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Isla Mujeres House Tour...2022

We rented this house on Airbnb.  It's a newly built home and absolutely beautiful but even with it being new, there are still some flaws and by flaws I mean it still needs finished.  It has 2 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 1 balcony off the 2 bedrooms upstairs, very open floor plan, an small splash pool on your patio and a very large Olympic sized pool off the patio.  The pool also had a built in area to the side that had chairs and a table. There are hammocks, a bbq area and absolutely gorgeous grounds. 


It's located on the south end of the island, which means it is the "quiet" area away from the downtown and busy area.


This place had a total of 5 buildings, and only 3 (I believe) are finished. There's also some type of building behind it (which is where the people that keep up the grounds daily, check people in and so on are located. They were working on part of that building as well. This is located behind a locked gate for security and you must have a key to enter. 

The host, Adriana, is absolutely AMAZING! Very quick to answer any questions, very friendly, and she was even helpful in giving us a taxi drivers name and number and arranging a ride for us. The owner, Hauz, also replied at times and I "think" he might have come to the property several times and stayed during our stay there but I'm unsure if it was him or not. If it was, he was extremely nice. 

So here we go...¡Bienvenido a mi casa!

The outside of the home...Now the entrance to the home is around back, there wasn't much to see there. The one issue I had with this entrance was, at night there were NO lights anywhere. This property had large lights around the pool, in the hammock areas, plenty of walkway lights around the pool and sidewalks, but the entrance area around back, there was nothing.  The bad part is, if you are coming home late, you have to try to figure out where the dark ceramic steps are so you don't fall. 

IMG_7030 copy.jpg
IMG_7031 copy.jpg

The back area walkway to all of the other homes on the property and the building the workers on site lived at. I imagine when they get this all finished, it will look pretty. 

IMG_7032 copy.jpg
P8140069 copy.jpg

The front of the home and where we hung out most of the time. Lot's of windows and beautiful views from either the 1st floor or the 2nd floor. 

The first floor with living room as you walk in the door, dining room and kitchen.