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Point Pleasant CONDO

We ended up renting a condo (A12)  at Point Pleasant after a long debate about which place was the best and most comfortable place for a family of "4" to stay in this time around. 

It sits on a hillside and has 3 pools, a small private snorkeling area and a small beach. It is located in between Margaritaville and the abandoned Sugar Hill Resort that was destroyed during the hurricane's Maria and Irma in 2017. 

The following are pictures that came from the condo listing:


The following pictures are photo's that I took once we arrived. These are outside the building and steps leading down to our room.

They had laundry right outside our door. However, it was for the cleaning staff and I was real disappointed that I had to carry laundry up the steps, across the parking lot and back down the stairs (which is on the other side of the employee laundry room). Washing would cost you $3.00 in quarters and works just like a laundry mat. The dryers are .25¢ for 6 minutes.