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After a day at various beaches, I knew that the only thing left that I wanted to see was the Unfinished church.

We got to the beginning of the route at Kings Square and informed him that we wanted to go to the Unfinished Church. He closed the doors and off we went...for about 2 minutes. LOL I guess I didn't realize it was that close, but in our defense, it was up hill so riding the bus was worth it.


We got out and some of the group really didn't seem interested in actually walking up to the church and peeking in. I however, wanted pictures of this neat structure and had seen several online were they held weddings there and I thought it looked so neat.


Once I got up to the door, I was met by a disappointment.

P6080179 copy.jpg

Well darn. I guess I would have to take all of my pictures from the outside and peeking in.


**disclaimer** It's been a long time since I have done any special effects with my dslr, but one of the things I use to love to practice was HDR photography. However, since I don't have my dslr camera with me, there are ways around doing the combining of 3+ exposed pictures and just using 1. It looks a little more "fake", but it's still worth a shot. The following pictures were my feeble attempt to do a 1 photo hdr picture. Some people love them, some hate them. I happen to be one that likes hdr.

We didn't stay too long since it doesn't take that long to walk around and look at it, especially since you can't go inside.

So it was time to head back to Kings Square and catch a bus to Hamilton.

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