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Mitsugirlys FASCINATION with San Juan-review & pictorial

Ship pictures



I have to say, looking at all of my pictures of the ship, I really didn't take a lot. I think because it was such a port intensive cruise, and such a small ship, I just didn't really invest too much time into it.


We'll start with Deck 7, because that's really the "first" deck there is anything other than rooms.




OK, So I just have to ask...what happened to all the fancy lights in the atrium?


You see my pictures....


But yet when you look online at the Fascination pictures, you'll see this: (Not my picture and taken from the internet).

5216797346_9257b2db7f (1).jpg

Where are all the lights??????? All the pretty colors????


 Here is the internet area where you can use their computers.




The 88 Piano Bar

P8151211 copy.jpg
P8151212 copy.jpg
P8151213 copy.jpg
P8151216 copy.jpg
P8151215 copy.jpg
P8151218 copy.jpg
P8151217 copy.jpg
P8151219 copy.jpg

Circle C (I believe that's what it's called).


I am not looking forward to the day Sakari gets to this age. There never looks like there's much to do other than sit on the couches or playing video games.

P8151223 copy.jpg
P8151224 copy.jpg
P8151225 copy.jpg
P8151226 copy.jpg
P8151227 copy.jpg

Imagination MDR

P8151186 copy.jpg
P8151187 copy.jpg
P8151188 copy.jpg
P8151190 copy.jpg
P8151191 copy.jpg

Galleria Shopping

P8151197 copy.jpg
P8151231 copy.jpg
P8151230 copy.jpg
P8151233 copy.jpg
P8151232 copy.jpg

And one random wall picture that I forgot to include with the others

P8151228 copy.jpg

The Palace Theater

P8151115 copy.jpg
P8151116 copy.jpg
P8151118 copy.jpg
P8151117 copy.jpg

Do you think she'll work on a cruise ship some day??

P8151120 copy.jpg
P8151121 copy.jpg
P8151123 copy.jpg
P8151122 copy.jpg
P8151124 copy.jpg

The Tara Library (and game room).

P8151199 copy.jpg
P8202847 copy.jpg
P8151201 copy.jpg
P8151202 copy.jpg
P8151204 copy.jpg
P8151205 copy.jpg
P8151206 copy.jpg
P8202845 copy.jpg



Beverly Hills Bar

P8151141 copy.jpg
P8151172 copy.jpg
P8151176 copy.jpg
P8151175 copy.jpg
P8151177 copy.jpg

Bogarts Cafe

P8151156 copy.jpg

Ok...just a tid-bid for you guys. If you use the kiosk on the ship for whatever reason...especially just to check your room charges at the end of the cruise. There are two that I found. One is obviously by the customer service area in the atrium. Toward the end of the cruise, there will be long lines. HOWEVER...there's also one located here at Bogarts. I NEVER seen anyone on it (even at the end of the cruise). :D



Zillion Gators (I did pretty good on this and it paid the minor jackpot a lot during this cruise when I was on it).

P8151094 copy.jpg

I ran these Gold Fish machines. Like seriously...I would start at one end and at least double my money, then move down, then repeat all the way down the line. I was constantly hitting the bonus rounds and they always seem to pay good. There was hardly ever anyone on them either and I couldn't figure out why.

P8151077 copy.jpg

This super bright light Howling Wolf game (and there's tons of others similar) are always big favorites on the cruise ships. People are usually waiting in line a lot of times to play. They did not seem to be very popular on this cruise.

P8151080 copy.jpg

Hot Shots

P8151079 copy.jpg

I didn't have any luck with the Jackpot party.

P8151081 copy.jpg
P8151082 copy.jpg

Hot Roll Machines were a hit or miss. But the 2nd to the end was always hitting the dice roll. Another lady told me about it and when I tried it, I hit the bonus to roll the dice and I ROLLED 49 TIMES!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even know it was possible to get that many (before rolling a 7 and I was out). The only problem was, I had bet the minimum amount (but still won a decent amount). Man if only I had bet higher. After that, I started betting higher (I swear she talked me into it). But, I never got to roll that many times again darnit.

P8151083 copy.jpg

I love this lucky 7 spitfire multiplier game. It can keep you going for hours.

P8151085 copy.jpg
P8151087 copy.jpg

This Firehouse Hounds...LOVED this game. It hit the bonus round a lot too. I won some pretty decent money off of it and won more than what I put in it just about every time I played. The hubby tried it once after he seen that I was doing good on it and he hit for well over $100 and only put $10 in it. It was always his "go-to" machine if he wasn't doing any good. (I also play this at home and they hit often too).

P8151088 copy.jpg
P8151086 copy.jpg
P8151089 copy.jpg

More of those loud light flashing games that no one played this cruise.

P8151090 copy.jpg
P8151091 copy.jpg

Wonder Woman was a hit or miss (more like a miss when I was on them), but I watched a guy constantly playing it and he won quite a bit. (We just got this game at one of our casino's here at home and I decided to play it the other night and hit the major jackpot...I guess I have decided I like this game LOL).

P8151093 copy.jpg

Fishing Bob...oh how I love Bob. He treated me well on this cruise and he also treated me well on the Breeze.

P8151094 copy.jpg

NOW THESE GAMES...They were the hot item of the cruise. Everyone wanted to play. Everyone waited for people to move. Everyone stood around in a group and watched people win and win and win. The bonus round seem to hit often and pay decent (even with the lowest bid, which was only .38).

P8151095 copy.jpg
P8151132 copy.jpg
P8151133 copy.jpg

Never seen anyone playing these this cruise

P8151134 copy.jpg

There wasn't anyone playing these either

P8151135 copy.jpg

Cherry on Top

P8151136 copy.jpg
P8151137 copy.jpg
P8151138 copy.jpg

Club o2

P8151125 copy.jpg
P8151126 copy.jpg
P8151127 copy.jpg

Diamonds are Forever Disco

P8151158 copy.jpg
P8151159 copy.jpg
P8151160 copy.jpg
P8151165 copy.jpg
P8151162 copy.jpg
P8151168 copy.jpg
P8151167 copy.jpg
P8151169 copy.jpg

Hollywood Boulevard

P8151131 copy.jpg
P8151128 copy.jpg

This was located right outside the entrance to the casino and the bar and along the boulevard. They had a live band (with a woman singer) that played there every night. While she was good, it was TOO LOUD! Like half the time you couldn't hear anything in the casino if you were along that wall. I would find myself turning up the volume on the slot machines (because I like to hear all the sounds of me winning hehe). Then another thing was that the cruise consultant was also located here directly across from there basically. WHY WOULD THEY PUT HER THERE??? She would be there in the evenings and we went several times to try to inquire about booking and it was so loud, even with shouting, that we couldn't hear our own voices, let alone hers. We ended up walking away frustrated and they just lost a sale.

P8151140 copy.jpg
P8151143 copy.jpg

These are the steps that lead directly up to the pool deck. Right outside the casino and in the boulevard.

P8151097 copy.jpg
P8151098 copy.jpg

All at $10 Shop


This is labeled "The Jewelry Shop" on deck plans that I have seen. I'm really not sure the name of it and it was in a very odd place. It was no where near the other shops (just like Cherry on Top) and along the boulevard past the casino.

It's the "Everything's $10" place.

P8151170 copy.jpg

Passage to India

P8151144 copy.jpg
P8151148 copy.jpg
P8151145 copy.jpg
P8151146 copy.jpg
P8151151 copy.jpg
P8151150 copy.jpg
P8151149 copy.jpg
P8151154 copy.jpg
P8151152 copy.jpg
P8151155 copy.jpg

Pixels Photo Area (it basically went all the way around this floor around the opening area of the atrium).

P8151129 copy.jpg

Puttin on the Ritz Lounge

P8151178 copy.jpg
P8151180 copy.jpg
P8151183 copy.jpg
P8151179 copy.jpg
P8151182 copy.jpg
P8151184 copy.jpg

"Look mommy, it's flowers"

P8151181 copy.jpg

Sensation MDR

P8151207 copy.jpg
P8151209 copy.jpg
P8151210 copy.jpg
P8151208 copy.jpg
P8151222 copy.jpg


P8151262 copy.jpg
P8151263 copy.jpg
P8151264 copy.jpg

Video Arcade

P8151114 copy.jpg

Coconut Bar & Grill (the buffet)


No it's not the Breeze, but I did like the coconut trees complete with the coconuts.

P8151100 copy.jpg
P8151316 copy.jpg
P8151101 copy.jpg
P8203220 copy.jpg
P8171760 copy.jpg

Pool Deck and area

P8151102 copy.jpg
P8151099 copy.jpg
P8151105 copy.jpg
P8151104 copy.jpg

This is the smokers side and area. They do open the windows along that side.

P8151107 copy.jpg
P8151106 copy.jpg
P8151267 copy.jpg
P8151279 copy.jpg
P8151280 copy.jpg

The towel hut over there...

P8203228 copy.jpg
P8203221 copy.jpg

This is the raised area in the pool deck. There's games to play up there like corn horn

P8203223 copy.jpg
P8203222 copy.jpg

Also chess is up there too

P8203224 copy.jpg




Camp Carnival


(I took a lot of pictures here because this is Sakari's age group, but I must have been walking and snapping because they didn't turn out the greatest).

P8151240 copy.jpg
P8151242 copy.jpg
P8151244 copy.jpg
P8151246 copy.jpg
P8151247 copy.jpg
P8151241 copy.jpg
P8151243 copy.jpg
P8151245 copy.jpg
P8151248 copy.jpg
P8151250 copy.jpg
P8151249 copy.jpg
P9053653 copy.jpg
P9053654 copy.jpg

Water Works

P8151254 copy.jpg
P8151253 copy.jpg
P8151255 copy.jpg
P8151256 copy.jpg
P8151257 copy.jpg
P8151258 copy.jpg
P8151260 copy.jpg
P8151261 copy.jpg
P8151265 copy.jpg

Last but not least...odd balls

P8151130 copy.jpg
P8161681 copy.jpg
P8161683 copy.jpg
P8151173 copy.jpg
P8151268 copy.jpg
P8151266 copy.jpg
P8151269 copy.jpg
P8203226 copy.jpg
P8203225 copy.jpg

I seriously hate the way they have letters on this ship instead of numbers. I stayed confused by having to look up where I wanted to go and correspond that to the letter instead of a number.


At first glance, this always looked to me like it said "Samuel" (sorry for the bad photo)


So that's the photo tour of the Fascination. I'm sure I probably missed things, but we spent a lot of time "away" from the ship so...


Yes, it's small, but that means it's super easy to learn your way around and easy to remember how to get to things. I like that.


Yes, it looks "dated", but it's still pretty in its own way. I didn't find anything out of place, dirty, torn, broken. They seriously keep the ship clean and in top shape. I found workers constantly cleaning...especially the glass around the ship. Non-stop cleaning and everyone was so friendly.


I will probably think of other things as my review continues, and I'll throw that in if so.





IMG_5273 copy.jpg
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