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Aruba 2021

Atlantis Submarine

Day 3 of our land vacation here in Aruba and I had a surprise for Sakari.

We headed downtown and parked and walked downtown to where we were going. 



In my video at the end of this portion of the review, you will see Sakari's reaction when she finds out what we are doing for the day...we are going on the submarine!!!! She was so excited! She said she had just been talking about how she had never been on one before with another friend this month. Now she was going to get to do it!

It was one of the few things we found to do here that we've never done before so that was exciting. 

They claim to go down 130' and that's deeper than we've ever been before and we will never scuba dive that deep so why not try it out?


So what will it cost you to ride the submarine? It's expensive, of course, like most things on the island. $105 per adult and $69 for a child.

I would book online, which takes you to a check out using fareharbor. I had never heard of them or used them before but it seemed like every place I booked while I was here used them (I think). 

When booking any place, I would end up with a booking email, and thanks for booking email, a reminder email, and one for our virtual tickets. 

With every booking we did, you had to fill out the online forms and waivers...for each and every person in the party. Everyone couldn't be all on the same one. It was VERY time consuming with all the information and questions they ask. 

IMG_0579 copy.jpg
IMG_0580 copy.jpg
IMG_0581 copy.jpg

Once we arrived at the check-in, they ask us for our name and that was it. They didn't ask for the ticket or proof of purchase or anything...just our name. They told us to hang out for awhile on the side and there was a restroom if you needed to go. There's no restroom on the sub FYI. As we waited for the sub, they lined us up and took our pictures. We also did a little bit of shopping in their giftshop and the hubby and I bought sunhats (which I've been wanting for awhile and especially since Sakari got hers over the summer). My hat was $40 and his was $30. I guess not too bad considering back home it was getting harder to find them now and when you did, they were around $60 each. They also offered to hold them for us while we were on the trip. Awesome! 

P7290229 copy.jpg

We patiently awaited for the sub to arrive. Sakari kept a close look out for it to pull up. The anticipation was just killing her. She took over the GoPro and would point it at the water. She just knew it was randomly going to emerge from the water and she wasn't going to miss it. 

Then all of a sudden this is what came instead...

P7290230 copy.jpg
P7290232 copy.jpg
IMG_0622 copy.jpg

I'm going to be honest in saying I wasn't sure how this all worked either and I certainly didn't know that we would take a boat somewhere else to get on the sub. So it was a surprise for both of us. They told us it was a short 15 minute ride to the sub, but it sure seemed longer than that. 

We headed by the airport and the planes were coming in. We both wished that we would have been going underneath the plane when it was coming in. Our timing was off. But, I assured her we would go to that beach some time while we were here so that she could get better pictures.

Now I have to say that we got lucky in the side of the boat we sat on because the other side was getting a bit wet from the waves splashing as we moved along in the boat. There were people moving around like they were playing musical chairs on the boat. 

P7290234 copy.jpg
P7290235 copy.jpg

We finally came to a stop in the water and we patiently awaited for the sub. Sakari was determined to get it popping up. We looked all around us but nothing. We started watching the tour guides to see what direction they were looking in and noticed they were pointing pretty far away. So I guessed that the sub was going to come up way out there and make it's way in. Not as dramatic as we had hoped for. 

P7290236 copy.jpg

I was watching out in the distance and all of a sudden it popped super quick. We both missed getting it on video, but at least seen it come up. 

As soon as it popped up from the water the pilot boat headed over to it.  It guided the sub over to us. I heard a few people on our boat say "that's a lot smaller than what I thought it would be or what I had pictured" and I have to say that was the same thing I was thinking too!

The other thing I wasn't expecting was once they were set up for us to come onboard the sub, we would go down the side of it and stand. We were all pretty close together and 2 rows. Then the hatch opened and people started coming out. I  didn't realize people were coming off the sub as we were getting on. But of course makes sense since they run tour after tour. I mean what else were they supposed to do with them? But it did make for a crowded situation and with would have thought they might have reduced capacity, especially when you are in a small enclosed area. 

P7290259 copy.jpg
P7290258 copy.jpg
P7290264 copy.jpg
P7290260 copy.jpg

It was finally our turn to go down. Now I know that when I purchased the tickets, it did ask you if there were any physical limitations you had such as climbing and so on. I said no because I'm always afraid it will eliminate me from doing an activity. I have a limitation, but I always manage to do that activity...just careful and slowly. When they ask if you can climb, they really mean climb. We would have to climb down a ladder to get into the sub. 

Everyone started turning around and going down. It was the hubby's turn. 

P7290269 copy.jpg

After he went down, things came to a stop and I guess it was time for them to let others off the sub now. We had to wait for awhile as everyone got off and onto the boat.

P7290272 copy.jpg

Then it was our turn. Sakari went first. 

P7290270 copy.jpg
P7290273 copy.jpg

Then my turn. I had watched several elderly people go up and down the ladder and they took quite some time doing it. So, I knew that I was going to be like those elderly people and take my time and not feel rushed. I went down slowly and didn't have a problem and quickly took my seat. One whole side was filled up at this point and only 1 seat left beside me. They started filling up the other side. 

Man this thing was SMALL!! Not at all what I had pictured and I could have sworn that I heard them say to take a seat when you got in there and then you could "move around". By move around, I thought you could get up and walk go from side to side. But, there was no moving around in this thing. Once you took your seat, you wouldn't be able to get by others. They also had the COVID plastic wall up between those behind you. I guess the people on the other side were more likely to infect us compared to those beside us. I had myself convinced we were on the "safe" side. ;)

P7290275 copy.jpg
P7290278 copy.jpg

If you are claustrophobic, this is NOT the tour for you. You really are in a small space and packed in there. But, we do not have issues with that. I could hear others talking about how small it was and they didn't like that and we actually had one guy that decided that this just wasn't for him and wanted off after the last person got on. He headed back up and the boat had to come back and get him. 

P7290277 copy.jpg

They batten down the hatch and we were ready for take off. Down we went. You couldn't even tell you were going down other than if you looked up, you could no longer see the waves crashing at the top. Sakari wanted to know what was going to happen to her ears and how would she pop them. No worries child. You will be fine. 

We started to descend and we could see all the little fishies and the big fishies of the sea. You could see the reef and it was pretty. BUT, I would soon discover that my camera and the GoPro wasn't taking very good pictures. They were green in color and not very clear. It was very disappointing. I just wasn't able to capture the beauty of what we were seeing.