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Mitsugirlys FASCINATION with San Juan-review & pictorial

Day 8: St Lucia

DAY 5 on the ship: ST LUCIA!!!


This was our first time here and once again, thanks to the many people on here that helped me pick the perfect place to go to. Many highly recommended using Spencer Ambrose Tours and to head to Joulsie Beach between the Pitons for the day. I couldn't have been more happier with this choice and it was definitely another highlight of the cruise. We had the perfect day here!! This is one of those "must do" places and I highly recommend going here! If you love snorkeling, and snorkeling right off the beach, this place is THE place. I would say it's right up there with my Coki, St Thomas experience!


So on with the review.

P9053646 copy.jpg
P9053647 copy.jpg

We were due in port by 8am so that meant my alarm was piercing my ears at 645am! I got everyone up and Sakari was dragging this morning.


We headed out the door and I look at her and get this...Does anyone see a problem here?

P8182106 copy.jpg

No, let me show you a closer look...

P8182107 copy.jpg

That's how tired she was. She was so tired that she actually said "I don't want to go to the beach today" GASP!! Never in my life have I heard this come out of her mouth.


I still can't believe that she didn't notice she had 2 different sandals on. One of them is completely thin and flat and the other is sorta a high-heel on it. Only my child.


Up to the buffet we went for breakfast.


This was Sakari's plate and after her little comment about not wanting to go to the beach today...I couldn't wait to see her bite into that grapefruit. That would surely wake her up and she would snap back to reality and come to her senses. It worked! The look on her face was priceless as she spit it out. LOL

P8182108 copy.jpg

I had my usual, but they did manage to throw a new item in the mix this morning. Some kind of stuffed breakfast something or other. I did not like it, so the regular food it was. The bacon police did not give me the crispy bacon I like this morning. Boo hiss.

P8182109 copy.jpg

We are here!!!

P8182112 copy.jpg
P8182110 copy.jpg
P8182114 copy.jpg

So far, it looked like a beautiful port. I was so excited to be here. It's a place I have always wanted to visit. When I was in my 20's and poor and busy creating munchkins, I worked with a friend who married into a "rich" family. She would always go here. She always talked about it. Just hearing the words "Lucia" roll off her mouth made mine water from her stories. I was envious of the pictures she showed me. It sounded like such an exotic place. Luuuucccciiiiaaa. Ahhh, the name gave me chill bumps. AND HERE I AM NOW!


"Brrushshhhppppeeekkk" went the loud noise on the pool deck and everyone jumped. That was my signal to head down to grab our things and get off the ship. No need for ice today for our coolers because all the drinks were on Spencer (I think, but I would take money just in case I misunderstood).


We were off the ship at 8am and the paparazzi was waiting like always.

P8182115 copy.jpg

We met the Spencer team right outside the port and waited for about 10 minutes while they collected our remaining balance for the tour and we walked over to the boat we would be taking to the beach.

P8182116 copy.jpg

There's one thing I have learned when taking a tour by boat, always sit in the back or facing forward and not on the sides. The boat raises up when moving and you'll feel like you are falling sideways the entire time if you sit on the sides. My legs will be hurting by the time we get to our destination and it makes for an uncomfortable ride. So, I headed to the back immediately. The boat was full. I'm not sure how many people, but the seats were taken, but it was not uncomfortable in any way.


Then off we went. Goodbye Fascination...see you later today.

P8182118 copy.jpg

We were having a good time. The boat was super fast and he wasn't afraid to open up the throttle.

P8182122 copy.jpg

A selfie just to prove I actually made it to St Lucia

IMG_5295 copy.jpg

I took pictures along the way of course.

P8182119 copy.jpg
P8182120 copy.jpg

They had 2 huge engines on the boat. It was getting a little cloudy and I was beginning to wonder what was in store for us that day.

P8182126 copy.jpg

The colorful houses sitting on the hill reminded me of houses in Bermuda.

P8182123 copy.jpg
P8182121 copy.jpg

We pulled up to "Bat Cave", which was a large vertical opening in the rocks.

P8182137 copy.jpg

They got the boat really close. You could hear the bats inside and Sakari swore she was able to see a few. I was looking at my camera screen, so I didn't really see any.

P8182140 copy.jpg

We could see the pitons. What the heck are pitons? I had read it was a "plug" or something. Plug of a volcano. So it's a volcano that has a plug in the top of it? It's plugged until it decides to erupt again? I wasn't sure but I was calling it a volcano and we let everyone know back home that we were headed to the volcano's. LOL This is not one of Sakari's "know-it-all" subjects, so I couldn't even ask her about it.

P8182134 copy.jpg
P8182135 copy.jpg

We were pulling up to this little village. I looked around and didn't see a beach. Could I have been wrong about where we are going or it was the place they drop you off at and you walk to the beach? Or maybe shuttle there? I noticed some smoke coming from there.

P8182146 copy.jpg

I believe they said this was the sulfer coming from the volcanos? Can anyone confirm it's located right there in that little village? I thought it was weird, but you could definitely smell it.

P8182149 copy.jpg
P8182150 copy.jpg

We pulled up to the dock and everyone was getting out. Everyone except us I guess. He told us we were going on to the beach. We were the ONLY ones that didn't take the tour everyone else was doing. At that point I had regrets. I had ask the hubby which tour he wanted to do. Just the beach or the tour to the volcanos and mud bath. I personally thought the mud bath would be so awesome to do and would make for some great pictures (and everyone knows when I go some place, I have taking pictures on my mind). But he said "no way" and I only booked the beach portion. Now I regretted listening to him. I mean he leaves things up to me and is always just along for the ride. He usually never knows what we are doing or where we are going. I should have just booked and not worried about it. He would have went anyhow. But I didn't. Had I known for sure that Kendra was coming on the cruise with us, I would have booked the mud bath tour for sure! We would have had so much fun with that! Next time!!!


Off we went on a boat with just the 5 of us.

P8182147 copy.jpg
P8182142 copy.jpg

We have arrived to our Jalousie beach. They pointed over to the side and said that was the snorkeling area and it ran up and down that side of the mountain. I looked over and it really didn't look like too big of an area to me. Long, yes. Wide, no. A bit of disappointment started to come over me, thinking this was not going to be what I expected, but I was going to have fun anyhow.

P8182155 copy.jpg

This is the other side of the beach where Jalousie Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort is located. This is a very luxurious resort where they have movie stars visit and have weddings. I looked it up once and the pricing was outrageous of course. Maybe some day when I decide to become a doctor...which would be never.


Now they did tell us that all the beaches in St Lucia belong to St Lucia...even if it's a resort or a private residence. Anyone is allowed there. They (St Lucia) own the first 100 feet of the beach property up and anyone is free to use it. The beach chairs (lusciously padded) there at the resort, you can rent, for $50. LOL I guess that's a way to keep others off of them and they made sure they are beyond the 100 feet limit. But they did have the floating water thingys in the water. Since that water belongs to St Lucia, that meant we were free to use them as well.

P8182156 copy.jpg

This is the "free" beach area and chairs. As you can see, we are the first one's here. We had our pick of where we wanted to sit.

P8182157 copy.jpg

It wasn't a very big area, but it was perfect to us.


Our boat at the dock.

P8182158 copy.jpg

At first we had picked one of the areas with the palapa over it. But, it was a little far away from the water for me and I like to be where I can actually see the water and my child. So, we ended up moving over to the side. There were 2 rows of seats that was located under the trees. The second row was up on an area that was raised and had steps leading up to it. I thought it was perfect and being raised up we could see the water.


Immediately Sakari wanted to explore. (Notice how dark it is...yikes)

P8182160 copy.jpg

She immediately brought me this as her first find of the day on the beach.

P8182161 copy.jpg

It started to pour!!! We had the trees above us, which was blocking a lot of it. But, we were still getting wet. Spencers team told us we could sit under the palapa's and move if we wanted. We declined and I said, we are here for the beach and will be getting wet anyhow. No big deal. We kinda hung out for awhile and the kids immediately hit the water after that. They were hanging around the edge where you entered and it seemed like they were really fascinated by something under there.

The heavy downpour lasted for maybe 5 minutes, the rain subsided within 10 minutes and all was good. I ask the Spencer team if our tour included drinks and they did confirm that it of charge. They had some yummy (not) water, soda (both regular and diet), rum punch, and beer of course. We helped ourselves and the caffeine gave me the energy I was looking for to head off into the water to explore.

P8192381 copy.jpg

I geared up and headed for the water....OUCH!!!


This is what you have to walk over in order to get in the water.

P8192383 copy.jpg

I immediately noticed how pretty is was under there and what the kids had been staring at was more than just a few fish hanging out at the shore line.

P8182163 copy.jpg

See the hidden fish that blended in?

P8182162 copy.jpg

A bunch of blue striped baby grunts and Blue head Wrasse

P8182165 copy.jpg
P8182164 copy.jpg

I spotted some Christmas tree worms. These are the same as the feather dusters, just shaped like a Christmas tree and they come in all different colors. I just love them! They are so pretty.

A red sea urchin

P8182167 copy.jpg
P8182170 copy.jpg

Feather duster worm

P8182172 copy.jpg
P8182171 copy.jpg

Ocean Surgeonfish

P8182175 copy.jpg
P8182173 copy.jpg
P8182174 copy.jpg

This coral was HUGE

P8182177 copy.jpg

I could have put my head in there...if I had the guts of course. Maybe I'll tell Sakari...she'll do anything.

P8182178 copy.jpg

I don't think I have ever seen pink (light) coral before.

P8182179 copy.jpg
P8182180 copy.jpg

This red rope sponge was beautiful

P8182182 copy.jpg

I really was amazed at the snorkeling there. It just went on forever. I just kept going further and further out (and I thought I was alone).

P8182181 copy.jpg
P8182184 copy.jpg

I will say that for the most part, in the beginning, you can go up and down the wall to the edge and it's not very deep. Of course the further you get out, along the wall, the deeper it would get.


However, if you went even a few feet away from the wall, it got deep quickly (as in the area between the wall and where the dock/boats were)...which is not a very big area to begin with. It's just a sorta-fast decline into the deep.

P8182183 copy.jpg
P8182186 copy.jpg
P8182185 copy.jpg
P8182187 copy.jpg
P8182188 copy.jpg

GASP!! There's some squid!! Sakari corrects me and says "mom, they're cuddlefish". Cuddlefish, squid, whatever...all the same thing aren't they??

P8182190 copy.jpg

There were quite a few and it was at this point that I noticed Kendra was behind me and discovered them also. I didn't even know she was in the water, let alone following me out while snorkeling.

P8182192 copy.jpg
P8182195 copy.jpg
P8182193 copy.jpg
P8182189 copy.jpg
P8182196 copy.jpg
P8182191 copy.jpg
P8182197 copy.jpg

Red cheerios!!!

P8182198 copy.jpg

More Christmas tree worms and black sea urchins

P8182200 copy.jpg
P8182201 copy.jpg

Rainbow wrasse and White feather duster worm

P8182204 copy.jpg
P8182203 copy.jpg
P8182205 copy.jpg
P8182206 copy.jpg

Sometimes I can't believe just how close to the surface some of these things are

P8182208 copy.jpg

I still can't understand how I can be underwater taking pictures and still get water spots???

P8182209 copy.jpg
P8182213 copy.jpg
P8182210 copy.jpg

Spotted trunkfish (boxfish) cute!

P8182211 copy.jpg

Parrot fish that was eating lunch and you could hear him chomping

P8182214 copy.jpg
P8182215 copy.jpg
P8182216 copy.jpg
P8182217 copy.jpg
P8182221 copy.jpg
P8182225 copy.jpg
P8182227 copy.jpg
P8182223 copy.jpg
P8182229 copy.jpg
P8182228 copy.jpg
P8182230 copy.jpg
P8182232 copy.jpg

Can you see this guy?

P8182234 copy.jpg

It was a trumpet fish. I find these in various places when we snorkel. There's usually one when I find them. However, this place was loaded with so many of them.

P8182240 copy.jpg
P8182236 copy.jpg

I found an empty sea urchin. I would stick it in my top (of my bathing suit) for safe keeping so that I could show it to Sakari when I came back from snorkeling.

P8182237 copy.jpg
P8182238 copy.jpg

This place had some of the biggest trumpet fish I had ever seen before. There were quite a few big ones that were probably at least 2 feet long. (This is not one of the big ones. The big ones kept darting into the rocks and coming out on the other side).

P8182243 copy.jpg

We see the blue head wrasse every where we go. They are very easy to spot and easy to identify of course. But this would be the first time I seen a yellow head wrasse before.

P8182244 copy.jpg
P8182246 copy.jpg
P8182252 copy.jpg

Then all of a sudden....EEEKKKKK!!!! I spotted an eel. A chained moray eel! I was super excited! He was super quick and darted under a rock really fast. I took multiple pictures, but only ended up with one that showed him. We would act like we were leaving and turn around and he would be out again. He knew he was being stalked and would scurry back under the rocks again.

P8182247 copy.jpg

Then all of a sudden I found a YELLOW trumpet fish!!! Wow!!! How cool is that? I have never seen one that is yellow.

P8182259 copy.jpg

There was a couple of them.


One was really big too! If you look at the size of the rocks and I was floating on the surface of the water about a good 7-8 feet up, you can tell this one was pretty big. I wish I could have dove down and got a close up picture. But he was fine until we moved and he'd dart away and come back.

P8182258 copy.jpg
P8182260 copy.jpg

More trumpet fish...

P8182261 copy.jpg
P8182262 copy.jpg
P8182266 copy.jpg
P8182267 copy.jpg
P8182268 copy.jpg
P8182269 copy.jpg
P8182272 copy.jpg
P8182270 copy.jpg

We had gotten pretty far out and were too the point that if you needed to stop, there wouldn't be any rocks to stand on to help you. This was the last chance to defog our mask and make any adjustments.

P8182265 copy.jpg
P8182274 copy.jpg
P8182273 copy.jpg
P8182275 copy.jpg
P8182278 copy.jpg
P8182281 copy.jpg

This was the wall that after you went around it, there was a drop off and things got really deep. We didn't go out too much after that and we were pretty far out (not all the way to the ropes yet) and the waves were a little more "wavy" out that way. So we would end up turning around and heading back shortly after this.

Lots of cheerios. I'm hungry now ;)    They are called Orange Cup Coral. They are so beautiful. They are usually closed up during the day because they don't like sunlight (like they are in these pictures) and come out at night and extend their tentacles to feed. 

P8182280 copy.jpg
P8182282 copy.jpg

I would find this brown sea cucumber on the way back. I have never seen any other than the dark brown ones before.

P8182277 copy.jpg

It looks like a feather duster worm made his home in this sponge

P8182287 copy.jpg
P8182278 copy.jpg
P8182290 copy.jpg
P8182291 copy.jpg
P8182288 copy.jpg
P8182292 copy.jpg
P8182293 copy.jpg
P8182294 copy.jpg

Another spotted trunk fish

P8182298 copy.jpg
P8182297 copy.jpg

A couple of banded butterfly fish and a parrot fish

P8182300 copy.jpg
P8182305 copy.jpg
P8182303 copy.jpg
P8182308 copy.jpg

Yellowtail damselfish and a school of fish

P8182307 copy.jpg
P8182319 copy.jpg

Another very pretty white stripped feather duster took up residence in this sponge. I honestly don't think I have ever seen a feather duster that is striped like this

P8192323 copy.jpg

Another smooth trunkfish

P8192324 copy.jpg


P8182311 copy.jpg

This time they would end up letting me get really close to them. Look at the colors and the big eyeballs. It's funny to watch them swim backwards.

P8182313 copy.jpg
P8182315 copy.jpg
P8182314 copy.jpg
P8182316 copy.jpg

I was super tired and needed a break (and by break, we all know it means about a good 10 minutes). Along the way, we pass the kids in the water and Sakari yells out "Mommy, this is the best snorkeling in the world!!! I love this place!" (And to think she didn't even want to go to the beach today).



Kendra and I headed back to the chairs and I would be told by the hubby that Sakari had decided to pick up a pokey sea urchin (the black spiny ones that sting). And they had put her hand in ice cold water, but the stinger was still in there. I guess I had missed all the drama when I was snorkeling and she was back out in the water already. I still can't believe she would do that. She knows they are "bad" and pokey and has never tried that before. She is just getting more and more daring these days.


Eventually she got out of the water and came up to my chair to tell me about what happened. You could tell she was afraid to tell me. She started out saying that she got too close to it, but I knew better and said "Are you sure you didn't try to pick it up?" She hung her head down and said "Yea, I did". She got the whole "How could you not know that it wouldn't hurt you? You see the needles on it? Do they look friendly?" ...and so on. She showed me her finger and yep, you could still see the black needle in it. The guy from Spencer said not to worry about it. It would eventually work itself out and fall out. It must have not been hurting too bad because after showing me and getting a drink, she ran back out to the water and started snorkeling again.


I was busy loading up on more caffeine and figured I probably needed to find the restrooms.


They are located right behind the area with the chairs we were first going to sit in.

P8192384 copy.jpg

They also had a little area that they sold things at. I would later buy my St Lucia tee shirt there so that I didn't have to look for one in port when we returned.

P8192385 copy.jpg
P8192405 copy.jpg

Right beside the restroom was a didn't work and just dribbled.

P8192406 copy.jpg
P8192407 copy.jpg

After returning from the restroom, I look out and see Sakari and B out in the water. They are about 10' away from the wall or so and I said to the hubby "Are you not watching them" He said "What? They aren't out far". I informed him that even though it appeared that they were not far out, it was very deep there and way way over their heads. Sigh.


Now Sakari is a pretty good swimmer these days. She amazes me at just how much better she gets each cruise. However, I would not really know just how good she is until this day, when she was out in the very deep water. It suddenly dawned on me just how good she is.


I hurried out to the water, ouchie owie across the rocks in the water to get to an area that I could put my flippers on and race out to where they were at. She was having a good old time. Swimming, snorkeling and diving down. I immediately started with the "Sakari, you know you are not to be out this deep unless we are with you". Of course I got the "Mom, I'm ok. I can swim". Sigh.


So we would spend a little bit of time out in the water and I would kind of sit back and watch her and reflect on what exactly was going on. I watched her dive down and explore. I watched her swim all over the place. I watched her tread water and talk to B above the water. I watched her go out over the REALLY deep end...and then fear took over me again and I motioned her back. She said she was watching the scuba divers.

P8192322 copy.jpg

I can't believe this parrot fish didn't even run with her going down beside it. It just kept on eating like she didn't exist. Maybe she is a mermaid and they know it.

P8192321 copy.jpg

During our discussion with the Spencer guy about Sakari's needle in her finger, I did remember to show Sakari the empty sea urchin I had found. It would not be until this very moment that I realized that this round smooth urchin is the same as the prickly looking white urchins you see all over the water. Why has this not dawned on me until now?? Then the Spencer guy tells us that it's ok to pick those white ones up. They wont hurt you. So of course that was one of Sakari's goals now. One that she could pick up and actually hold.

P8192325 copy.jpg

It's funny that after you pick them up, their needles start to curl instead of poking out. He looks like he's having a bad hair day now.

P8192326 copy.jpg

Kendra spotted a yellowtail damselfish and couldn't get over the brilliant colors of it. I guess she has never seen one before while snorkeling. I see them all the time.

P8192331 copy.jpg
P8192334 copy.jpg
P8192339 copy.jpg
P8192332 copy.jpg
P8192333 copy.jpg
P8192340 copy.jpg

B was trying his best to dive down. Practice, practice, practice. He was getting the hang of it, but has not learn to hold his breath like Sakari does.

P8192341 copy.jpg
P8192342 copy.jpg
P8192347 copy.jpg
P8192343 copy.jpg
P8192344 copy.jpg
P8192348 copy.jpg

And then going out in the very deep area...and still scaring me some, but I have to admit, damn she's good.

P8192353 copy.jpg
P8192356 copy.jpg
P8192357 copy.jpg
P8192354 copy.jpg
P8192355 copy.jpg
P8192358 copy.jpg

She even managed to get close to a trumpet fish. Are these fish crazy? Don't they know she wants to touch everything?

P8192361 copy.jpg

Now I want you to take a look at this trumpet fish. Look at the face. His snout was bluish/purple/greenish. I have never seen one like this before. They are always all the brownish color. Is this a different type? He even let me get close to him.

P8192360 copy.jpg

I ended up taking both Sakari and B out and down the wall. They wanted to snorkel out further and explore. Even though they were both in areas that I would rather them not be in alone, they were still in an area fairly close by. They push the limit, but not that much. So, I figured why not. I will not bore you with all the pictures I took that time around (I have combined a lot in with my others already posted). There's just way too many pictures from this day.


I did manage to find one lonely purple coral or sponge and it would be the only purple one I found all day. I love the purple ones.

P8192362 copy.jpg

Snorkeling went well and the kids did great. B is improving, but still a little sketchy for my taste. He seems to wear out easily. I had to keep telling him to swim over to the side to rest or he'd grab on to me for awhile.