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Mitsugirlys MITSUGIRLY decides to CONQUEST new ports-complete pictorial review

Day 7: Curacao

Ok...time to start on our next port...Curacao. I've been a little torn about what (or how to do the review on this day) but I've come to the conclusion that just being honest has always worked for me and I guess that's what I'm going to do. There may be some "OMG", some backlash, some opinions thrown, some "wow's", yeas and nays. But, here goes...


P4240037 copy.jpg
P4240038 copy.jpg

Since we would be here at 8am, I set my alarm for 7am. If you noticed in this review, it's a little different than previous cruises, where I'm usually up 1 1/2 to 2 hours earlier than the posted time of getting off the ship. Well, I changed it up a little this cruise. I decided that 99.99% of the time, we are able to get up, get ready, get breakfast, and pick our things up in the room and be ready to go...well, a little earlier than needed and usually end up sitting around killing time waiting to get off. But, I've always been a planner and I've always been punctual. I like to plan for the unexpected and allow myself to compensate for things that "could" possibly go wrong. I don't like to divert too much from my plans or schedule (unless it's just super fabulous or my thoughts change in the moment). I'm the type of person that can be 20 minutes to my job and I'll always leave 1 hour ahead of time...just in case. Another factor is, with only the 3 of us cruising this time, it's a little more relaxing and laid back and I don't have to do any "compensation" for other families (ah hem...Kendra).


So 7am it was for us today and we were up to the buffet to get our normal breakfast...omelettes and a side of pig...only the bacon police was in full force today and stingy with the bacon. I just didn't have the patience to insist on more and I probably even did a quick eye roll as I walked away.

P4201039 copy.jpg

This has been our daily routine just about all week after discovering real eggs can be had quicker than fake eggs.


Of course we can't forget these...another "tradition" this cruise for me.

P4201040 copy.jpg

As we finished up breakfast, my son texted us with an update on the break-in at our shop. He had a lead...a pretty good lead. I'm not sure if I mentioned earlier in the review about a kid that stole from us back last summer, went down the street to the skate park and bragged about his new "purchase", only for the kids there to know that this wasn't true, brought the item back and he got banned from the store for life...IF he never returned we wouldn't press charges.


Well, the day before the break-in, the kid showed up with another kid, banned kid stayed outside, new kid came in, checked out one of the several bikes stolen, then walked out.


The new lead now pointed fingers to the banned kid and his "friend". (We would spend several hours after today's excursion researching this kid and "possible" known friend).


(Fast forward ahead, after we returned home...long story short, our camera's showed both of them, how they did it and we hunted him down. Let's just say most of the local kids scared him to death, dad found out, contacted the police and had the police escort the dad and the son back to our shop WITH the stolen bike to be returned. No questions were allowed to be asked by the hubby and he was told "We are dealing with it". Fast forward a few more days, and we are on the trail of the other kid with name, parents name, pretty much their life history of crime and drugs, where they have lived from house to house over the last 12 years, family members and addresses, evictions...and boom! Private Investigator must have been on the trail too and sat outside their house only to bust them getting out of the car....let's just say the police showed up with the other parts. Taken apart to sell individually so as not to be "identified or noticed". Yea, obviously not this kids first time in this rodeo. Both are 14 years old. we wait to see what is going to happen to these juveniles. Yes, we got the stolen bikes back, but they can no longer be sold as "new" and are used with scratches from riding...and we are out a few busted windows. Sigh.


Thought I would just catch up everyone that was interested in the ending of that. Sorry for the diversion.




We pulled into port AT 8am. So guess what? That means Carnival is not on time. Is this some doing of Kendra since she didn't get to come?


We wouldn't be able to get off until 8:30am. Ugh.

P4240008 copy.jpg