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MITSUGIRLY lets the BREEZE flow through her hair-Spring Break Review/Pictorial

Ship picture tour

Since my room was on deck 2, I might as well continue with DECK 2.


Also, the reason I didn't come back with more of the review washer took a dump! It has been having a few issues over the last year and yesterday was the final straw. It took a lot of skill to trick it into opening up one final last time, to get the wet clothes out of it and run like Forest Gump to the sink with them to wring the water out of them enough to put in the dryer for 5 hours to dry. Sigh. So off to Lowes we went for a new fancy RED washer and dryer. :D I'm over due anyhow. I think my old front loaders are about 13 years old. I will never again buy front loaders. Anyhow...I dedicate this section to WASHING!



There are several "laundry" areas on Carnivals ships. I can not tell you where the others were (I believe I read once maybe they are on the even floors?), but I always passed the one down from us. So, I did manage to stop in and take a peek. There was always someone in there using it, or people sitting out in the hall. It's not exactly how I would want to spend my time on a ship, but to each their own. I imagine the only way that I would EVER use one of these if I was on a back to back. Then that would make sense. The people I did see washing their clothes could have very well been on a back to back...and in that case, I should have kicked them as I walked by...for being so lucky and all.


So I got lucky this night and found that there wasn't anyone in here (although they were being used) and I was able to come in and take some pictures. I had really hoped that clothes owners wouldn't walk in on me and think I was a clothes burglar.


The old "Can you bring an iron" debate...NO you can not, but you will find one in here to use. I honestly can't remember the last time I used an iron for what it is supposed to be used for. I was obsessed with ironing back in my teens...I use to even iron my socks and undies. :eek: That habit died off quickly once the kids came along and when I do clothes now, they go straight from the dryer to hung up. No chance to get wrinkles that way. However traveling...ehh, a wrinkle here and there never hurt me, and if it hurt others, well, I'll probably never cross paths with you again in life and I'm sure my few wrinkles will vanish from your mind as soon as you view the hairy chest contest.


However, I DO use an iron...yes a real iron, to straighten my hair. LOL I learned this trick from my oldest daughter back when she was in her teens. About 4 wipes down the hair (even my long hair) and poof...instant straight hair and off I go! No need to mess around for hours with a straightener when there's better things to be done. But, no worries, I did not slip in the laundry room to straighten my hair at any given point during the cruise. I figured I might be hauled away and put in the rubber room for the remainder of the cruise. Instead...I just pulled my hair up, fuzzy mess, no make up, unironed clothes...and I'm good to go. Hey, it's my vacation, don't judge. :p




ATRIUM-oh so beautiful!!!


I hate when I have just one picture left over so I'm going to add this extra in on this round.


This was set up (I believe in the Atrium) so it qualifies right?


The one thing I REALLY liked about the Breeze was that every night when they set up a place to take pictures, it was out of the way (with the exception of the glass winding staircase, which can't be avoided) they had some type of little "cubby hole" that they were tucked in out of the way from the rest of everyone else passing by. It did not require people to dodge in and out of others getting their pictures taken, it did not require us to stand in a line waiting for the photographer to snap a picture and us hurry on by. They have things set up GREAT as not to disrupt the photographer, the people getting their pictures done and the public walking by. Kudos to you Carnival!!!

P3260249 copy.jpg


P3260245 copy.jpg
P3260248 copy.jpg
P3260247 copy.jpg
P3270368 copy.jpg


P3260183 copy.jpg
P3260184 copy.jpg
P3260186 copy.jpg
P3260187 copy.jpg
P3260189 copy.jpg

One thing about Carnival is their theater's amazing compared to NCL. If you are in the floor seats, there's so much room and you have tables for your drinks and plenty of foot-room and room for people to go around you. Then they have these nice bench-type seats up above as well.

P3260188 copy.jpg
P3260185 copy.jpg

Then I had the experience of sitting in these upright chairs way up above. Ugh! I didn't realize these existed and I wish I never knew. LOL No slouching involved in these chairs and not even enough room to relax your legs let alone allow someone to walk by you. They were TERRIBLE!! Seriously...I had to sit sideways to have a place to put my feet when on the top row.

P3260191 copy.jpg



Circle C

P3260164 copy.jpg
P3260163 copy.jpg
P3260165 copy.jpg

Art Gallery Hallway.


I was really shocked at just how long this was and how much they had in there. It just seemed like there was more than what I had ever seen on any other ship in the past.


Of course this was only a snap and walk pic and the only one that I took.

P3260166 copy.jpg

The Fun Hub. These are the computers you can use around the ship. They seem to be everywhere, which I thought was nice.



This was located in the Atrium area by the shopping. They also had an ATM of course. On the opposite side of the elevators (same floor) they also had the machine that you could check your balance and put money on your sail and sign card.

P3260079 copy.jpg

These were located right outside the Thrill Theater

P3260169 copy.jpg

Random location on one of the main decks and I don't remember where even though I must have passed them a good 20 times a day. They even had some as you walk out to the pool area

P3260194 copy.jpg
P4011363 copy.jpg

The Library Bar, where you can read a book and drink until your hearts content.

P3260172 copy.jpg
P3260173 copy.jpg
P3260175 copy.jpg
P3260174 copy.jpg
P3260177 copy.jpg
P3260176 copy.jpg

Pixels Studio. It's too bad that Carnival has not managed to adapt a program like NCL's newer ships (out since 2010) where it has face recognition and puts all your pictures in the same place (a file) that you can view at any time. Also, when the photographers take your picture, they ask for your room number and it all goes in your file as well. Great system and I wish they all did it. Looking for a picture among 4000+ pictures that could be potentially taken each day is exhausting FFS!

P3260178 copy.jpg

The Warehouse Arcade.

P3260148 copy.jpg
P3260150 copy.jpg
P3260152 copy.jpg
P3260153 copy.jpg
P3260156 copy.jpg
P3260151 copy.jpg
P3260154 copy.jpg
P3260157 copy.jpg
P3260158 copy.jpg
P3260159 copy.jpg
P3260161 copy.jpg
P3260160 copy.jpg
P3260162 copy.jpg

Thrill Theater

P3260167 copy.jpg
P3260168 copy.jpg



BONSAI SUSHI AREA. This place was really pretty and I loved the decor of it.

P3260227 copy.jpg
P4011380 copy.jpg
P4011383 copy.jpg
P4011382 copy.jpg
P4011381 copy.jpg

They had advertisements up in the elevators for this place. It was something cute like "Why not have your dinner in a boat on a boat" then had a picture of the meal served in a boat.



Tons of pictures of the slot machines. I found it very strange they didn't have any of the slots that all of the other ships always make sure they Goldfish, Penguins and so on. It took me half the cruise to even find a few games that I enjoyed.

P3260052 copy.jpg
P3260053 copy.jpg
P3260057 copy.jpg
P3260056 copy.jpg
P3260058 copy.jpg
P3260059 copy.jpg
P3260060 copy.jpg
P3260061 copy.jpg
P3260062 copy.jpg
P3260063 copy.jpg
P3260065 copy.jpg

This game was super cool and was completely 3D, feeling like things were coming out at you. It also had surround sound and you sat in the chair. However, it was around .80 per spin and not many people winning much on it. $20 went super quick.

P3260064 copy.jpg
P3260066 copy.jpg

There was no shortage of the super bright seizure inducing games on this ship. It was loaded with them where usually there's only a select few and everyone is waiting to get on them.

P3260068 copy.jpg
P3260069 copy.jpg
P3260071 copy.jpg
P3260067 copy.jpg
P3260070 copy.jpg
P3260073 copy.jpg

This Panda and Rose game were the hot items of the cruise it seemed like. People were always playing on them because you could win up to 200 free spins if you hit the bonus. I would see people hit as high as 90+ spins during the time I was in there. Hubby hit for 56 once when I was watching him. They had 2 of them on opposite sides.

P3260072 copy.jpg
P3260075 copy.jpg
P3260074 copy.jpg
P3260076 copy.jpg

This row of games ended up being "my spot". If I was ever losing on another game and the $$ got low, I headed for Fisherman Bob and he put me right back up. It has a progressive that I hit 4x's this cruise. The Gator game on the end was good too. Weird, and I never really figured out what it was doing or the name of the game, but if I seen money adding up, I knew that was good. One night I hit the progressive on Fisherman Bob, cashed out, moved to the Lobster Game, hit the progressive on it the second spin, cashed out and went to the gator game on the end and hit for $46 after spending $10 on it. It was a decent night.

P3260077 copy.jpg
P3260078 copy.jpg


P4011374 copy.jpg
P4011376 copy.jpg
P4011375 copy.jpg
P4011378 copy.jpg
P4011377 copy.jpg
P4011379 copy.jpg
P4011370 copy.jpg
P3270366 copy.jpg


P4011372 copy.jpg
P4011373 copy.jpg


P3270374 copy.jpg
P3270373 copy.jpg
P3270375 copy.jpg
P3270377 copy.jpg
P3270380 copy.jpg
P3270376 copy.jpg
P3270379 copy.jpg
P3270378 copy.jpg


P3270369 copy.jpg
P3270370 copy.jpg
P3270371 copy.jpg
P3270372 copy.jpg


P3260271 copy.jpg
P3260269 copy.jpg
P3260270 copy.jpg


P4021387 copy.jpg
P3260224 copy.jpg
P3260225 copy.jpg
P3260226 copy.jpg
P3260223 copy-L.jpg



This place is just amazing. There's games to play here, the atmosphere is great, palm trees, you can be inside or outside and they had a lot of trivia's here as well. We just loved this area.

P3260255 copy.jpg
P3260257 copy.jpg
P3260258 copy.jpg
P3260262 copy.jpg
P3260256 copy.jpg
P3260260 copy.jpg
P3260259 copy.jpg
P3260263 copy.jpg
P3260261 copy.jpg
P3260265 copy.jpg
P3260263 copy.jpg
P3260275 copy.jpg

I noticed this on the wall and HAD to get a picture. LOL

P4021458 copy.jpg
P3260266 copy.jpg

This game was hilarious!!!

P4021456 copy.jpg
P4021457 copy.jpg


P3290632 copy.jpg
P3290633 copy.jpg
P3290634 copy.jpg
P3290635 copy.jpg
P4010477 copy.jpg

CHERRY ON TOP=will get you in trouble!!! LOL

P4010475 copy.jpg
P4010476 copy.jpg
P4010479 copy.jpg
P4010481 copy.jpg
P4010480 copy.jpg
P4010483 copy.jpg
P4010484 copy.jpg

Or maybe you'd like to just drink you sugar in powder form

P4010482 copy.jpg
P4010489 copy.jpg

Teeth rotting goodness

P4010487 copy.jpg
P4010488 copy.jpg

How many years do you think it would take to finish off that sucker?

P4010486 copy.jpg

In case you end up in the dog house with your loved one for spending too much money in the candy store...

P4010490 copy.jpg

Shirts to remind you where you lost your first few permanent teeth on a cruise ship...

P4010491 copy.jpg

If your mouth is big enough to fit this jaw breaker in it, I would like to meet you

P4010492 copy.jpg

The Taste Bar (located there at Ocean Plaza)

P3260268 copy.jpg




P4021507 copy.jpg
P3260203 copy.jpg
P3260228 copy.jpg
P3290591 copy.jpg

I loved these little cabana's they had by the pool area on each side. Parents could sit there and watch the kids and still be in the shade and have water on their feet.

P3290644 copy.jpg
P3290646 copy.jpg

Another of the cabana area by the pool.  This is the area 1 deck up and this side was the smoking side all the way down.

P4021508 copy.jpg
P4021532 copy.jpg

Blue Iguana bar

P3290653 copy.jpg
P3290652 copy.jpg
P4021514 copy.jpg


P4021509 copy.jpg
P4021510 copy.jpg
P4021512 copy.jpg
P4021511 copy.jpg
P4021513 copy.jpg
P4021515 copy.jpg

The Market Place

Now I just have to take a moment and comment on this buffet area. It was AMAZING! Like I seriously LOVED the way they had this decorated and set up! It made you feel like you were at the beach with all the tables and umbrellas to eat under. They had trees everywhere and the decor I just loved. Every single time we walked into this area I commented to my husband how much I loved it. He is probably the best buffet I have ever seen.

P4021452 copy.jpg
P3270355 copy.jpg
P3270357 copy.jpg
P3270360 copy.jpg
P3270362 copy.jpg
P3270361 copy.jpg

This area was along the side and it was like sitting under a cabana and so cool. It sat up real high with high chairs and a bench across the back. So cool.

P3270356 copy.jpg
P3270359 copy.jpg
P3290643 copy.jpg

I was fascinated by the row of

P3290641 copy.jpg

The Pizza Pirate area and tables. You could get tables kinda "inside" but yet outside, or along the outside area on the side.

P3270363 copy.jpg

Red Frog bar

P3290592 copy.jpg