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Aruba 2021

Dream Bowl

Day 8 of our land vacation:

We had found out previously that you needed to have a reservation. So today, we were making a reservation for bowling. Sakari really wanted to bowl. I messaged Dream Bowl for reservations on their facebook page. We had reservations for 7pm tonight...finally! 

When it was time, we headed out to the mall to go bowling.

P8031359 copy.jpg

I probably shouldn't have made the reservations for so early. It wasn't all lit up and pretty like the last time we were here because it was still daylight. Planning failure!!

P8031360 copy.jpg
P8031361 copy.jpg

When we went in, there was only 1 family there and 1 lane booked. Hmm, I needed a reservation for this? 

We took our lane and they put some strangers name up on the board. Who the heck is "Kim Barber"????

We had a laugh at it. 

P8031362 copy.jpg

We paid for 1 hour of games and the cost would be a total of $38.50 or 49ƒ The shoe rental was $3.50 each and the game was $28. 

P8031364 copy.jpg
P8031365 copy.jpg

We were really struggling. It was probably the worse game we have all ever played. The balls are absolutely terrible! There were chunked out of them. The would go to the side. No matter how you would throw them, they went where they wanted. Bowling on a ship that was moving was easier than this! 

Sakari was getting frustrated because she kept getting gutter balls. At one point we went and ask the people at the desk to put the gutter guards up for her and they ask her age...then told us you have to be 12 and under to use them. SAY WHAT?!?!?  I've never heard of that before. What makes the difference the age? 

We had such a bad game!!!

P8031372 copy.jpg

Can you believe those scores?? 44 for me! 31 for Sakari! And 74 for the hubs! (I'm sure he cheated somehow)

It was ridiculous! We had enough time for maybe 1 more game so we were gonna give it a shot. We were still doing terrible and things got even worse (not the bowling) but another family came in: a lady and 3 kids, and decided to use the lane beside us. Well, they took over our balls!!! They didn't go get any of their own or anything. We would have to wait until the ball returned back up to even be able to bowl. It was very aggravating. We ended up going and getting more balls and they would even take them. Very rude!

However, we were able to get better scores despite having holey balls.  

P8031374 copy.jpg

I probably would not go here again. The balls are horrible and when you get the scores that a 5 year old would get, it's pretty much a waste of money. But, at least it gave us something to do and we had some family fun time that evening. 

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