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Aruba 2021

Baby Beach

Day 5: We are heading to the beach again...of course. I went to pack our things for a beach, any beach, I didn't care which as long as we were going. I left the decision up to the fam to pick the beach. Both the hubs and Sakari picked Baby Beach. Baby Beach was always Sakari's favorite beach to go to the last few times we were here and it would be the one beach that she would always ask to go to twice. 

We headed out with our trusty mapsme telling us which way to go. 

IMG_0654 copy.jpg

Once we made it over to the other side of the island, I first drove over to Rogers Beach and there were definitely more people there than the last time we were here. It looks like it has become a popular beach. Still no facilities or food though from what I could tell. I ask the fam if they wanted to stay here for awhile and they both said "Baby Beach". Alrighty then...

I drove over to Baby Beach and while circling the parking lot I decided I didn't want to go to the exact location we had always went to. I wanted a different experience. So we parked toward the opposite end and decided we would stay there. It was less crowded, which meant no beach chairs, wind/sun screens or food. That meant less people. 

So we searched for a place to sit and it was pretty open. We did find these dead bushes and figured we would try to nestle together under it. Now we did bring our little "tent" from home with us...just for occasions like this on the beach when we might need it. It's compact and folds up into a little carrying case. However, it was too big to put under the trees so we decided not to put it up. 

This would be our spot for the day:

P7310627 copy.jpg

It is definitely a beautiful beach with white powdered soft sand and calm crystal turquoise waters.

P7310626 copy.jpg
P7310628 copy.jpg
P7310632 copy.jpg

I immediately headed out to the water. Now I had completely forgotten just how shallow this water is. I mean Sakari was a lot shorter when we were here last and it didn't seem quite this shallow. You can walk really far out and it still be below your waist. That's why they call it "baby" beach. It's where families come with their littles.

P7310667 copy.jpg

Sakari decided to stay back and was snacking already with the food we brought and she had many friends. I think she drops food on purpose because no matter how many times I yell at her about it, it continues to happen. "What? I dropped it and they took it" Suuuuurrrreee you did.

P7310637 copy.jpg
P7310638 copy.jpg

Now I wanted to go snorkeling of course, but Sakari did not. I telling ya, I don't know who has replaced my kid these days. However, the hubby said he'd "walk out there" with me, because you could literally walk all the way out there. 


I went up and down the rocks looking for anything interesting. 


Someone spilled their cheerios for breakfast this morning. 

P7310645 copy.jpg
P7310647 copy.jpg

I spotted a banded butterfly fish


P7310650 copy.jpg

And also a foureyed butterfly fish


P7310663 copy.jpg

The hubby was just wading along with me as I told him about anything that I would see...which wasn't too much. 

P7310666 copy.jpg

I tried going around the rocks and onto the other side of them, but it was super wavy over there and it really didn't feel safe. There were people over there snorkeling, but even the hubby agreed that we shouldn't go so we turned back.  I headed all the way down the rocky line and this is basically what I seen. Mostly nothing. 

At some point I didn't see the hubby's feet anymore so I came up and he had gotten out of the water and was walking down the peninsula. 

P7310700 copy.jpg

Funny how I've never noticed this place over here. I think it was a restaurant and it had a pool by the ocean as well. 

The hubby came back with a beach ball he found way out there. No one claimed it as we walked by them heading back to our area so no telling how long it had been out there. 

P7310702 copy.jpg

There was a tree growing out in the water. I just kept wondering why and how this happened and how does it not wash away or uproot? I would see a lot of people go over to it and take pictures. I knew that was something I wanted to do with Sakari too at some point today. There was also one growing up by the water line. 

P7310704 copy.jpg
P7310705 copy.jpg

The water is so crystal clear here.

P7310706 copy.jpg
P7310707 copy.jpg

I rested for awhile but was really unsatisfied with the snorkeling experience. I made up my mind that I was going over to the other side (the busy side) and giving that a shot. Of course the hubby and Sakari didn't want to go. They just wanted to sit on the beach. What has happened to my child??? Who took her away?

I hadn't made it too far into the water when the fun started!!!

P7310708 copy.jpg
P7310709 copy.jpg

Dude was just chomping away like me and the couple that was standing beside him didn't even exists. He came extremely close to me and even if I didn't see anything more, I was happy for the day. 

P7310710 copy.jpg

He was in knee deep water at times so when I stood up, I could see that the hubby and Sakari were starring at me. I looked at them and started the hand gestures...point here, make big round circle, point, act like swimming, point, show the big sign with both arms. 

Well, the hubby bit and along he came but still no Sakari. He came into the water and I told him what it was and he said "That's what Sakari said when you were was probably a turtle" ...and yet she still didn't come?

I gave him my snorkeling mask so that he could go under and get a better look. 

P7310714 copy.jpg

Once he was done, I decided to head on over to the way I was going. Things got a little better with the snorkeling.

I started to see schools of blue tangs

P7310717 copy.jpg
P7310718 copy.jpg
P7310724 copy.jpg
P7310721 copy.jpg
P7310746 copy.jpg

A pair of  Banded Butterfly Fish

P7310731 copy.jpg
P7310739 copy.jpg
P7310763 copy.jpg

More schools of Blue Tangs

P7310734 copy.jpg
P7310737 copy.jpg

More Banded Butterfly Fish

P7310764 copy.jpg

I spotted a squirrel fish trying to hide out under the coral

P7310725 copy.jpg
P7310723 copy.jpg

A large Trumpet Fish swimming by

P7310759 copy.jpg

I spotted a Fire Worm otherwise known as the devil worm. These things come in all types of colors but this one was easy to spot with the green and red. A lot of them are just brown and blend in with the rocks. Another reason why you do not want to be stepping on the rocks. They are everywhere!!! Now these things aren't venomous but they do have bristles that when touched, they break off into your skin and imbed itself, produce a substance inside your skin, then it hurts, burns and is highly irritating. They feed on soft and hard corals and anemones and they are a salt water tanks nightmare! I developed some in my tank before and they are so hard to get rid of and they multiply super fast and can get pretty darn big. Then of course everyone remembers my story (review) from being in Roatan and me and Sakari was stung by this cute little fuzzy caterpillar. It's the devil worm!!

P7310773 copy.jpg
P7310775 copy.jpg

Next up was a Flounder. These are the weirdo's of the sea because they have 2 eyes on one side of their body and they look like someone ran over them. Their eyes are not symmetrical. When they are born, they are normal and have one eye on each side, but as they grow and get older, one of the eyes migrates to the other side of the body. 

P7310791 copy.jpg
P7310753 copy.jpg
P7310793 copy.jpg
P7310739 copy.jpg

I think this may be a One Spot Goatfish but the red fin on the back and tail is throwing me off. Either way, it's something I hadn't seen.

P7310769 copy.jpg