from the beach into the water and dive like you see people in the movies do". She would find out it's not that easy to make it look that professional. LOL

One last picture as we headed out...

P7290523 copy.jpg
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