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Aruba 2021

The Cafe Plaza


We were meeting our Aruban friend today for lunch. We contacted her and picked a spot to meet at. 

We decided to meet at The Plaza for lunch. Now we just had to walk and find it. My leg was killing me by now, because we had done a lot of walking and window shopping, but I was determined to make it. 

We finally made it and waited for our friend to come then we headed to this little dutch place. 

Now I'm not sure if I had ever had Dutch food but I was up for trying it and she told me to get the Bitterballen. They were balls with gooey stuff inside and you dip them in mustard. Ok cool. They were good. Different, but good. I liked the taste but the texture was weird inside.

P8072682 copy.jpg
P8072685 copy.jpg

Sakari played it safe with wings

P8072684 copy.jpg

The hubby played it safe also and got the Plaza Burger. I ended up getting something called the Shoarma. Our friend told me about this awesome peanut sauce so I ordered some of that and ohhh emmm geee it was mouthwatering goodness!

P8072683 copy.jpg

We sat around catching up since it had been 3 years since we seen each other. We talked about the cruise ships returning and how Aruba survived during the pandemic. I also brought up the 1 legged birds in Aruba and she let me know that they usually get tangled in fishing wire and that's how they lose their legs. When we were done eating, and I hate to even post this, but I was a little disappointed that we weren't going to hang out more. Sakari was supposed to get this baby turtle last time we were here, but it was just too much work to jump the hoops to bring it back to the states in such a short amount of time. She has kept up with the turtle she named Leah and our friend would send her pictures of her growing up. Sakari couldn't wait to see her all grown up and there were even more babies. She did mention that she had given Leah away to someone recently but still had her babies in the yard. But once lunch ended, so did our visit for some reason. I was left wondering what happened. I was sad. I didn't know what to think. Last time we spent the entire day together exploring and going over to her house and went out for drinks. But not this time. But it is what it is. I just don't know at this point. :(

She offered to drop us off at our car, since it was so far away, and we took our one and only picture with her before getting into our car and heading home. 

P8072686 copy.jpg

Prices for our food were as follows: Pop $2   Beer $6.25  Virgin Pina Coloada for Sakari $7.50 (that girls gotta start drinking's cheaper). Shoarma $14 Peanut sauce $1  Plaza Burger $12.50   6 wings $9  Bitterbatten $6  Our grand total was $80.25 for all 4 of us. 

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