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Aruba 2021

San Nicholas

So today I was looking for something different to do than only beaches. I needed to throw something else in there to mix it up a little before we head to the beach. I thought maybe today would be a good day to head to San Nicolas and explore the artwork like we did last time we were here. I was sure there had to be new things painted and since Sakari is an artist...this would be right up her alley. 

I packed our things for the day and we headed out the door but...

Last time we were here we parked at the police station and walked around. But I looked online and found that they had a Visitors Center. It said that you could go there and they can give you a map of the walking tour to all the arts. I knew exactly what the center looked like from online...which was very brightly painted. It was super easy to find. 

P8082728 copy.jpg

However, when we arrived, they were closed. I kinda forgot that it was Sunday. Oops. That's what happens when you've been here for awhile and keeping track is not really on your agenda. Well, there was a map online but we really didn't use it and just took off on our own. 

P8082729 copy.jpg
P8082730 copy.jpg
P8082733 copy.jpg
P8082732 copy.jpg
P8082731 copy.jpg

So I guess I will just show you around. Some are definitely new (at least I don't remember them) and others I did remember. 

P8082735 copy.jpg
P8082736 copy.jpg
P8082737 copy.jpg
P8082734 copy.jpg
P8082738 copy.jpg
P8082741 copy.jpg
P8082742 copy.jpg
P8082743 copy.jpg
P8082744 copy.jpg
P8082747 copy.jpg
P8082746 copy.jpg
P8082745 copy.jpg
P8082753 copy.jpg
P8082762 copy.jpg
P8082771 copy.jpg
P8082784 copy.jpg
P8082754 copy.jpg
P8082755 copy.jpg
P8082785 copy.jpg
P8082786 copy.jpg
P8082750 copy.jpg
P8082787 copy.jpg
P8082756 copy.jpg
P8082759 copy.jpg
P8082761 copy.jpg
P8082764 copy.jpg
P8082757 copy.jpg
P8082765 copy.jpg
P8082769 copy.jpg
P8082767 copy.jpg
P8082768 copy.jpg
P8082770 copy.jpg
P8082771 copy.jpg
P8082772 copy.jpg
P8082773 copy.jpg
P8082775 copy.jpg
P8082776 copy.jpg
P8082777 copy.jpg
P8082778 copy.jpg
P8082779 copy.jpg
P8082783 copy.jpg
P8082781 copy.jpg
P8082782 copy.jpg
P8082780 copy.jpg
P8082788 copy.jpg
P8082790 copy.jpg
P8082791 copy.jpg
P8082789 copy.jpg
P8082792 copy.jpg
P8082793 copy.jpg
P8082794 copy.jpg
P8082795 copy.jpg
P8082796 copy.jpg
P8082798 copy.jpg
P8082797 copy.jpg
P8082800 copy.jpg
P8082799 copy.jpg
P8082802 copy.jpg

Now I do have to say that I was a little disappointed that this particular painting was no longer. I had really hoped that it was still "good". You stand here and it looks like you are in a box. Well, no more. :(

P8082801 copy.jpg

<---- 2021

                        2017 ---->

P8082803 copy.jpg
P8082806 copy.jpg
P8082808 copy.jpg
P8082809 copy.jpg
P8082812 copy.jpg
P8082813 copy.jpg
P8082814 copy.jpg
P8082811 copy.jpg
P8082804 copy.jpg

So last time we came here we stopped at KFC for ice cream. Sakari said she wanted to make this "our thing" so off to KFC we went. It's always a great thing to cool off in the a/c.

I did want to mention (because I think I forgot to mention it yesterday) that as of yesterday (Saturday) Aruba has started to enforce wearing masks again while inside. I guess the numbers had went up and they were getting nervous enough to say that's it, time to enforce the masks again. So, we did bring our masks with us from the car.

P8082815 copy.jpg
P8082819 copy.jpg
P8082821 copy.jpg
P8082816 copy.jpg
P8082817 copy.jpg
P8082818 copy.jpg
P8082822 copy.jpg
P8082823 copy.jpg
P8082824 copy.jpg
P8082826 copy.jpg
P8082828 copy.jpg
P8082825 copy.jpg
P8082827 copy.jpg
P8082830 copy.jpg
P8082831 copy.jpg
P8082836 copy.jpg
P8082837 copy.jpg
P8082834 copy.jpg
P8082833 copy.jpg

Our walking tour was over and we had circled back around to our car. We had a good time walking around and seeing all the paintings. Now there was one that we had searched all over for... this iguana. It wasn't a painting, it was a sculpture attached to a building. We could not find it anywhere and we even doubled up some of the areas trying to find it. We were so sad. 

This is what we were looking for:

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