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Mitsugirlys FASCINATION with San Juan-review & pictorial

Day 6: Sea Day

DAY 3 on the ship-SEA DAY

P9053642 copy.jpg
P9053643 copy.jpg

We had signed up for the Dr Seuss breakfast (as we do every time) and Sakari always looks forward to it. We had signed up on the first day of the cruise. They called us the night before to confirm our reservations. Sigh...that means on our only sea day, we would still have to get up early in the morning for this even that Sakari wanted to go to. Man the sacrifices we make for our children.


I set my alarm for 7:45am. When it went off, I turned it off and laid there staring into the black space in front of me. Do I really want to do this? I could just pretend that I didn't hear the alarm. The alarm didn't go off for some reason. I mean an 8 year old will believe anything right? Sigh. Ok, enough of that talk...I went ahead and rolled out of bed and figured why should today be any different than the rest of the cruise. Right? Late to bed, early to rise it is then.


We headed down to the MDR and was first in line. Were we at the wrong MDR? Is it the wrong time and I could have slept in? Finally people started to come and I felt at ease. I guess I was just punctual. Believe it or not, Kendra made it there too.

P8161691 copy.jpg
P8161690 copy.jpg

They signed us in and showed us to our table. Let the fun begin!

P8161694 copy.jpg

Immediately we started with the water issue.


We told our waiter that we didn't want water. He came around several times...and then did this anyhow.

P8161710 copy.jpg

The hubby wanted coffee or he's not pleasant in the mornings. When his water was filled, he took the glass and set it across the table where no one was sitting. He had already ask for coffee several times with none being brought back to him. Once again, the waiter came by, gave him another glass and poured more water. At this point he was getting very upset. He finally spoke up and told him


I did not want water the first time you asked.

I did not want water the second time you asked.

I did not want water when you filled my glass anyhow

and I certainly don't want it again he said with a high brow.


I do not want water here

I do not want water there

I do not want water here nor there

I do not want it anywhere!

I came here for coffee, green eggs and ham

I will not drink water Sam I Am!


I WANT COFFEE, just like I have asked one time, two times, three times before. I want coffee more.


They brought his coffee! All was good in the world again.

P8161697 copy.jpg
P8161699 copy.jpg
P8161695 copy.jpg

We had put in our order with our waiter and the all of a sudden they decided to sit another family at our table. We will name them the screamer family. It took them forever to come back and even take the other families order.


Meanwhile I noticed that the food was being brought out. Every single table around us was eating. EVERYONE in the entire place was eating except for 1) Us and 2) a few families that came in late at the same time "our" new table mates did. Now remember...we were the VERY first people into the dining room and the first seated.


The characters started coming around. First it was Thing 1 and Thing 2. I have noticed these characters are always overly playful. Their hair is whack and therefore for some reason they like to make the children's hair whack. They always play with Sakari's hair and it ends up sticking straight out and they might as well ask her to substitute for one of them if they become ill.

P8161701 copy.jpg

I played it smart this time! I pulled her hair back and braided it and spit shined it and loaded it with hairspray! HA! I win!

P8161702 copy.jpg

Next up was the Seuss himself. He's running for President you know?

P8161704 copy.jpg
P8161706 copy.jpg

Still waiting on that food to arrive. Meanwhile, those around us are finished with their breakfast and are now being served "desert". Sigh.


They staff came out singing and dancing. Cute, but this meant no one was serving us and we were still waiting on food.

P8161716 copy.jpg

The screamer family across from us had 2 children. One particular child kept waving at Sakari and said he knew her from the kids club. This trend would continue the rest of the cruise. We would hear them coming first and then he would appear and wave to Sakari. His little brother...lets just say he needs a muzzle or some corrective action taken. He would scream non-stop. No exaggeration at all. He was a girly screamer. A high pitched screamer! Just to scream. The mother, father and (what I would assume) was the grandmother...did nothing. Nothing at all to stop him, to distract him, to remove him...nuttin! Annoying. These guys give kids a bad name and they are the reason that people on the boards hate traveling around kids and families and they are the people that are asking for adult only cruises...because of families like this. Don't get me wrong. I've been there before. I'm a mother of 4. I get it. But DO SOMETHING!! Distract them, teach them it's not ok. Remove them if you have to. I've went without food plenty of times when I had to remove my child from a restaurant for the comfort of others. Please!!! Geesh! More on this family much later.

Finally our food came and we inhaled it because we couldn't wait to leave.

P8161712 copy.jpg
P8161711 copy.jpg
P8161715 copy.jpg
P8161713 copy.jpg

Yea yea, give me dessert. Hurry. Gulp, Slurp, Guzzle, Swallow. Let's go.

P8161722 copy.jpg
P8161724 copy.jpg

Well crap. Sam I Am just arrived. We must stay for pictures with him.

P8161719 copy.jpg
P8161725 copy.jpg
P8161726 copy.jpg

We are done. We are outta here. What an experience!

So we bolted out of the Seuss event and Sakari wanted to go "play with friends". We took her to the kids club and promised since today was a sea day, we would be heading to the water park after picking her up.


Time had already been wasted and I was ready to win some mulla! Momma needs a new cruise. Come on big money.


I headed for my Zillion Gators and I ended up winning the major progressive. I sure wished I would have hit the big money button and won thousands!

P8171728 copy.jpg

This machine was constantly hitting the minor progressive, which randomly comes up. I probably hit it maybe 6-7 times on this cruise.


We spent about an hour in there and then headed out while I was still ahead of the game. I didn't want to press my luck at that point. Winner but not enough for a cruise...actually by about $2k or more and I'll be able to book another. hehe


We headed to the Cherry on Top and I got Sakari some teeth rotting goodness for later. She had been eyeballing a few things in here, so I did the mix and match expensive candy for $125.99 a pound and walked out broke. Well, there goes my winnings from earlier. Oh well. I guess I'll have to head back to the casino tonight.


We picked the munchkin up from the kids club and headed back to get the bathing suits on and up to the water park we went.


There were PLENTY of chairs. This was definitely a different experience. I'm so use to their being NO chairs or places to sit at any of the water parks, but this ship was just amazing and it always seemed like very little people even though it was completely sold out. I'm seriously loving this!


Sakari and B headed to the water slides and would continue to race each other over and over.

P8171733 copy.jpg
P8171736 copy.jpg

They were having a blast.

P8171734 copy.jpg

One thing that I have noticed with this is EXTREMELY hot this time around. I don't know if it was just the time of year we went or if it was because this is the furthest south into the Caribbean we have ever been and it's always like this ???


Anyhow. I had A LOT of issues with my cameras. The heat would constantly fog them up. Especially going from inside to outside and back. I would even experience fog just coming from the land to the water and back. I was always wiping them off to get it to stop. I ended up with a lot of pictures with fog. This would be one of them.

P8171740 copy.jpg

Then we have the water spots as well. LOL

P8171742 copy.jpg

I still had a view from the 2nd row (no the front row was not completely full, but we needed 5 chairs together so...we opted for the 2nd. Actually I should have said 4 chairs because there's no way you are ever going to drag Sakari out of the water).

P8171748 copy.jpg
P8171750 copy.jpg
P8171744 copy.jpg
P8171756 copy.jpg

The birds were still following us. I think they followed us the entire cruise!

P8171754 copy.jpg
PHONE copy.jpg

A short complied video of the kids sliding. I always forget to do video for some reason.

Kendra disappeared at some point (with her implying that she was going potty). She didn't return for awhile and when she did, she looked like she had raided the buffet. She had several plates, which looked good, and we decided we had worked up an appetite as well. We headed down to the buffet for some lunch. We had to promise Sakari that we would immediately come back to the water park once we were done eating.

P8171743 copy.jpg

We headed back to the water park for awhile and Kendra decided to head back to her room. She probably needed a nap or something. That girl does more napping on cruises than anyone in the family does at home or on vacation.


We stayed until the sun was going down and Sakari ran into a friend that said she was changing and headed to the kids club and ask Sakari to come. Back to the room we went to get dried and dressed.

P8171757 copy.jpg

Sakari headed to the camp and we headed back to the casino. Can you tell I like the casino? No, I don't need intervention. I swear. We have 2 casino's here by us and the first year they opened, I went twice to one of them and 0 times to the other. The second year I went maybe 3-4 times. This year I have probably been maybe 5 times to each. I just like to play slots on the cruises for some reason.


This would be THE I said earlier. Everyone wanted this game.

P8171761 copy.jpg

The hubby was doing good tonight, but I ended up losing my winnings from earlier in the day. Oh well. Win some you lose some but I was still really ahead of the game for the cruise.


We headed to the comedy show after awhile. It was ok. We laughed. He kept it real, which made it funny. Kendra went to the Diva show instead. She said it was good.

P8171762 copy.jpg

We decided it was time for dinner and went to pick up Sakari. She didn't want to leave. Oh my. This is amazing. This doesn't happen often and especially on NCL anymore. I think she just likes the change up with Carnival now. They were having a pillow fight. So, I decided to come back at 10pm to pick her up.


Then we all headed to dinner at 10pm.

P8171758 copy.jpg
P8171763 copy.jpg

Back to the room we went to find this...

P8171766 copy.jpg
P8171767 copy.jpg

I got a snap from Kendra and B got a frog

IMG_5286 copy.jpg

I packed our beach bags for tomorrow and off to bed we went...SUPER excited for tomorrow to come. It was a new port for us...BARBADOS!!!

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