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Aruba 2021

Lighthouse at Sunset

We were spending our last day/evening in Aruba at Arashi and then all of a sudden I said "I think we should drive up to the lighthouse really quick and get sunset pictures". 

We hurried to the car and drove up to the Lighthouse for an amazing view!

I was really glad we decided to go up to the lighthouse. It turned out to be a great choice and the sun would not disappoint us tonight. We were going out with a bang.

P8103443 copy.jpg

The cacti would be the perfect backdrop for our pictures tonight.

P8103448 copy.jpg
P8103451 copy.jpg
P8103453 copy.jpg
P8103460 copy.jpg

Sakari was out to get the perfect picture. She was bare footed and stepping over cacti and before long she was surrounded by them. Every direction she turned, they were around her. She's like "I risk my life to get the perfect sunset picture". LOL

P8103461 copy.jpg
P8103468 copy.jpg
P8103471 copy.jpg
P8103481 copy.jpg

As the sun went down, it gave off a pastel display in the sky. It was definitely a beautiful night and it was sending us off of this island with amazing memories of how gorgeous it is there. 

P8103488 copy.jpg
P8103495 copy.jpg
P8103496 copy.jpg
P8103497 copy.jpg

It was a great ending to our last day here in Aruba. 

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