We decided to go to Horseshoe Bay today, but the waves looked a little...well wavy.

So, we headed over to Baby Bay beside Horseshoe.



P6070273 copy.jpg

We arrived and I was a little shocked to see that there really wasn't very many people in this area.



P6070276 copy.jpg

Before we could even get situated Sakari was already off and running into the water. I absolutely love the water and she loves it like me x10.

We picked a spot and put our things down in the sand and claimed our real estate for the day...which happened to be in the middle of that small beach and in the sun (which was odd for the hubby, he usually likes to find a shady spot).


I was off to explore a few of the nooks and crannies.

How's the water Sakari?

I was not in all the way at this point. Yes, the water was a little cool, but not too bad and I usually quickly get use to the water after a few minutes. However, Sakari decided it was time that I got fully use to the water and jumped in enough to completely cool me down....ugh, kids. I like to do it on my own time thank you. She decided it was time for me to get wet whether I was ready or not.

What a beautiful bird. There were several nest up in the rocks around the little bay.

We all headed into the water and explored for awhile. We snorkeled, but I have to say the water was all churned up so there really was no way to get any good pictures. I took several and they are all pretty crappy. There were some really huge parrot fish in the area (which is something I had read up on prior to coming, but I had heard a lot of people mention that you would find really huge ones over at Stonehole Beach during our walk from Warwick).


I climbed the rocks to take pictures and it was much easier to see the huge parrot fish from up there.

They were seriously huge. Probably the biggest parrot fish I have ever seen before were here in Bermuda and this wouldn't be the only day we seen them this big. They just kept getting bigger and bigger.

The rocks in the area and super pointy and jagged. I did not know this and man it would be super easy to get cut up on them. I had to be extra careful since I'm so danger prone on vacations. The last thing I needed was to fall and break something. I got myself into an area along the edge and wasn't really sure how to get back out. So what happens in that case? You just jump off the rocks back into the water. Problem solved. Yea, I took the easy way down.


Like always, I'm always searching for the "neat little things" that people normally wouldn't think to take pictures of. The waves churning back and forth, the rocks in the water would fill up when the tide comes in and when it goes back out they would "drain".

P6070320 copy.jpg
P6070321 copy.jpg

After the hubby seen the fun I was having, he decided to adventure out on the rocks too.


"Hey, give me that camera and I'll take some pictures of you from up here"

P6070314 copy.jpg

Well if that wasn't a fake "I'm snorkeling pose" then I don't know what is...I look more like I'm water tanning.

Hubs decided he was going on up to see the view and I took pics as he made it up there.

Then the family started climbing as well....

Sakari found something interesting over there by the rocks and spent a great deal of time there for some reason. I think she was finding small snails because she brought me a few.

P6070368 copy.jpg

Us girls decided to snorkel the entire area to see what we could find. Once again...crappy churned up water pics.

I honestly didn't find many interesting things in the area (as far as fish) other than the size of the parrot fish. We still had a lot of fun though.


I managed to find a huge snail and had to show Sakari that my snail was bigger than her snail (which happened to be about the size of a fingernail).

Kendra inspecting the snail and having the nerve to ask me if that was really a snail down inside it and if it was real. LOL She quickly found out the answer to her question while she was holding it that it suctioned to her hand and she let out a squeal and I caught it in a picture just in time as everyone was laughing at her over it. Tell me we weren't having a good time. Just look at those faces.

P6070346 copy.jpg

At this point we were getting a little bored with the area (and when I say "we" I mean Kendra & I because the guys are perfectly happy never having to move more than a few inches from their prime real estate any place we go). We decided that we would just sneak off to the other side of Horseshoe and explore.

You can find that portion of my review located here

After our exploring over at Horseshoe Bay, the girls stayed over there for awhile and I walked back to Baby Bay. I wanted to climb the rocks and take pictures of the area.

P6070405 copy.jpg

The path leading up was a little tricky. It looked like someone chiseled out foot prints for people to walk up. I climbed them keeping safety in mind and talking it over in my mind about how I could NOT get hurt or fall or break something.


I made it to the top without incident. Looking down at baby bay and seeing the family at our real estate.