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Aruba 2021

Tres Trapi

It was our second day here and it was a scorching hot day out and being in the sun for the amount of time had the water calling my name. It was time to head to a beach. We  packed some drinks and sandwiches, grab the snorkel gear and off we went.

We decided to stop at the first place we came to off the side of the street and right past the turn area from our house. 

That meant we were going to Tres Trapi (meaning 3 steps but I'm pretty sure there's more than 3 steps)

IMG_0552 copy.jpg

Of course I immediately grabbed my things once we found a shaded spot and headed in the water to snorkel. This is what I live for on vacations...the snorkeling! The hubby came out with me too but Sakari wanted to stay up on the beach.


There were tons of little fishes everywhere but the only thing that would interest me was a pair of orangespotted filefish, one of my favorite fishes are trigger fishes and the filefish is part of the same family. These are not the prettiest of the trigger family, but none the less, they are still cool to watch swim.


I came back to find Sakari had finally came into the water. She wasn't snorkeling but instead checking out some type of cave. She made me nervous with the water crashing back and forth in there and her backing in it. 


Then Sakari had seen some kids jumping off the rocks a ways down and she knew she wanted to do it too. But, since she's in the shy stage where she's not talking to people anymore, she patiently waited until they were done and then she was going to try it. I walked down there with her so that I could take a video of her.


The only problem is, once you jump in, you have to swim all the way back to get out and do it again. She would do it a few times and then I decided to go off and explore on my own. Now notice this rocky shore line. I thought about how (with shoes) I was now able to walk on this (with a lot of caution and a few ouchies from twisting my foot in some of the holes) and I wouldn't have been able to do it a year ago. Sometimes I don't see the progress I've made until I think back to the last time I did something like this. But I am making progress with my foot/leg and I guess that's all that matters at this point. Day by day.

Huge crabs on the wall.


I was determined to try to find that spot that we went diving at the first time we were here for vacation. I knew we went down the steps at Tres Trapi and went to the left. We came upon a wall and the water was probably around 20' deep. I have never been able to find this wall while snorkeling or otherwise. So I kept waiting to try to see where the land went in and maybe a wall was there.


I walked pretty far down there and never really found it. Maybe one day.

I did manage to find a tombstone. I wonder if there's really a person buried there in the rocks, if they just died there, or if this was their favorite spot. I always like to know the history of things. It fascinates me with the stories behind them.


I finally decided to head back. I had noticed I was already way past the split off section to our home and for me that was really far. 

As I headed back I came to an area that I could walk along the street instead of on the rocks. My foot was already hurting and figured that would be better...but then I spotted this...


They were out looking for me. I really had been gone for quite some time and they were getting worried. That blew all my plans of walking back along the street and I walked down to them and told them just how far I had went. Of course my hubby worried about me "Baby are you ok? How's your foot? You have to be careful" He's such a caring and good man. 

We headed back to the car and Sakari showed me the picture she had sat on the beach and doodled. I might have missed it, but I don't think we seen any giraffe's while we were at the animal garden earlier in the day???

P8113631 copy.jpg
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