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Club Arias is  bed & breakfast small resort area where Aruba Bob is also located.


We did a snorkeling excursion with Aruba Bob and we were allowed to hang out at the resort after we were done.


It has a very large pool and it's pretty deep as well. There are palapas and chairs and even some rocking chairs that were really comfortable to sit in and rock by the pool.



We hung out at the pool for a few hours and had a good time.





I decided to take a look around the place...just for future reference to see if we would ever consider staying here. I had seen this place recommended before and it's very close to Mangel Halto and Baby Beach.


I did see some pictures online prior to coming here and it looked to have 2 pools. The second pool was a lounging area / smaller sunning and baby pool with built in loungers in it and looked pretty neat. There was also several rock areas and built in bar. I thought it looked pretty cool in the pictures.


However....this is now what it looks like.





I have to say I was a little disappointed and had I booked this place when I was looking, I would have been very disappointed in seeing that they had turned both the small pool/sunbathing area and the other small pool/bar area into a huge sandbox!


There were rocks built around everywhere and little tunnels around the property. It sorta reminded me of something that might have been popular back in the 1980s. I'm not sure this is my kinda "taste" in a place I would want to stay, but who knows...maybe inside the little apartments was nice.


We did appreciate that we were allowed to cool down and use the pool after our snorkeling adventure with Aruba Bob though. It made for a nice ending to the day before we headed back to our home.



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