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COSTA MAYA MEXICO: Bird Aviary at the Cruise Port

P4121048 copy.jpg

We went diving in the morning, the beach at Blue Kay and then after we returned to the port my daughter had mentioned (on the way out of the port) that she'd like to see the bird aviary. Well, since we had returned early, we went to go check it out. 

We spotted the flamingo's and they were so pretty. 


IMG_9904 copy.jpg
IMG_9905 copy.jpg
IMG_9908 copy.jpg
IMG_9911 copy.jpg
IMG_9913 copy.jpg
IMG_8355 copy.jpg

They had a few different Macaw's out in the open that you could see too. 

IMG_8349 copy.jpg
IMG_8358 copy.jpg

I went up into the hut and inquired about the price. It was $14/pp. Sakari really wanted to go, so go we would. She absolutely loves birds.

Of course she was discovering the great capabilities her new phone had at taking pictures in bokeh and she was loving it. 

IMG_8266 copy.jpg
IMG_8269 copy.jpg
IMG_9924 copy.jpg
IMG_8273 copy.jpg
IMG_8280 copy.jpg
IMG_8267 copy.jpg
IMG_9925 copy.jpg
IMG_9930 copy.jpg
IMG_8286 copy.jpg
IMG_8303 copy.jpg

They had so many different huts to go in and winding around area's and over bridge's. It was really a neat area and very pretty and loaded with birds of all kinds.

IMG_8296 copy.jpg
IMG_8301 copy.jpg
IMG_8258 copy.jpg
IMG_8341 copy.jpg
IMG_8306 copy.jpg
IMG_8309 copy.jpg
IMG_8344 copy.jpg
IMG_8347 copy.jpg
IMG_8311 copy.jpg
IMG_8313 copy.jpg
IMG_8318 copy.jpg
IMG_8320 copy.jpg

They even had a hut going over the dolphin area and I managed to get a great shot of our ship in port.

IMG_0013 copy.jpg

A video of our Bird Aviary experience:

We spent quite a bit of time in each area and enjoyed every bit of it. It's probably safe to say we spent longer than most would. We did have people passing us up, which was fine with us because we didn't want them in our pictures anyhow. ;)


Final Thoughts:

Worth the $12 to see so many beautiful birds and better than what we expected!

This cruise port has various things to do, including a swimming pool and shopping but if you are a bird lover, you have to visit the aviary there. For $12 you follow the bridges to each little hut and see some of the most beautiful birds ever. You get to go into their cages at each one of them. So many colors and sounds. You can spend as long as you want to in there and we sure did spend some time in there. It was well worth the $12 and our daughter enjoyed them so much. It does have an area that goes over top of the dolphin area and you can watch them however long you want.

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